Red sunset is the color for today theres also magnetic tech blue available thomas blew you on our channel. You can see that in our studio episode, then here the new front, grille, horizontal dot, design overall sport here its also a little bit wider, this new generation and led standard headlamps and a daydream running light right here. By the way, i picked the big mic for the day, because the small had some disturbances with the car, so im not sure these new cars here sometimes have. I mean a lot of electronics here and there that can also affect the sound the length at 4 meters, 43 or 174. Inches means 3.5 centimeters or one and a half inches longer than before the outgoing model, but again thats. You know not the biggest difference then of course wheels from 17 to 20 inch this year. Actually a good compromise 18 inch, then in this case so compromise between looks and comfort. Then you can see here. Chrome frames around and an interesting sporty sea line here. Lets call it that way: flying roof design when you have the uni body color right here, but you can also get a black or gray contrasting roof. If you prefer that one, we had the black one, for example, also in our studio episode to compare that so sleek design here also in the side profile, lets find out more in the rear. The taillamp signature here has a more modern look and overall, not too much playing around, so they have this lower contrast right here and gladly no fake exhaust for today.

Applause. This is the car key. They have not updated this one, then door closing sound its actually. Quite solid, so they have improved the door closing sound way to go. Then interior here inside soft touch at the top part and even softer than here in this area, and they also have a nice dark, blue styling. Then here so they stepped up interior, build quality, which you can also see at the seats here fabric on the inside. Also with the blue note and then leather red on the outside. So an interesting styling not really fitting to the exterior color so rather go then for a blue on the exterior or maybe a white or something that would be even better than with these seats steering wheel in a new modern design that looks sportier than before buttons. Here at the steering wheel, right side for cruise control left side for the volume, for example, and then here you would start in the base model with analog gauges. But these here are the digital gauges 12.3 inch. They are either optional or included in higher or even already. The mid trims here is depth of build quality. There is a less red surface also in this blue color, but even here than the top dashboard soft touch now well done. The qashqai, a rogue sport, already features a good, upright seating position so comfortable also as a tall person, six foot one or one of these 86. This is here the closed roof with a nice bright fabric on the inside, but theres.

Also, the one with the panoramic roof thats a fixed one, but you can close it somewhat with the shade and the steering wheel here in a manual way, but actually good and smooth so goes very wide up and down and in and out interior overview. More more than before, here again with nice, blue, look and also soft touch here. Good, build quality like that and still manual volume knob thumbs up. Oh yeah cure with this albert great sound by the way, and you optionally also have the 10 speaker bowser system, which is not equipped in here. But this is already quite nice sound here and then you also have here the manual climate, knobs and the good. You know turning quality. I would call it that way, so straightforward user interface, i like that inductive charging pad in the lower area many gearbox today, but you can also get an automatic and driving mode selector, not that important when you have the manual gearbox, but in the automatic it does Change the shifting characteristics, then you have the cup holders, not adaptive though, and then this split armrest here one and also a second level with usb c charges and use bay. Digital instruments like this here see here the ref on the left side. So this option all comes with always with the mid trim and then the middle part. You can adjust a little bit what you want to see there overall quite good view – and you can see this box here.

This is a proper new header display, with a good, clear, visualization, very helpful option standard by the way 8 inch screen. This is the optional 9 inch screen and the infotainment system itself here this, the apple carplay integration is the thing you will most often use for that. When you hit that map button, you directly go to the apple carplay map. You have to unplug. It then to see the real map from the gps, and this is yeah – definitely outdated and old school its better than before. But, of course not. What would you consider as very modern gps system and the rest of the menu here is also yeah, somewhat mediocre, um yeah, i think, as a modern car. They should come up with something else, and here you can see you can easily also tune between auto and knight thats, actually, a good feature then to adjust the you know the brightness of the whole thing now the camera system, like this here, theres the front camera. This is the fake drone from above put in reverse gear. Then i see the real rear camera. This is also here. That is a real view. Yeah bbb alongside and then you can have also a wide screen rear camera. Look at that red rear door here, hard back on the inside, but i mean considering the price thats. Okay, we have a lot of soft touch to here. Then it basically opens 90 degrees, so really good access here for child seats and so on.

For the isofix – and i mean space in the rear – is okay for four tall adults directly fits not more, not less. Headroom is actually no problem at all, not the most comfortable here in the rear, but actually yeah. I think a good average and you have two more chargers here in the rear one usbc one usba. I think the biggest advantage is really that you can really easily access the rear here for the kids and well. This folding mechanism is a little bit tough and then it goes really fast here so yeah. This is a detail. They should probably work on this somewhat single seat. Setup looks, of course, cool and sportier. The middle seat is usable, but its of course, a little bit higher and stiffer. Then electric tailgate and the cabin trolley also fits in in a vertical way like this. Here the length is 33 inches or 85 centimeters, and the width here yeah a little bit more than a meter or 40 inches, so good width actually and whats. Also interesting is here: you have this even loading. Still, if you like, 400 liters, is this and then 74 liters, underneath you can have this split here: thats actually good for maybe an upright backpack or something it doesnt fly around, but you can also completely take it out and then theres this second one like this And this would then be the maximum setup, and you can see you can also fold the seats and the child safety test.

Will it squish Music? Barely that was close, maybe a little bit more sensitive would be better Applause engines oh hard to find one without a cover. Four cylinder, 1.3 liter, 140 or 158 horsepower in the higher spec, then also optional, all wheel, drive and a three cylinder 1.5 hybrid, with 190 horsepower that drives electric, but the petrol serves as generator and whats. Interesting is that when you go front wheel drive only you have a torsion beam in the rear and when you go for the overdrive model, its a multi link, suspension area. So indeed, the overdrive models will offer more comfort, welcome to thomass driving lounge on nissan qashqai or rogue sport, and we have here this fourth lander engine 1.3, liters 158 horsepower front wheel, drive 140 or 158 horsepower im, not sure why they even offer this horsepower step. As i said, doesnt make any sense to me a little stronger version and with a manual gearbox its racing time. We start with an acceleration, its not a performance car, but still we want to see how it plays out in high speed driving. That speaks a lot about the vehicle 40 kilometers an hour. Second gear lets: go Music, yeah third gear, come on manual, gearbox time and fourth gear yeah, thats also fun and 150 kilometers an hour is enough for that vehicle. I think we can also put it to the fifth gear, and its not too loud in here so definitely stepped up the game.

As for the noise insulation in this generation, its not the most silent vehicle in this segment, but i think overall, quite good result. Lets put to 130 kilometers an hour thats a reasonable highway speed here also in germany. You know some 70 75 miles an hour and i think thats definitely reasonable to bear. So we also have the adaptive cruise control in here with the lane. Keeping assist lets see how the car is keeping me in the lane, of course, not meant to keep. You know to take your hands off the scene, but see here takes us slightly right. Berm here yeah, i think thats so far, quite smooth so packed full of assistance systems. Here they call it nissan safety shield. We also have a blind spot point on board, which is then wanting you with a red triangle in the side mirror manual gearbox here by the way, is actually quite decent, so um you dont, have much resistance in the gears. The fifth gear is a little bit tricky to find at first, but you get along with that so happy with the manual gearbox. As for the suspension, it feels quite stiff. I really recommend you to go for smaller wheels, not only for this car. You know there has been this trend in the other mode of industry to get to the biggest wheels possible, always because of the looks only, but it reduces the riding comfort because theres just less dampening than from the tire itself, and that is also very important.

I see everything in the head up display by the way here also in the tunnel, otherwise not much going on as for lighting here and so on. The digital instruments, which are the optional coming with the higher trimstone, are automatically actually very nice and clear to read. The overview is actually also okay, so cant complain too much about that. Doesnt feel completely different. If you compare to the previous generation not completely different but refined in every kind of sense, so it more feels like an extensive revision, not a super revolution also here in the driving part, but also, for example, when you, when we look at the steering wheel like Like the steering behavior um theres, not much dead zone, so i have more direct command. It also looks smart, it looks cooler, so the driving experience overall is a little bit more dynamic. The chassis stiffness has also been increased by 50 percent, so that also helps me than here when im, for example, the motorway car definitely feels more agile. It is actually quite fun to drive this one, although we have this typical, high or upright suv driving position, it also feels quite grown up. Overall, this generation feels more grown up. So if you think you know this year, instead of a bigger suv, you can easily go for that. You know they also offer bigger models like in us. The rogue on an x x trail in europe, but this one will be enough for most purposes, especially here now in this new generation, where we also have a little bit more rear, legroom and so on.

Im really happy that they kept also the manual azac knobs. Here so yeah after a lot of vehicles where we had this touch, shame, and so am i allowed to go. No, i do some contract construction work here, so um yeah im really happy. They kept some menu controls. It is a straightforward vehicle. I feel that, while driving it is actually easy to control easy to drive, it is one of these one of these vehicles. You get inside start driving and dont care. So much about anything else, thats to me one of the best things about this vehicle yeah i mean we heard that earlier. The infotainment system is not too good, but i usually leave it here on the apple carplay mode and use the gps from there and also put on my music and so on, yeah and thats fine. Then you know so um. I would just use it that way and then use the screen here as the mirroring function and thats it so over. I think the whole package here it doesnt feel too futuristic, while driving doesnt feel too old, its yeah, not super modern, but they really refine every single bits and pieces of that one. So, if you ask me, would it be worse to step up from the previous generation you dont have to, but it will be a very nice upgrade and then also when we look at some competitors. This one here is lets, say a very good standard offer in a way of good price performance ratio, for example, so you dont have to go for the highest trim, a mid trim level.

This is even still, you know, somewhat mid triple, maybe like a little bit higher than mid trim, but not the top high end the spec. So you can easily also then live with that here now more, like city cruising waiting, traffic light and so on. By the way, you feel even more once again that the sky is more sun than before, so this is also very good advantage. If you compare this generation to the previous one and yeah, i think the the package here they offer with this vehicle. That is really excellent, because there are some other vehicles, um, definitely which are a little bit more expensive and are better in this and that respect, for example, yeah. But then the price also goes up. You know really wonder how happy i am with my new gearbox. Of course, the automatic gearbox, if you think about being stuck in traffic and also your friends in us, will probably always go with him with the automatic gearbox as soon as they can get the new rogue sport. But if you want to save the money, stick with another gearbox thats, also in this case, actually quite fine. Do you feel much of the mf system, the mild hybrid technology not really much there, so i didnt find any no gauge for that either. Overall, fuel economy, you have to calculate with some seven liters on 100 kilometers, so thats 34 mpg us 41 mpg, uk its, not the lowest, not the highest.

As i said, you know a lot of these different elements. You know also, while driving this car um. You know kind of like the good average. You know doesnt spike up too much like oh awesome, but it doesnt fall into thats bad either.