Autel robotics offers updates for evos and app and rocket lab, seeks to reuse, boosters, Music and im your host holland. Lee welcome to the era news networks, airborne uncrewed program, a weekly news program covering all things uncrewed in partnership with auvsi, the association for uncrewed vehicle systems, international lets get into todays stories. The faa declares june 18th a drone safety day. The faa is inviting the drone community to be a part of its 2022 drone safety day campaign on saturday june 18th. This years campaign will be a one day national event to encourage drone pilots and recreational flyers to fly right. This years, safety messages focus on register. Your drone interact with others gain knowledge, have a safety plan, trust and train. Since 2019, the faa has hosted the annual campaign dedicated to drone safety and best practices. Safety is a shared responsibility that requires the community and the faa to work together. Drones are the fastest growing segment of aviation in the united states. As of january, over 860 000 drones have been registered with the faa and over 260 000 remote pilots have been certified by the faa. These numbers are projected to continue to grow. The faa has organized national drone safety awareness week each year from 2019 through 2021 this year, theyre evolving their approach with one drone safety day and after the break, easyjet and gkn to accelerate hydrogen propulsion in aviation Applause; Music, whether youre charting a steady course or pushing For the ceiling hartsell propeller has been elevating flight for over 100 years, its in our passion for engineering and research, its in our dedication to testing the limits of performance and creating propellers that are as safe as they are sexy now, together with our dedicated family of Companies were propelling the future of aviation.

We are hartzel propeller built on honor. Are you ready to ace your faa drone pilot knowledge test? Get your remote pilot certificate and start earning money well flying a drone is a great tool that can open up new business opportunities for anyone, realtor, insurance, adjuster, videographer or commercial weekend. Drone warrior. You need to fly legally whether youre pursuing your initial part. 107. Remote pilot certificate or you need a renewal. King schools has a course just for you so start learning today at Welcome back in the next uncrewed minute lets. Take a look at some shorter stories making the rounds of the uncrewed vehicle communities, easyjet and gkn to accelerate hydrogen propulsion in aviation. Easyjet has teamed up with gkn aerospace to further development of gkns hydrogen propulsion jet in a bold move to reduce carbon emissions. Decarbonize aviation and demonstrate a commitment to environmental social responsibility. Hydrogen powered aircraft is not a new phenomenon, in fact, the first h2 aircraft, the soviet unions, tu 155, developed from the tupolev tu 154, had its maiden flight in 1988., faa again postponed starship review. Spacex is going to keep waiting on the faa as the estimated release date for the requisite environmental review of their proposed. Starship has passed once again. The faa has to complete the review known in bureaucrat circles as the programmatic environmental assessment before the south, texas starbase site. Can become operational, the agency published a draft last fall initially saying. The final report would be complete before years.

End. Four months ago now the faa anticipates a final pea on may 31, 2022 astronix drives core power for electric aircraft. Astronix corporations, core power line of products specifically for airframe power, has been expanded to include new offerings for its high voltage power conversion 950 bdc to 28 vdc and high voltage high current solid state switching devices for bi and unidirectional power. Distribution with load protection. Astronix stated that the new lineup is flexible and modular and that intelligence has been added to every element of the power system to meet industry standards. Arrow tv, at auvsi 2022, with a vsi president and ceo brian nguyen brian nguyen president and ceo of auvsi, stopped midway through expo 2022 to chat with a n stating that compared to 2021, this year were really grateful to be able to get back together. The energy level this year is so much higher im, not surprised. What i am surprised by in some respects is weve got so many new companies in the industry across the domains and were really seeing the really large im going to call them economic interests that pull this technology into the marketplace. Theyre starting to show up here in a really big way, check out the full video on the aero news network, and that was our uncrewed minute now back to the rest of the news. Autel robotics offers updates for evos and app autel robotics has announced the availability of software updates for its evo series of drones, specifically the nano and light editions, as well as a software update for its autel sky, app for the evo lite.

The promise of new features and other improvements include dynamic, tracking support, which apparently keeps a person in frame like a personal watchman, thinks selfie in motion and has several modes for smart following and object avoidance. The evo nano plus is expected to gain optimization and improvements in the form of wind resistance within reason, flight control, gimbal stability and some minor fixes, such as file color error, photo number display, exposure, lock and hyper lapse. Camera issues, image stabilization 4, axis gimbal and 60 frames per second video sending are improvements. One could expect for the evo light series, especially in difficult conditions, but only in hyperlapse mode. When hovering the author cautions the user or enthusiast to maintain reasonable expectations about the resilience or resistance of these lightweight devices in harsh environments, autel promises that the evo and light series can now have an enhanced user interface. That quote, integrates into shoot video and pro mode. Putting professional parameter settings at your fingertips, end quote, and after these messages rocket lab seeks to reuse boosters at diamond aircraft. Innovation is in our dna, whether youre taking to the skies for training or business travel. Every aircraft and diamonds lineup features innovative technology, an industry leading safety record superior performance and efficiency and a comfortable flying experience. No other company is pioneered as many aviation firsts achieve more milestones or receive the same amount of industry. Praise as diamond discover why diamond aircraft is one of the most trusted manufacturers in aviation at diamondaircraft.

com aviation safety resources is disrupting the market for aircraft emergency parachute recovery systems. Asr systems are smaller, lighter weight and offer longer repack cycles than similar products available in the current market. Asr has a recovery system available for every type of aircraft, sport, experimental light sport, general aviation, urban air mobility, vertical takeoff and landing electric propulsion and unmanned aerial systems find the right product for your aircraft at Skyleader aircraft offers a lineup of the most powerful, durable and efficient light sport. Aircraft in the industry, from trainers to roomy cockpits for long hauls sky leader has an aircraft for you and the best part theyre in your budget sky leaders base prices are set low. To give you room to customize your aircraft to your needs, desires and wallet. Allowing you to put your money where it matters to you most visit, flysky leader dot com today, to learn about our aircraft customization options and chat with the team. Welcome back rocket lab, seeks to reuse boosters rocket lab sent up its 26th electron rocket deployed 34 satellites into space and caught a rocket booster after its re entry from space with a helicopter. This mission named there and back again popped up from launch complex one in new zealand rocket lab, has two main launch missions: electron for small satellites and neutron, the mega constellation deployment, cargo, resupply and interplanetary missions. The launch of the electron a two plus kick stage carbon composite structure with a lock, slash, kerosene propellant, has a payload of 661 pounds after the first stage, separated and returned its drug parachute deployed at around 6 500 feet and their sikorsky s92 helicopter moved into position And used a hook to snag the parachute once the bait, the booster was on the line.

The pilot of the helicopter felt the load characteristics to be different from what was previously experienced in testing and released it into the water below the drug. Parachute is specially designed for deployment from a fast rapid moving object, sometimes to provide more stability, slow down an object or reduce its velocity enough to deploy a larger one rocket labs. Recovery teams moved a vessel in place to transport it back to base for inspection and repairs before re use on another flight and thats our show. For today, you can catch episodes of airborne on youtube, roku or fire tv, just search for arrow news or airborne and dont forget to follow us on social media.