Take this prisoner back to graduation Applause. Your graduated party boom nice, okay, good there. He is he’s, so cool uh. Why is he coming towards us? This is amazing. Hi buddy how’s your day, going you having the best day ever Music, full of dinosaurs Applause that’s, the dinosaur. Oh, this guy’s, a dinosaur that guy’s a dinosaur Applause. Oh, you guys are crazy. You need another marker it’s, the best day ever and it’s a special best day. Ever. How come kindergarten? Is your brain, bigger, her brain looks bigger? Did your brain grow contain it with this? Yes, exactly mom’s working on an adley graduate okay adley’s first day, kindergarten today’s august 31st. Do you know what happened august 31st. Oh baby was born. Yeah adley started school on the day. Navy was born, that’s crazy into labor. It was so stressful. No not today, guess what you wanted to be when you grew up a mom and a teacher yeah. Now what do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a baron. A mom and a ninja teacher with ninja it’s been a progressive kindergarten. No, actually, i want a teacher, a ninja teacher, a ninja. Oh, you could teach ninja lessons, yeah a gymnastics, oh gymnastics, teacher and nico’s working on a sign. Let me see your sign. Oh that’s, so cool what’s, this you got here my three third third yeah graduation. Your third graduation yeah good job, look at that spelling i’m, so proud of you all right and mom’s doing your sign.

What does this sign say? Adlai’S last day of kinder this year i learned. Oh, what did you learn this year? A lot of stuff? I learned abc, oh, you did you’re good at them and i learned different words and letters and i know how to write uh huh. Sometimes we do some fun stories and games. Abc’S, write read a little, and sometimes we do some some stories. You learn stories and games play some stuff. You learned how to play some story in games: okay, that’s, good and learned how to play roblox. She learned how to play role models kidding mom, okay, i can add Music first grade that is gon na, be crazy and nicole. Where are you gon na be in next year? She’S gon na be three three, so is that preschool and he’ll be in my class he’s gon na be in preschool nicole you’re gon na be in preschool yeah that’s gon na be fun. I also had a school that was underground too. You did have an underground basement. You gon na sit by your friend and the boys. Music have the best school ever remember that and we do the backpack catches. Oh, my goodness, through all the backpack catches on our instagram yeah i’m gon na grab those pop up. Some backup backpack back hey, you forgot your backpack. Oh you ready for school. Oh wait: backpack catch Music, the spin catch in slippers, Music, whoa, Music, okay, i’ll, do a big one, close one eye! Yeah bolt your eyes stretch your arm out.

You got it good job. You even deal with your eyes closed. Hey. Are you wearing the same shirt? You were yesterday you ready for school. So what was your favorite thing in during school? I learned how to read and write is that your favorite part yeah was reading and writing yeah yeah it’s really fun to like write a pencil like you can draw designs and draw letters and write to your friends, yeah it’s, a good idea and nico what’d. You learn this year, dinosaurs. Let me open it up. You hold that side and we’ll use teamwork. Vlog we have so many surprises today. Surprises for you surprises for niko’s birthday. Did you know it’s almost your birthday nico it is and how old are you gon na? Be please three years old and these these are brand new and they’re for you, mom hold the camera. Oh okay check it out all right. I need some kid assistance: okay, okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down, calm down unfold i’m pulled in the shirt because they’re for you guys all right yay. These are part of the spring drop with the adley niko shirts. This is the nico shirt. He’S actually been wearing it every single day. He does not stop wearing it. Look how cute it is so that one hey Music, so that shirt and these towels are for spring and then our summer stuff still like in july or something and the shirts glow in the dark, they’re pretty cool.

We should give away like 20 of these right. Now, in the comments, you guys leave a comment with what your favorite best day ever is because it says best day ever and we’ll. Look at them and we’ll pick 20 people to send free pals too watch this get out of the way, because Music, oh, does that get on the bus too. No you’re pulling us i’m, the polar sit Applause – oh boy, that’s, scary traffic jam down here, Music. Three: two one: Music, oh backwards: okay, get up; it’s, happy to be doing this forever; it’s; half towel, half magic carpet; yeah extra special it’s, a two for one it’s, a three for one: three for one because it’s a magic carpet towel and a blinky. Oh three. For one doesn’t get much better than that dad you’re on the wrong way. Oh you don’t know this is the backwards model guys we need to go it’s. Your graduation miss welcome back Applause. I take your picture picture time. Oh you look so cute. Are you coming to graduation yeah, that’s, shiny uh? Oh not again, oddly that’s, what happened last time too brown and throw to it stop moving she’s out of here uh? Can you go get your sister yeah? Thank you. This looks like a job for super we’re dog up we’re catching up, yeah, no escaping get her nico. All right. Let’S take this prisoner back to graduation, no escaping graduation. All right! You go in the backyard and take a picture yeah it’s too bright out here.

It is kind of sunny right there go stand in the shade right here. Right there holy moly. Are your toe socks? Put your piggies in the shade yeah there you go adorable! Oh my gosh Music, the window i’ll turn on my windshield wipers they’re. Just getting scared around athlete, why do we have so many bugs on the car? Because we went to animal island yeah and we saw some buffalos and mama’s driving fast, so we got hit by bugs it was so gross like we were driving and it sounded like it was raining uh guys, that’s how many bugs what hi howdy i forgot. We usually film athlete videos today, guess what adley graduated so we’re going to graduation. Oh you wan na we’re gon na be late, though guys. Congratulations, bye, nick, but seriously, that is the closest i’ve ever been to a buffalo was last night. This is true. I mean we lived in utah our whole life gone to ana lobe island lots of times there’s been buffaloes on the best day ever before, but nevertheless in the distance they’d be far away, but abbly she started calling it she go ellie. Do your buffalo call whoo, that is the sound buffaloes make and wait. Buffaloes don’t make that sound, no that’s, true, they don’t that’s, how you call buffaloes, though she was doing that and they really came over. I think that might be the sound buffaloes mate it’s. True pop it up brandon just pop it up.

That was our adventure at antelope island. It was fun Music uh. Why is he coming towards us he’s coming we’re in the truck we’re safe? At what point should i roll? I don’t know. This is amazing. That is awesome wow. What is it there’s one, unlike some babies, Music, it’s, a whole family, that’s, so cute, i think, they’re sounding. I wish we Music hi buddy how’s your day, going you having the best day ever Music, your best friend this one’s, our best friend. What do you want to name him um, buff yeah, i like that name. It looks really and fuzzy know what i just realized. Nico is wearing the exact same clothes. I told you he’s been wearing those clothes for like days and days and days, the shirt, the pants and even the socks. She loves dinosaurs. He is going to love his birthday. The next vlog, you guys see, is nico’s birthday and it’s got some crazy surprises. I’M. Going to show him a couple of surprises later Music. Sadly, this is for you, because this is the last day you have like this morning. Graduated can i have a you’re welcome. Thank you for being in my class. Forgive me, i got a picture of me, so you don’t forget me i’ll, be here. You are graduated girl next up, first grade you’re. Next, all right, badly’s graduated back to our surprises. We still got a bunch of cool stuff. I got ta show you guys.

Let’S see here, bye nicole, bear i’m going to work. I love you. Buddy oh, had such a fun day, all right, those towels are slippery. I love them Music, all right, nope, all right! So next, surprise! Oh! Where should we go next? Dinosaurs? No wait before the dinosaurs if you’ve been watching the best ever for a long time. You probably remember when someone like animated our family and there’s, like this bee episode and like, let me show you really quick all right check this out. Who remembers this that’s all chicken and me and some bees – and this was like our first best day ever cartoon? I thought it was awesome that was lots of best days ever ago. We stayed friends and then you probably remember that this same eli and his family became our app team, so they started working with the space station after watching the best days ever, we created an entire company together called space station apps and they with the creative team And myself, we’ve all worked together to create unicorn catch and adley’s play space, and they are so fun. We have some really good updates coming to both those you’re gon na have like pets, and you can go on safari and take pictures of animals. It’S kind of like pokemon snap, if you remember that game anyways, let me get my phone really quick. It’S lost i’ve noticed that when, when phones drop in between the seats in the monster truck actually impossible to get out so far, the biggest downside to having a monster truck is the seats eat stuff got it.

So the story goes like this: i’ve never met eli or his family we’ve just made all these cool apps together the million guess what a million people have downloaded, adley’s, playspace or unicorn catch like space station apps has one million downloads more than a million that’s. Just cool because the apps are fun and they like relate to the videos and they’re free free apps. No one wants to pay for apps, that’s, really frustrating and like just keep updating them and it’s, just something fun. We do for our community. You guys who like to watch our videos that’s the history of me with eli and his family, and i had never ever met them before till now, they’ve been at the space station we’ve been hanging out. Oh he’s calling me right now see i’m meeting him for a bowl of cereal. Sorry, i’m talking a lot. The one thing eli wanted to do, while he was here at the space station, is have a bowl of cereal with shonduras, so that’s. Why we got cereal and milk and we’re gon na go talk to eli right now, so uh, one sec, hey buddy, what’s up blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bye, so they’ve been here having fun they’re leaving today after we have our bowl Of cereal, so uh let’s go let’s. Go that way. Right now, brandon cut to some of eli’s clips of the fun we’ve had with the gopro and and stuff like that.

Whoa it’s, crazy you’re. Here man, it’s crazy i’ll get you hugging the boys it’s pretty surreal. Okay, so here we are at pilot pilot at pirate island during the day come on s curve. Do it oh terrible, terrible jordan with the flow Music, nice dude. Look how huge this thing is, then, whatever, okay, this is chicken, this chicken spot and i’ll say my daughter. Pierre, is a huge fan, hi kira Music and then i threw us a falling unicorn here on the team: hey nan, i’m, i’m, i’m filming a vlog. I know you’re not used to this Music. What dude! I want that shirt, Music, new film you get down here and film for us house here: yeah she’s not going to go anywhere. There see her! Oh yeah, oh yeah i’ll leave her in there don’t bother jumping yeah good job. Thank you. There you go yeah let’s, look for different stuff yeah. Does she do not tell her the spider that we found and you filmed for me. You found a spider. It was a black widow, but there he is there. He is he’s, so cool he’s, so cool he’ll, probably just he’ll, probably just he’ll, probably just run yeah there. He goes there. He goes it’s, so beautiful dang, some heights. That is awesome. Looking you got a web. We keep finding webs and no spiders. We were desperately trying to find a spider. Just let me know if you can do one cause i’m gon na film, it: okay boom nice, okay, good wow, good recoveries, too yeah hello.

There they got the present kelsey that’s adlie’s a dinosaur book. Oh, your friends gave you a dinosaur book thanks guys, you would love that buddy. Oh emily, a unicorn mug and look they’re squishy. Thank you so much. Thank you guys! Kelsey! Thank you! You’Re! Coming next time. Next time, yeah seriously dude look at this, so here’s, just a tornado of these little. Oh, i can hear him watch you guys. Look at this watch watch, oh hey. They do bite and there they are the app crew what’s up boys. First things. First, we got some cereal to eat, yeah, so here’s eli himself, that i was just telling you about some milk yeah. All right let’s go get a bowl of cereal right here kanan he does like the audio the sound design, like all the cool sound effects. He takes the kids voices puts them into the app and good job dude killing it. Next up. We have ethan and mikaya so uh, kanan, ethan, eli, that’s, all app family, hey guess what i just used. Some of your gopro footage, i’m gon na need to give that to brandon because we’re putting some of it in the vlog perfect that’s, where the footage you just watched came from that gopro. So ethan and mackay are kind of doing like the actual programming backend. I don’t know: what do you guys do? What would you say, yeah programming back end, all the in engine work, pretty much yep take all the assets that dad and the creative team makes, and we uh we plug it in and make it make it animated turn.

It into a fun game, basically yeah yeah, all right let’s just get a bowl of cereal going. Oh guess what i brought the new magic spoon, look new magic spoon, this one’s uh chocolate, peanut butter and jelly donut. Those are some good cereal, flavors, also eli pop a spot right here i brought you your own magic spoon, cereal ball too yeah. This is all yours, buddy, Music, all right, i couldn’t find any uh bowls, so we’re, just gon na do cups and spoons all around here. Man come grab some uh cups and spoons there’s. Also the other flavors too. I just i’m kind of wanting to try some of the new stuff yeah. These donut ones sounds so good. I can smell it already. It actually smells like jelly donuts high protein keto friendly, naturally flavored it’s, delicious first light what’d, you go jelly donut, jelly donut. Okay, give us the taste test, that’s good. For me, this is perfect. That is super tasty it’s. So great i’ve seen you do this many times: Music, Music, we’re, letting all the cats out of all the bags. We’Ve got some new pets, some new characters. Yeah, you can have pets that follow you around in play space. You guys can have your own pets and you can like decorate them and give them trails and feed them and, like it’s, going to be cool all right, you guys any uh any app updates. You want to mention, you got niko’s app.

I haven’t even talked about that. Yet we have an app for nico coming. You can tell them a little bit about niko’s app. You can let a little bit of a cat out of a little bit of a bag. Gon na be a creative, app niko’s creative space is the the working title. Have a lot of drawing? Have a lot of painting have a lot of music gon na be crazy, a place where kids can get on and just create cool stuff use creativity all that niko’s creative space. I like that. I think we’re gon na keep that and these guys got ta head back home and we got ta, keep building. Apps and stuff it’s been fun having you here, though, it really has been fun. How cool did these guys just used to watch the best days? Ever then we became friends. Then we built a company together now here we are eating cereal. That was like your one checklist. You wanted to eat cereal shonduras. Yes, i like it and i wanted to eat cereal with eli. That’S perfect still got more surprises. Vlog next we’re gon na stop by the space station because remember i was talking about niko’s birthday and dinosaurs. Your mind’s gon na be blown and we’re back at the space station. For our final surprise, which has everything to do with dinosaurs and nico’s birthday and you’re gon na love, it look at this. This is almost done.

That’S all gon na be glass like i said and then check it out my office holidays office, and then we go through the middle and we meet in this little like zen garden decision making room where we’ll just sit in this little hallway and make important decisions For the space station, how cool is that we just invented it and then scott helped us build it? How crazy for anyone who’s been here since remember the space station was in my basement, then it was at 1.5 and now it’s. This awesome thing over here and also full of dinosaurs that’s right. We got dinosaurs in the space station, get ready to have your minds blown in three Music. Two we got this giant. This is a dinosaur. Look ah come here: buddy that’s, a dinosaur, this guy’s a dinosaur that guy is a dinosaur. We got another big t rex head some more dinos in here some more best. They ever towels remember to leave a comment, so you can win one. So, basically, the next best day ever that you guys watch like the very next video we post is gon na, be a bunch of dinosaurs at pride island for nico’s birthday. Nobody has any idea, they are going to love it and a volcano we’re, building a giant volcano, but look at this little guy. This is like a little triceratops baby got some baby dinosaur egg. Then this guy right here, an actual stegosaurus with the saddle niko, is gon na love that just one solid best day ever and it’s ready to get edited.

So all of you guys can watch it brandon hello. I got a best day ever ready for you. I love that story well see. This is the best tomorrow ever that you guys have probably already seen what’s this or vacation it’s almost done i’m excited and guess what you’re almost done. I got a new one for you, so every time we film the videos, then it comes here, brandon edits them into something amazing, and then i grab this little chair right here and we sit together like best friends and we review the vlog and do fun pop Ups to make sure it’s, perfect and ready for you guys, then you guys get to watch it it’s. True all right! This is the end of the best day.