One of my favorite things about the latest from michael bay is the way he explores the city of los angeles, its honestly a blast to see many of the streets i take daily. Yet with that insane, visual style of the action director, its also exciting, to see the filmmaker return to something besides cars that turn into robots ambulance is based on the 2005 danish film, with the same name yet add to that baes usual excessive action, explosions and swirling Camera work and you have a 2 hour and 15 minute chase, give or take its sometimes engaging more than a little stupid, but its generally a decent time watching jake gyllenhaal and yaya abdulmatine ii, moronically, try and outrun every police officer in l.a, while holding iza gonzalez And an unlucky officer played by jackson white hostage, not a good plan, fellas yaya abdul mateen. The second is: will sharp hes a good man that is desperately trying to make his way through the red tape of health care. It seems his wife is very sick and needs surgery that they cant afford, and the insurance just wont cover it in a last. Ditch effort to seek help for his family. Well ask his very rich and adoptive brother danny played by gyllenhaal for help and help he gives, but not in the way one would want danny convinces will to strap in and help rob a bank for millions and millions and millions of dollars its a risky move.

Clearly will is convinced way too easily and they do the deed with a bunch of goons when things go, predictably bad, both danny and will make quick getaway and stop an ambulance carrying a wounded officer. Thats smart guys. The brothers take both the policeman and emt cam thompson played by gonzalez, hosted, leading them all on an insane chase through the streets of sunny california. Lets start with the badge. Shall we? This is a really dumb movie for a few for one, its a bit impossible to believe in the context of the film that will would make such terrible choices the human factor of a sick, wife, possibly not making it and leaving him all alone. With a baby. You might think hed make a little less dumb choices. In fact, nearly every choice made by every character here is questionable, even with references to the very true and very violent north hollywood bank of america robbery which occurred in 1997. There is very little here that is actually believable. Every attempt at anything remotely serious feels a bit ridiculous and silly as big as the action is and, as surprisingly gruesome as it gets, the operation scene is messed up and the violence is occasionally intense in this rated flick. It still feels slightly long by the time. The credits roll as silly and lame as it can get you cant help but appreciate both gyllenhaal and abdul mateen ii. The two work really well together and jake has a chance to play a flashy character that in lesser hands, may have simply been annoying, but the real mvp here is isa gonzalez as deep as they attempt to make the backstories for each of the characters.

It is only miss gonzalez that somehow conveys an honest sense of who she is supposed to be. The actress is tough when necessary, vulnerable when needed, and she makes for a charismatic and engaging leading lady. If it hadnt been for her impressive performance, the movie would have suffered a little bit from the excessive stupidity and when all three are together bay manages to bring in that extra energy needed to keep this thing mostly moving along, really well. Another treat that this film offers happens to be a handful of side, characters that are kind of fun. Garrett dillihunt is ridiculously entertaining as captain monroe jackson white is extremely likable as a cop dragged along for the dangerous ride and olivia stambolia brings a nice level of serious humor to the mix as lieutenant zaig is clearly having a blast as a lieutenant that keeps busting The balls of captain monroe and finally colin woodle steals nearly every scene hes in hes hilarious, hes, really funny. He plays the partner to cam and hes a joy to watch. I loved his performance. Michael bay has a good eye for creating a fun supporting cast, and his latest is a perfect example of that oftentimes. These guys stole the glory from the brother storyline. Now, if youre, looking for big booms, youll get a few here, not necessarily as many as youd think you know were not looking at transformers level, but you get it. If you want that swirling shot as the actors prove just how cool they are as they plan the crime, youve got that as well.

This is a michael bay film through and through in fact, at times, it is so very michael bay that youd swear. It was a parody of one of his films every time the camera twists and dives off a building only to jump into the action, its hard, not to feel a sense of wonder and whimsy and maybe a sense of ah really. But you know bae is good. Come on lets be real, and while it can be easy to play down his appeal its hard to think of another director that can make it work as well as he does ambulance its, not his best film but theres enough here to at least entertain those that Dig his bombastic style. You can check out ambulance in theaters in imax on april 8th and for my review im, giving this flick a 6 out of 10., its fine, its fun and, if youre a fan of his youll, probably really dig it a lot. If you did not yeah, you might want to skip it. Im. Sorry, brother, sorry, that i brought you into this. I just wanted things to be the way they used to be thats. My brother will, i could use some help. My wife needs to search me. This is real life hows that right, you put your life down on the line for this country. You leave your family, your home. How much do you need 231.? How about more 32 million, and i need an extra minute i came to you for a loan.

Look. Have i ever gotten you anything that i couldnt get you out of its time for you to do something for your family? What can i do you for officer were just doing a transfer from the back ill? Let you in in 20 minutes uh. If i could just get it done, real, quick because im on the clock promise not to rob the place seriously, because that would be bad for my job. My problem, okay, all right! All right! Okay, lets go d! You are all gon na. Have the greatest story to tell at dinner tonight, get out dont shoot a cop go, go, go, go lock! Everything down, nothing gets out Music Music. What do you want just gon na borrow it? I got a cop shot. I got ta get him to the hospital im gon na. Need you to help us. Why dont you help us were doing. Hostages now were not crashing into this ambulance. We got a brother cop on board. Do you have empty experience, combat three eyes? Youre, a soldier yeah, we are trying to save you, you think youre, so tough with that gun, yo danny relax. I got ta get back to my wife and my son. Does your wife know youre, all banks were not the bad guys were just the guys trying to get home. We dont get to walk off into the sunset danny. Everybody knows how dangerous you are.