However, they were quite persistent with saying that. Try them you will like them. I yield it. I tried them and guess what i like them so lets see whats up with the amax performanty 2207 motors. This is the amax performant 2207 motor in the box. If we would remove the box, this is the motor itself and from the outside. In theory, it looks like just any other five inch brushless motor the styling is different. The collar is nice silver, but besides that it looks like the any other brushless motor. However, according to amex whats different with those motors its how they are built, the special sauce is how the bell is built because, unlike the traditional motors, its one piece of the metal, but unlike the traditional unibelle designs, its much lighter a max called the style. The t bell, the bell is held by a single screw and when you open the stink, you get the stator and the bell lets begin with the stator stator. I have the version with 2207 1950 kv its winded with the single wire, its – maybe not the nicest winding ever, but the quality looks okayish according to amex. The really interesting thing is the bell because, like i mentioned before its made from the single piece of the metal, but unlike the traditional uniballs, its much lighter, and because this is the v2, they were able to improve the durability, which was a problem with the v1.

Both the outside part of the bell and those struts that are holding the bell to the central place where the shaft is located is relatively well light. There is not very much material in it inside. Of course, we have a place for the 14 magnets and if you look carefully, there are manufactured cut detents, no, not some extrusions from the belt that precisely positions the magnet in place and also the bell is dynamically. At least, i hope its dynamically balanced, because over there you should be able to see it. There is some kind of the epoxy glue that just balances the bell, so it doesnt vibrate and finally, a strange choice, because the name and the size of the motor is over here with the teeny, tiny, laser and grave letters. And if you do not know where to look at it, you might even have a problem to find the bell weights 14 grams. If you add the stator and the standard length of the cable, you are up to 34 and after adding the screw. That holds the belt to the stator and the propeller nut. You are at well still 34 grams, but the final question is: how do they behave in flight? So let me put them on my 5 inch drone and lets figure. This thing out my first take was that something is wrong with the motors, because, as soon as i took off, i had enormous amount of vibrations of the high throttle, but then i realized that my previous motors, which were imax eco22306 well, they are not the torques Motor ever so, maybe just the increased torque of the 2207 with those fancy new belts caused just too much of the vibrations getting through the gyro and guess what i was correct.

Only after i slightly lowered the d gains lower the p gains and tweaked some other settings. The quad immediately started to fly just love, it love it love it. The amex performanty 2207 have a really pretty decent amount of the torque on both the low end and the high end. That means that when you pull the throttle down, the quad is still controllable, but when you open the throttle well, the hell just breaks loose and this thing just screams forward like crazy, because we do not do a static motor test over here. You just have to trust me that from the feeling from the flight, the efficiency and the power consumptions is basically exactly the same. As usual. Comparing to the motors i was using before, however, they are indeed much more torquier than the amx eco 223.06. I was using before bottom line. Are those good motors, i think so. There is one question that well, you cannot really answer in only a few packs, because we have no really idea how tough and how resistant to crushes those motors are im well, not usually flying in the bando style, where there is a lot of concrete to damage. My equipment so no idea over here. Well, i know this field almost perfectly im almost not crashing, so i think that the durability should be just fine. The amex said that this is the v2 version, by the way that, comparing to the v1, they beefed the motor up.

So now the low resistance to crashes problems should be somehow resolved. The ultimate prerogative of most of the reviews and the sign that yeah. Actually, the reviewer like the product is the possibility of the reviewer to keep the product and guess what im keeping those motor installed on my five inch quad, they look good. They work good and work much better than my previous motor.