To do this, we had to reimagine the most efficient design possible each and every aspect has been refined and optimized from its radical foldable design down to every line and polished curve. The result is a powerfully creative tool in a dramatically reduced form factor Music. The mavic air has a presence that oozes style and geometric elegance arms and propellers sit flush against its slender aerodynamic frame. It is the most portable drone to house a three axis: mechanical gimbal, protected by the chassis. The newly designed gimbal system is suspended from a set of dampeners in a three dimensional formation, which dramatically reduces vibration for steadier shots for greater stability in flight weve developed a new dual hinge design for the arms. The foldable landing gears are positioned on the tips of the arms hidden inside are omnidirectional antennas that are purposely placed away from the body to provide more extensive signal coverage for optimal transmission. The mavic air has seven on board cameras that are reinforced by durable magnesium alloy brackets, offering a more robust framework for better performance processing. Data from this many sensors allows the mavic air to read the environment, with a greater attention to detail, providing better obstacle avoidance and more accurate, real time positioning for a drone. This small and this powerful heat dissipation needs to be handled efficiently. Air is drawn in from behind the gimbal and through the heatsink, with excess heat expelled from vents. On the back to achieve such an intricate and bold design, we had to be meticulous about our manufacturing process.

Going to such extremes was the only way to deliver a product that met our high quality standards in both form and function as an unrivaled piece of engineering, the mavic air is a new milestone in flight performance functionality and design an ultra portable, smart drone. That is bound to turn peoples imaginations into reality.