So this video is going to be about a little drone thing that i found at target and i bought its 20 id say its worth like 15, so id say its its okay for twenty dollars, i mean so it heres the thing about this drone, though you Charge it for like five minutes, and then you put it off in like your living living room or something and it just flies in random places. You cant control, where it flies thats, the weird part about it, usually with drones. It comes with a controller, and you can like fly it around, but you cant with this. It just flies off here ill, just set it off right from where i am and its flying and it flies off in a random place, and you can hear it bumping. All around the room, im sure very weird product. I cant control, where its going its flying all around my room and it almost hit me in the face its like being invaded by some weird alien, like robot drone thing feels like the apocalypse in your living room. So my review with the product, its its weird, its weird product um and you can like you, can if it flies low, you can like you, can just grab it and then take it down and itll stop flying automatically. I mean sorry, a little sick. You can yeah, it flies down lower and then you can just grab it out of the air and put it down and then so its its a drone.

I guess um, so it it flies. Its a drone id say its worth. The 20 bucks you dont need to charge it very long, its pretty good, um Music, but heres the thing theres a better way to make it fly.