Thank you for joining us im. Your host kimberly k pilot albert youngworth has been telling an interesting tale on facebook after having walked away from the emergency parachute deployment of his shoot equipped. Lance air es posted on october 15th albert gets right to the point crashed my airplane yesterday. Thats one way to get a readers attention. He continues descending into eugene 35 miles out or so over. The mountains bit lower than i would normally be for a broken cloud layer, sudden engine to sell and misfire made a quick glide assessment. Nothing but forest went through all emergency checklist items in my head engine just got worse. Cockpits started to fill with some smoke, not a ton of altitude committed to a forced landing. Let atc know where i was at surveyed my glide options again. Nothing but dense forest dead sticking into forested territory and in the mountains, no less seemed like a pretty risky event at about a thousand feet: agl, maybe 1500 feet agl. I decided to reach up for that. Nice red handle um gave it a good yank um. Initially, i was in a nose down attitude, pretty significant nose down attitude and i thought i hope this certainly straightens out quickly. It did and then i went level and then i came down you know through that canopy right there dont think ill fly another plane, a small plane uh without a parachute uh. It was really certainly not when you fly over hostile terrain like this, so glad to be alive.

Um thanks after the break cessna singles get a little greener. Those details after the break at diamond aircraft. Innovation is in our dna, whether youre taking to the skies for training or business travel, every aircraft and diamonds, lineup features innovative technology, an industry leading safety record superior performance and efficiency and a comfortable flying experience. No other company has pioneered as many aviation firsts achieve. More milestones or receive the same amount of industry praise as diamond discover why diamond aircraft is one of the most trusted manufacturers in aviation at Music pilot communications. Usa is proud to introduce our latest headsets. The carbon a1 active noise reduction and the carbon p1 passive headset carbon fiber makes our headsets 30 percent lighter than others, which significantly reduces pilot fatigue. Our blue link hand, control unit, allows you to connect two devices at the same time and the record out capability can send audio to an onboard camera or digital recorder get the headset thats so light. You may forget youre wearing one at pilot welcome back with. So much news coming out of the aviation industry were going to be summarizing some other interesting stories in a brief segment. We call around the patch cessna singles get a little greener. Texan has confirmed that many cessna piston powered aircraft are now approved to utilize, a more environmentally friendly aviation, gasoline owners and operators of cessna 172 skyhawk 182 skyline can utilize 91 octane unleaded ul or 100 very low lead fuel in their aircraft wherever it is available.

The 206 turbo stationaire hd aircraft is approved for 100 very low, lead, unleaded and lower leaded fuels, burn cleaner than higher leaded fuels currently used on most piston aircraft, elon university to host drone safety seminar, elon university and the north carolina dot are offering a free drone Safety awareness and general information seminar to registrants on november, 8th elon drone day 2021 will be held in the elon university school of communications keynote talks. Panel discussions and contributions cover a wide spectrum of commercial and public safety applications from night operations, flight over populations, fast team, ops and maintenance. The trust program, part 107 certification, drone based delivery, educational implementation of uas tech, public safety, utility and legal considerations. African avvis appears fruitful boeing is forecasting that africas airlines will require over 1 000 new airplanes by 2040, valued at 160 billion dollars, and after market services such as manufacturing and repair will be worth about 235 billion dollars, enabling growth for air travel and economies across the Continent, boeing shared the projection as part of their 2021 commercial market outlook, the companys long term assessment for demand for commercial airplanes and services. Its time to mark your calendars, air venture tickets begin advanced sales, eaa airventure, everyones, favorite summertime fly in will offer seven days of everything. Aviation can offer in one place. Eaa members who purchase prior to june 15 2022 can receive their wristbands in advance via the express arrival program. Admissions are available at the gate, but early buyers get better discounts faster entry and better attendance support to navigate the expansive grounds.

Pre purchase options include early bird merch parking and camping credentials. Space is limited well that does it for todays trip around the patch nest. Return to the rest of the news. Drone racing league finale to kick off 2022 ces next year. Ces, the consumer technology associations banner event for all things. Technology has a new opening act to kick off the show. The drone racing league will close out their 2021 world championship season on the las vegas strip in las vegas nevada. The drl is a perfect companion piece for the event, as the world watches the newest advances in consumer technology, the core of the racing series. Unlike traditional sports, the equipment takes center stage with the rapid pace of uav advancement, bringing continuous upgrades to each race. This year, 5g networking was offered to the drones, allowing for near instantaneous first person view for the operators on the track and audiences at home, with the custom high spec drones, weaving and sprinting through the course at 90 plus miles per hour. The pilots need all the responsiveness they can get. The vegas strip will get a high tech makeover with thousands of led lights, marking the tight, winding confines of the neon colored race course, combined with the customized high performance drones and first person pov. The series is a perfect start to ces. After these messages, blue origin enter space station race. Those details after the break aviation safety resources is disrupting the market for aircraft emergency parachute recovery systems.

Asr systems are smaller, lighter weight and offer longer repack cycles than similar products available in the current market. Asr has a recovery system available for every type of aircraft, sport, experimental light sport, general aviation, urban air mobility, vertical takeoff and landing electric propulsion and unmanned aerial systems find the right product for your aircraft at aviation, theres a difference between charting a steady course and Pushing for the ceiling and for nearly a century hartsell propeller has been defining that difference, its in our passion for engineering and research and our dedication to testing the limits of performance. We are built on honor, we are hartsell propeller. The zephyr is what you have always wanted: a highly capable two seat turbine powered helicopter with great ramp appeal 100 mile per hour cruise speed, 172 nautical mile range and, to top it all off a first of its kind emergency airframe parachute system, the kerdi design, zephyr, Unique advanced, innovative and highly capable your ultimate freedom machine is available now at Welcome back blue origin and sierra space have announced plans for their orbital reef a commercially developed produced and operated space station to be placed in low earth orbit. The announcement from one of the biggest players in commercial space services may signal an increase in the momentum of private orbital development with a possible space station race on the horizon. The orbital reef will be built to accommodate new market developments with space to rent for industrial, international, commercial and research customers with competitive end to end services.

They need to establish their own address in space. Pricing will account for transportation, logistics, habitation equipment and operations, including the onboard crew members. The station should begin operation by 2030. mirroring the terrestrial development of mixed use. Business parks in space. The station will be designed around full time living for those aboard open architecture will allow any customers or government agencies to link with the facilities and upscale to meet increased demand. Modular, birth, vehicle, ports, utilities and amenities are all expensive and blue origin is confident that businesses around the world will find a plethora of uses for their room on board. They expect researchers, manufacturers and visitors to build around their standardized interfaces at all levels, building compatible lockers, racks and modules. That does it for our show. Today, im your host kimberly k. You can catch episodes of airborne on roku and fire tv, just search for air news or airborne in the directory and dont forget to follow us on social media.