Welcome back to the channel, another seven days of video were on alpha 20. This is the experimental build still doing this during the streamer weekend, so you guys will get access to this uh starting on monday. Im really excited about this. I want to be messing with the new robotic drone today now shes pretty sweet shell talk to you lets see. How may i assist you yeah see she likes to talk to you uh. She can carry some things in her inventory. If you didnt see the preview, video shes got 16 spaces in here, and the drones can now actually be modified. So if i take her with me and i go into modify mode, i have shes got one modifier slot, so you can only put one in there at a time and of course, then you can put a die in there to change the color too. The three of the five different mods we have, we have the armor plating mod, reduces damage and degradation by 50. The cargo mod gives it more storage space which well see how much that actually is in just a minute, the medic mod which will heal you. As long as medical bandages, first aid kits are in their inventory, so she doesnt just have some magic beam that she heals you like some futures to technology. Shell use a first aid kit or a bandage to heal you and well test that out as well, and then she has the morale booster mod.

She helps increase your stamina regeneration by 10 as long as youre nearby, so thats, actually pretty good too, and then the headlamp mod allows you to be able to see better in dark spaces were going to be testing out. All of these to see how well it actually works out all right. We got a couple zombies wandering over here. Well, let them come by and well see if the drone will do anything besides. Just kind of hang out here, if all she is, is just a little bit more of a support class thats totally fine. I dont mind that at all oh thats cool she kind of gives you some idea. She tells you: hey were not alone theres. Other zombies, are you going to do something about it or just going to be all up on me lets see if she does anything about it at all, okay, so shes not actually attacking the zombies themselves, thats, interesting, okay! So for anybody interested know, the drone does not have any form of gun – okay, not a big deal. That is totally fine. We have plenty of other options for killing zombies without her trying to just waste a whole bunch of ammo, all right, so im going to go ahead. If you need me, thank you very much and when you pick her up, sometimes she says up here. If you near me, sometimes shes a little bit, sarcastic has a little bit kind of like a claptrap thing.

Shes like oh youre, just going to stuff me away like all of your others junk or something like that. All right so now lets test out a few of the things that she has: okay, so the armor plating mod. It just reduces the degradation and damage by 50 thats, only more or less just. If shes getting hurt its not going to hurt you or anything its not going to help you at all, so i want to see real quick. If i put this in here, how much additional cargo space she has were going to lets, get rid of these guys. Real quick, okay lets see how much additional cargo space she has with the uh. The mod slot in there come here. All right lets see what you got here: okay, so that gave her an entire another row, so it took her from 16 slots to 24 slots. Thats awesome having a having basically just a packed mule to carry around with you would be pretty nice now. One thing that would be kind of nice and if the fun pimps are watching this and youd be interested in ideas, uh being able to tell her to or be able to change out her mods, while shes in flight would be pretty cool without having to pick Her up and then modify her inventory, yeah shes like where are you taking me, but if, for some reason that doesnt actually happen, i can understand no big deal all right.

So the next mod i want to test out here is the medic mod. This is one that i think ill probably end up using more than anything else, just because some extra healing would always be kind of nice. So when we equip this on here, it says that it will heal you as long as you have medical bandages or first aid kits in its inventory. So i dont know if bandages and first aid advantages both count the same well test both of those or in first aid kits. So i have all of those over here at the moment. Lets go ahead and get her ready to go. She kind of has this a voice and accent like something from subnautica all right, so what well do is im going to put just a regular bandage in here. First, i gave myself a cactus, so if i bump into a little bit well see if shell actually heal me or not, you ready to go okay, im gon na take a little bit of damage and see. Can you do anything with me here? Is that enough damage for you to want to do anything to me here? Let me see if i run into a little bit more, if thats, one of those hey youre, stupid im not going to waste a bandage because youre an idiot so lets see, lets check it out here. Get down to about uh lets see get down to 90.

thats 20 damage off here. Are you going to do anything about it? Yay, nay, nothing! Okay! Now, if you hold down the e button on her, you can actually manually force her to heal. You and shell use one of the bandages in there im trying to see what it takes to get her to heal me on her own lets, see if she comes over to me if she has to see hey by the way youre bleeding out or something okay. So, just taking a little bit of damage, let me see if i get down a little bit lower here, lets see if shell do anything at all. Okay, all right! So once i passed down 60, i guess which would be a little bit a little bit more than just halfway down. She went ahead and used a regular bandage on me, so the traditional bandages that she has right here. These will actually work as well. Okay and she does have a cool down timer over there too. So as long as her timers gone down, it looks like shell continue to heal. Well, let it run down again to see if shell heal me one more time. The basic bandages i gave her dont. Do that much its a little bit of health, it basically used just for stuff. Okay, so shes continuously helping me out here as long as im to a certain point. But since this bandage isnt giving me any kind of health shes going to keep going ahead and spamming it over here lets see if she does it one more time.

The general bandage only helps out with bleeding it. Doesnt give you any health so lets see if she did it again, yep okay, so i would recommend, probably not giving her regular bandages just because it doesnt seem to do anything here now. Lets give her a first aid. Bandage lets see, if shes nice enough to want to do that then, okay, so bump that one more time there we go. Okay, so now shes using a traditional style, bandage im, going to guess that she probably wont use another one until the timer for the original ones, gone well kind of see but im not quite sure. It looked like when i was down at 60 of 110 health. She didnt want to do anything about it as soon as i dropped down below 60, then she was like hey, hey, hey, you know. I need to help you out with this quite a bit so thats, something at least to keep in mind. Is that shes not going to it doesnt seems that shes going to help you out just the first time you bump into something take a little bit of damage she wants say i run into it again. No, so she doesnt care until you get down to a certain uh certain life level, thats thats, very, very interesting and also in case you didnt know. If you try to pick her up im afraid the storage compartment needs to be emptied first, just like with any other vehicle.

You cant have anything in her inventory. If you want to be able to pick it up, what would be nice is if there was a button right here that we could go through and empty storage, or something like that and put it back into us that way, its just one of those extra steps. We dont have to click too many things to be able to pick her up. Okay, that sounds good, so yeah the medic does help out. If you get down to a certain level, it does work with regular bandages. First, aid manages and first aid kits and shell just keep using it until you get above a certain level which it looks to be about 55 of your health. It seems to be what she decides to help you out with so thats interesting, all right. The next mod i want to check out here is the teddy bear head the robotic morale booster mod. This supposedly helps increase your stamina regeneration by 10, with, if youre, within a certain range of the drone. But since she follows you anywhere you go basically, i cant see any reason why it wouldnt help you out all the time anyway. So just for a benchmark here, i just gave myself a sledgehammer im going to swing it a few times you can see. Your stamina goes down really fast when youre swinging a heavy melee item. Here you know basically, five good swings and im done and heres the rate at which our stamina regens on its own.

This is standard. Dont have any mods im very low level. I have nothing that would help with stamina regeneration other than just the vanilla set up here. So now, what ill do is put her with the stamina regen mod over here well, get her out and about make sure shes, nice and active. It is good to be online that is so cool check that out the whole teddy bear on the head thing, that is, that thats freaking cool. I like that, okay, so now what well do lets see ill, go ahead and bust out some stamina here and see if perchance, it goes up fast enough to where i dont get completely exhausted here. So it looks like i definitely did go down. You know just as normal speed or whatever, but as far as like how fast its going up, it does seem to be going quite a bit faster. This mod indicator that she has over here is just letting you know which one she has equipped. Stamina, uh help out here. Okay, so lets try this again its definitely going up faster now, its only a 10 increase. So its not like you know, a huge huge amount, but if youre running around with a ton of heavy armor a whole bunch of mods that make you chug along and use a whole bunch of stamina, while youre jumping and having to do all this stuff. Having her nearby to have it go up, a lot faster will definitely be beneficial, and speaking of that is one of the things i want to check out.

Okay, so obviously, if youre running around well pause on the mod checking and stuff real quick, i want to see obviously, if youre running around shell find you. I want to run inside the store and see how well she can path find to get in. Oh okay. So she just goes right through the broken glass see how she handles the shelves wheres. She at here, oh careful, theres, theres a wall there you got ta, be real, careful, okay lets go in through around over. Here you prepare for conflict im already ready already. I have the ai turned off so theyre kind of just standing im just waiting to see how well she does. That was one of the things i know was a problem that they had in alpha 19s. One of the reasons they uh scrapped her for alpha 19 was because she wasnt being able to pathfind through things there was a lot of stuff, okay, so thats good. So it looks like if you get a certain distance away and she cant make it. She kind of just goes into god mode and she can get away from you real, quick or she can get through things. Real quick lets see if i go teleport real, quick, oh wow, okay, lets see right over here and boom there. She goes thats, sweet. Okay! I was curious as if you get really far away if she just completely forgets what shes doing and hides out over there, but it looks like we do a quick, teleport and lets see where she comes flat.

Oh there she is hey, whats up girl. All right. You did good, so oh, hey, heres, a heres, the thought how about we go well go into god mode and well fly up really high and see if she can follow us at different elevations there. You are hey, whats up girl, its awesome to see that she can actually follow you here. Hey bob heres, the thing: how about we go underwater? Can you go underwater all right, so she doesnt like the water any more than anybody else. Does so thats interesting. Okay. So lets see if i swim along under here: shell follow you along underneath the water shes. Basically, just like hey stupid, you cant swim very good. Come up here come back out of the water and there she is fantastic job developers. You did a great job with that as far as getting her back to you, that was a concern that i had was if she decides to disappear behind a tree or you run through a building real fast. Can she keep up and absolutely she can so lets? Try out some more mods here, okay and the other thing i want to check out here, the last mod that we have is the headlamp mod. So what well do is well make it nice and dark here. Let me see well put that right. There im going to assume she probably doesnt, have it on by default since its nice and dark, but lets go ahead and crank the timer up to the middle of the night and see if she flips it on or not lets see if she hang on.

Maybe i have to lets see quiet mode, flashlight, okay, lets lets see how well she can light it up in here, because its pretty dark its not a dramatically high level flashlight, but lets see if were going inside, were going inside a building its a little bit Dark in here, okay, so she can light up a little bit its not the worlds. Most brightest flashlight were not reflecting beams of light off the moon or anything, but if shes kind of floating around here it does actually help see whats going on thats thats, not too bad thats an okay level, mod its not as good as like your own headlamp, Because its where youre facing and stuff, but let me see if im, trying to look around here, its like, oh its dark, hey, hey sweetie, come here: come in here come here there you go okay, so i need you to point a flashlight right there. There we go thats, not too bad. All right now lets see if it affects your sneaking ability here. So normally you tiptoe into the light, and your stealth level goes back up here see it was at one over there and now im under here at 30, underneath the light okay, so lets see if im back over here in the dark, if shes shining, a flashlight On me, if it goes back up or not so, it kind of looks like from first indication that, if im in high dehyde mode here and shes behind me with the flashlight shining directly on me, lets see like right here in the dark at where its really Dark between the lights im done, sneaking shes shining.

The light on me bam: oh nice. Okay! So if shes shining, the flashlight on youll be able to see a little bit more, but it doesnt change your stealth level turn on the headlamp. Of course it shoots up because youre making a ton of light turn it back off and thats awesome. Okay. So if you want to go some sneaky pete ninja mode, you can have your robot drone come around light up the area for you and it doesnt ruin your sneaking ability, thats, fantastic im, absolutely happy to see that that was something else. I was kind of concerned about all right, the last one i wanted to check out just to see what level of help this other mod does the armor plate so by default the junkie this level, one here by the way i have just to show everybody. I have no skills in intellect everything is where it started off nothing in robotics. This is a level one drone. I have nothing to give this any kind of boost other than just the base level, and it has 100 health. So that was what i was wanting to check out this to see how much the new mod over here the armor plating mod, helps it out here. So if i take out the flashlight mod and put in the the armor plating mod okay, now let me see it is good to be online okay, so it doesnt change the health amount.

What it says it does with that particular mod. Please dont leave me in here too long. Is it reduces damage and degradation by 50, so it doesnt give it any additional life all it does. Is it reduces how much damage it actually takes now, since this is a machine im kind of curious? If i youll have to forgive me for this lady, i apologize were going to do this once dont hit me: okay, okay, so shooting it doesnt seem to do anything. Dont seem to be able to punch it. Okay, thats interesting, okay, so maybe its only if it gets accidentally hit or if it runs into something along those lines there thats thats interesting, hang on. Let me try. Oh, i do love an adventure yeah. I do too okay. So let me take this off completely and see if i can hit you without that: armor plating, okay, alright, so it looks like for the most part the drone doesnt take damage from just normal means. I mean if you shoot it or trying to hit it with something it doesnt seem to do anything. At least. If there is, i cant find a hitbox for it, which is cool im totally fine. I dont want to actually shoot my own drone, but im wondering is if a zombie can accidentally hit it or if the damage it can take is only based on if youre like running through the building, and it cant figure out how to get through a door Or it bounces off a shelving unit or something along those lines lets see like runs into some things.

If it takes any kinds of damage here. Okay, so did you do anything? Did you take any name? No, you didnt take any damage at all, all right, thats going to be interesting, um for anybody else, whos been playing with the uh the alpha. So far, this experimental build. Have you seen instances in which the drone can get hurt? Let me see what about if you, what, if you fly into a cactus, can can that hurt you lets lets see if thatll hurt you here if thats, what no no, she flew over the top of that okay ill. Be real curious on this one im gon na have to just say i dont know on this one, because so far i havent even seen it take any damage, much less any uh lesson. Okay, let me see here maybe i can let me put her over here. Maybe i can see if she gets hit on accident. Okay, yep. It is all right lets see if we can get her to accidentally get here. Maybe if the zombies are coming after me, come here here, ill put god mode on here, so that you so it looks like the zombies are around. She likes to hover up a little bit high, so she doesnt get hit anyway. Can you get hit it doesnt? Look like it all right! Well, um, thats, curious at this point, just from basic level testing. I cant see a specific need for wait.

What is this friendly fire? Oh okay, so i can turn friendly fire on her off. Okay, all right so thats thats, where we have okay, so i can turn friendly fire on or off, okay im, not sure why i would need to turn it off unless its one of tho. I dont even know why you would need to turn friendly fire off. So, with friendly fire off, you can shoot the drone and it takes quite a bit of damage, but it doesnt it still doesnt seem to hurt you or anything thats curious. I was curious, huh, okay, okay, so now ill put the armor plating mod back on here. Its just a zombie thats what youre, detecting okay so lets turn friendly fire on lets, see all right, so it almost killed it last time lets see how much this helps out that helped out considerably okay. So i guess, if youre trying to shoot your own drone having the mod on there helped out by a hell of a lot so thats, actually something least valuable again im, not quite sure why i would want to turn friendly fire on or off um uh. It doesnt seem like it theres. This is definitely a defensive assist drone. It doesnt attack the zombies or anything. So i dont know i dont know why you turn from the fire on thats an interesting concept. I saw a little bit. Is she right on the up? There she is, did you go through the wall? She did.

Okay, all right so yeah, if the. If the drone cant find you it just goes straight through the wall. Okay, lets see if itll go through the cage here, i guess if it gets far enough away. It does like it does when you teleport here itll, you know just kind of go into no clipping mode and fly straight over to you. Uh lets see there. She is hey good girl. There you go im loving this thing: thats like a really smart dog, all right, guys, thats going to be it. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did leave me a like on the video, if youre new here make sure you subscribe and click the bell.