Take this fat tire bike for a ride. The ad motor wild tan is one of those massive exhilarating types of e bikes. It doesnt shy away from anything with its big tires, bigger battery and even bigger motor lets jump right into the specs, so that you see what i mean powering this behemoth of an electric bike is a thousand watt rated mid drive motor the motor is a bafang Bbs hd a tried and true high power e bike motor known to put out as much as 1500 peak watts in the right conditions it can climb just about anything and it launches with a satisfying dirt bike style umph. It can get you right up to speeds of 28 miles per hour, which feels fast on the road and even faster off road, and the 4.5 inch oversized tires mean you never have to choose between the two. You can jump back and forth between the road and the dirt or trail whenever you feel, like those big tires, turn the bike into something of an over landing vehicle, no trail even necessary Applause, Music. This type of riding, of course, burns up the battery quickly, and so the wild tan is fortunately specked with a large 48 volt and 17.5 amp hour battery that packs in 840 watt hours of capacity now add motors, says you can get up to 65 miles of Range but thats, of course, sticking to the lowest pedal assist level when you spend a lot of time making use of that right side, half twist throttle expect less range, but any way you slice it 840 watt hours is a lot of capacity, certainly more than average.

These days, if you do stick to pedal, assist youll find a nice pedal drive system that includes a nine speed, shimano elevio transmission, which is another above average part here, instead of specking a cheap, altis or tourney setup, add motor climbed higher up the shimano hierarchy. To put some better quality parts on the bike, the same goes for the hydraulic disc brakes. The air suspension fork with adjustable pressure, preload and lockout, and the thru axle on the front wheel instead of a cheap skewer axle, though im not sure what the nut orgy going on here in the rear axle is all about. But speaking of axles, rated for higher loads, this isnt just an off the beaten path, exploring ebike its also designed to carry a significant load in addition to that big old utility rack. That turns this into a heavy hauling e bike. The bike is sturdier than most direct to consumer fat, tire e bikes, with a weight rating of up to 350 pounds, meaning its built to carry even heavier riders Music like any e bike. It, of course, has its pros and cons. The pros column is quite long and includes everything from that powerful, mid drive motor and the long list of high end parts on the bike that helps set it apart from cheaper made fat, tire e bikes that might not withstand the test of time. Oh and that big battery too, but theres a cons column also for sure the bike is absolutely massive.

It says its designed for riders 5 foot 10 to six foot, five im, actually, five foot seven and i manage just fine on it, but its not a small bike. It also wouldnt take up a small portion of your garage either. The other big downside is that, with the large size and bulk comes a reduced nimbleness, its not the most responsive on the single track, but it can of course, still do that type of riding just check. Your speed since quick turns take a bit more planning on a bike. This big and lastly, it aint cheap, not even close at 35.99 thats a lot of cash for an e bike, then again youre getting higher to your components. A massive mid drive motor and a big battery to boot. Still, though, this is quite an investment, so you better be really into off road riding fat, tire e bikes to be prepared to lay down cash like that. Assuming you are, though, i can all but guarantee you that one ride is all it takes on the wild tan to put a massive smile on your face. This bike is the physical embodiment of a go anywhere can do attitude its more than most people need, which makes it exactly what many people want Music thanks for watching everyone. We hope you enjoyed that review of the ad motor m5600 wildtan. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle.

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