Since electricity is way cheaper than gas, you spend more time riding and less time. Wrenching because theres just not much to break on them and they offer a pleasant mechanical electric were instead of a vibrating cacophony that pisses off your neighbors. The only problem is they usually pack quite a sticker shock from high purchase prices, at least until i found this awesome bike. Hey everyone, mike here with electric and today, im taking a first ride on the colter es1 s pro electric motorcycle lets check it out Music, real quick. I just want to mention that i had the chance to test this bike out. While i was on vacation – and so i didnt have all of my riding gear with me – i borrowed a helmet, but i always recommend fully suiting up before every ride. I dont want to sound like your mother here, but i generally wear my full protective motorcycle jacket and gloves in addition to crash pants and boots. So just dont take my half naked riding here as an endorsement of minimal gear. I just wasnt going to pass up on an opportunity to try one of these awesome new bikes, okay, moving on now, the culture es1 is already popular in europe and asia, but it finally came to north america earlier this year, starting at 5 95 bucks in the U.S it offers highway capable performance at a price that is well within the budget of many new riders.

Now i love riding a flagship: zero electric motorcycle or harley davidsons electric motorcycles too theyre great, but i dont have twenty thousand bucks burning a hole in my pocket and a pint sized three thousand dollar mini electric motorcycle is fun and cheap ive owned one of those. But theyre not highway, capable so for six thousand dollars. The coulter es1 here seems like the goldilocks option, its got a top speed of around 75 miles an hour, meaning it can just make it onto the highway, though you might be stuck in the right lane, depending on how drivers are like near you. I did my test riding north of miami and so im technically in the city here, but on floridas 50 mile an hour city roads. So i was able to break into the 60s of miles per hour without risking a ticket on someone elses bike. But the culture wanted to keep going faster, so i have no doubt that 70s of miles per hour are easily possible the motor powers, the wheel via belt drive, and it offers 11 kilowatts of power or about 14 horsepower thats, not crazy high. This is not a sport bike, but its plenty to blast off ahead of all the cars thats. For sure this is a mid spec electric motorcycle again not going to be the harley davidson live wire, electric motorcycles 0 to 60 mile per hour time of 3 seconds, but at less than a third of the price, its plenty good for commuter use, which is exactly The type of riding its meant for and for a commuter roll, its got plenty of range, though its also got an option for either one or two removable batteries.

So you can sort of dial in the range that you need. The batteries are 2.3 kilowatt hours each. So the pair gives you 4.6 kilowatt hours with both batteries. You get around 80 miles in the city, which is definitely enough for me, or you get around 55 miles on the highway, which is probably fine for most commuters, especially if you can charge at work again. This is not a touring bike, so dont think youre gon na be riding the twisties all day, with a quick lunch stop and then check out the grand canyon. This is an affordably priced commuter electric motorcycle thats. All though, actually, if you want to spend a bit more, you can get the enduro kit that includes bigger wheels with knobby tires and lets. You do some fun off road playing. I tried that one a bit too, though i wasnt quite as much of a fan, partly because i didnt have any trails to explore and partly because the chain drive was much louder, Music Applause. I prefer the tighter feel of the street version plus i like that quiet belt drive setup too Music with an affordable price, local us dealers and specs that are more than enough for commuter use. The kolter es1 is currently the best and also only low cost highway, capable electric motorcycle in the u.s new and saunders your move Music thanks for watching everyone. We hope you enjoyed that first ride on the colter es1 s pro.

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