It’S about 20 minute walk from the car park. It’S, an hour’s drive from reykjavik and uh you’ve got plenty of car parking uh. As you can see, they’ve got all the car parks sorted out for you uh you pay online before you get here and uh. They recognise your registration. So after about 20 minute walk from the car park, you get to the current limit of where the lava has flown. As far up there they’ve got the earthworks they’ve been moving some of the earth to try and stop it going down the valley. Uh you’ve got to admire optimism there. What i certainly wasn’t expecting was that it’s going to be still so hot. We are a good two miles from the crater you can see. The crater is behind that hill. There you’ve got the small lava field coming down from the left and you’ve got the main one on the right and you’ve got the crater. You can just see the plume directly behind that hill and so you’ve got this huge lava field. That extends all the way down and you can see the heat haze still everywhere and even right down at your feet. You’Ve got uh steam and gas is still coming out. Even from here. The heat is, i mean, it’s mad. You can just about right, so that’s becoming uncomfortable, and i have to take it off, so that is how hot the uh lava still is. At the moment, uh had some people talking about magnetic interference for the uh, messing up their magnets on their drones uh.

Well, yes, i don’t know what the fairest composition is of the lava. You can certainly see a bit of iron going in some of the coloration there. So if you are going to be flying, i would definitely take off up high over here. You can see the main lava field. Uh you’ve got the main lava fields in the middle. There, you’ve got the viewing hill, where up until about may people were still sitting and admiring the view from a remarkably close distance and that’s. One of the amazing things about this particular volcano in that it seems to be uh so predictable in that it continues to keep on erupting nicely and slowly and safely putting on a nice lava display uh. There was a bit of a quiet lull this week, two or three days of very little activity, and then the night we climbed up the uh, the hill. It sprung into action for the first time in a couple of days and put on an amazing show. Generally, though, it is very periodic in its eruptions every uh, 10 to 20 minutes you’ll see some lava. You can see now there’s red lava flowing down the main lava fields on the left there, and that is one of the amazing things about this volcano. You can actually walk up quite easily and get to see some of the lava flowing down you’re going to get better views late in the evening. At the moment, they’ve got 24 hour, daylight sun’s only setting around midnight and rising again at two o’clock, but you do get the ethereal glow and obviously the daylight is a lot uh dimmer.

So you will see more of the red lava if you come up late in the evening. Um you’ve got two ways to see the volcano. For me, i think the best way is path see as they call it. That’S. Basically climbing up that ridge. You can see the people walking up. It is an almighty steep climb takes about an hour to get up there and eventually, in the distance, you can see a cell phone tower a little white tower over there that’s, where they’ve got the live, feed cam, looking down across the valley into the crater itself, That’S, where we were positioned the other night when we saw the fairly spectacular eruption and that’s, where we’re going to be walking to again this afternoon, uh, like i said, it’s uh we’ve got quite a bit of plume and steam coming up at the moment. So i’m hopeful that we’ll have quite an active afternoon and get to see something at least anyway. So after that’s climbed here we are up at the top about 200 meters beyond the uh live campfield in southandtown, you see here’s the view you get pretty incredible. So, like i said it’s about an hour and just under an hour and a half hour and 20 minutes from the car park, and you can see now straight down over to the cradle and there he is bubbling away like mad. You can see the people walking right down to it. It really is quite amazing how uh how much you can walk to this active volcano and all the large fields, but there was a few helicopters uh flying around earlier on uh.

Certainly, do you want to be flying when they’re about uh, they all seem to have gone now, it’s, quite good. You can hear them quite easily in the uh a lot of gas. A lot of wind uh smoke ash, you name it uh, the mavic 2 pro didn’t suffer any damage the other day, and certainly none that i uh was aware of but um yeah i’m a little bit happier about slightly damaging the a2s anyway. Let’S get up into the air and get some photos: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. Hopefully that has helped you out if you are planning to come and visit this incredible sight in uh in iceland um absolutely stupendous day. Obviously, you’re gon na get more lava in the evenings uh when the light is darker, but even during the day as you can see, you get some absolutely fantastic footage and um yeah, looking down into the crater goodness to me, wasn’t that a bit of a strange One um here for another week, so i will be putting out some other videos going up to the north of the island tomorrow. So um yeah either way, though, as ever stop thinking that don’t get notified each time i put something out.