Welcome back to the Drama Camps channel today, we're gon na check out the fingers addition toothpick from diatone it's, the GTB 229 edition I'm gon na run a 2s 450 milliamp battery I'm gon na suggest up to a 554 you guys it does have a 110 millimeter Wheel base on here – and it has special fingers on the bottom, which I'm gon na show you in a second. It is a 2 millimeter bottom plate. Unibody carbon check it out, there's a Shaka brah. There is the devil horns and there is the yeah that one and also the yeah. I guess that would be. I love you hand, gesture there, but pretty cold. I haven't seen a lot of reviews on this particular frame. It does have that familiar cube, canopy on here same one as the other one. It has to run kam nano 2, which is a pretty sweet camera. It also has a TBS unified pro 32 it's, a 400 milliwatt VTX on there and Mama F 411 with 13 amp cts sees plenty of dampening on here, it's a 16 by 16 stack and we have the jim fan: 65 millimeter props, the 1103 8500 kV motor. So I'm, here with four bolts on the bottom, holding those motors on so let's, go ahead and put it on the scale. Will zero out the scale and now we're gon na to go ahead and put the quad they're, just the components? No battery we're at 52 grams that's, not too bad fairly light for a toothpick and now let's go ahead and put the two s: 450.

On there and that's 81 grams total takeoff weight, not too bad let's go ahead now and do the fpv flight test and let's get this little quad up in the air we're gon na try this on 2 amp 3 s now I'm running it on 200 milliwatts Right now and it's, okay, I think you could reposition the dipole vertically and get a little bit better transmission. You can also crank up this TBS VTX up to about 400 milliwatts too. So, if you're experiencing some breakup. This is a really high quality VTX on here. So, in combination with the run, cam camera it's, the run cam nano 2 really nice, especially on those nice days like this. This is one of the better micro cams out there. The run cam 3 just came out. The run cam 903 is also finally available and it's a much smaller even than the tube but I'm liking. The clarity on here I'm also liking the prop. These are those 65 millimeter props from gym fan, it's nice, because they're just push on there's no bolts on these, and they actually do stay on when you're flying, which is nice. Now let's talk about battery. If you're going to choose a battery for this GTB 229 finger addition, you want to probably run something like a 550, I brought out only four 50s and with the way I fly punching out a lot and going half throttle to up to about 80 throttle like Right here, when I'm doing power loops, I would drain a battery in like two minutes flat with the 1103 8500 cavies it's quite hopped up on 2's.

It feels like you're flying 3 2 4s on here. So I think that's, mostly because of the power to weight ratio that we have with an ultralight frame in combination with the 1103 motors. Does that make any sense? The 1103 is one of my all time: favorite sort of micro, brushless, sweetspot motors it's, probably before this weight class series is going to give you the best punch out the best power, but you can battery up a little bit. You want to go up to about a 550 or 600 million, and you get that longer flight time in the 3 to 4 minute range, if that's, what you're looking for and that's that's what I would be looking for if I was flying this one regular. I, like the GMB 450 to 550 series batteries. Those are some of my best micro brushless Bears I'll, try to put some links down below for those so guys. How are you doing during this corona virus pandemic? That we're? Having are you at home? Are you staying in place like a lot of the authorities are telling us to do? Are you getting any flying in kind of wondering I am definitely flying by myself today and that sort of stay at home order is just about in place, so these videos are going to continue to happen, but we're gon na probably do them from different locations, and I might have to you know, make some sacrifices to be able to get these videos done for you.

I won't put my family and risk, though I will definitely keep away from people while I'm flying coming up here through the next month. I want to keep you guys entertained, but this is a lot of entertainment for me that GTB 229 is really quite a nice quad, especially, I feel like this is another one of those sleepers that didn't really get a lot of attention, because at the time when This came out, maybe a couple months ago now, right around Christmas time, there was a lot of micros coming out. They all seem to come out right before Christmas, and it was crazy – and this was just one of those ones that I didn't get a chance to get to yet. So I think this one has probably been discounted since then as well. I think it was quite a bit more expensive and now they've dropped the price on this one, so you're getting a little more quad for a better price. At this point, there's a lot of competition out there right now. If you're gon na ask me what should I buy this one or the tiny hawk race, the to race came out, and this one has more freestyle capability and feeling to it, and you have the option to run 3s on here. I will tell you, though it needs a tune on 3s. It did give me vibes on 3s and you saw that video early only momentarily did I fly the 3s battery.

It felt really punchy, but as soon as I hit about 40 throttle, the vibes came in. So I went back to 2s on this it's kind of hard to believe that this little guy is flying this fast on 2's it's, actually quite fast onto this and that's one of the first things that I noticed about it aside from great video, a great VTX One here that's a good combo from diatone and most of the time, if you're new to the Hobby, diatone usually brings good components to the table when they do a build it's, not just kind of like fly by night type, parts that diet or puts on their Stuff, it's always a good medium to high quality stuff. Even the bolts are better than your typical, oisin stuff on this frame. They'Re really machined quite well. They have beveled heads on them and they I've never had a diatone bolt to strip on me. So if you go to work on this, it has two millimeter bolts on the bottom of the frame and it's it's, really quite nice hardware. I love the diatone Harbor a lot of times when I get a quad in I'm saving the hardware because they always give you all those extra bolts in the pack, which is really nice, and this one came with a variety of different sized bolts. In case you lose one because a lot of times work, you know just happened to be working on it and you lose a bolt on the floor and it's extremely hard to find because they're, black and they're tiny.

But this is a good, smaller field flier. If you're looking for something I'm gon na try to take this gap right here, yes, let's! Do that nice lucky! I made it through that one, but if you're looking for something smaller and quiet and something literally, you can fly out of your front yard. This is one of those it's not super loud. I think if, if everybody's quarantined from the coronavirus right now, you wouldn't disturb your neighbors with this one, they're not gon na, be hearing it inside their house, like they would a typical five inch, quad and right there. I found a ghost branch tried to make that gap that familiar gap, but it came in a kind of weird angle around this tree right here, back down the sidewalk flying nice and low again, it's, just so fast, for how small this little guy is. I feel like it's a little bit faster than a tiny Hawk to race on 2's it's kind of amazing 8500 KB is no joke, so we've got there. We go big loop going for a big high loop and almost didn't wanted to try to go between those two trees right there, but uh I'm gon na try not to destroy anything on this quad today, because I want to keep this one in my collection. This is gon na, be the one of those quads that I that I keep exploring some new lines. Gon na try to go through here, never been through here before let's.

Try to do this, one is skirting through those trees, and that has to do with the runcam nano 2 right there. That is because I can actually see the branches with this camera and I reviewed other quads recently that that didn't have this camera and all the other companies out. There heard the reviewers talking about the runcam nanotubes and they all started, including it on their micros, because there are some cheap EDP cameras out there recently on some other companies, which we won't name, but they have since then switched over to the 2 and the 3. Now, underneath the van that God I made that cuz, that would have been a broken camera, I hit the side of my van the other day and it's solid steel like the old school American made trucks and cars. Heavy duty and I broke a canopy clean in half another review that I have coming up for you pretty good smacks inside of that van I'm. Sure there's a few dents on the bottom of that van by now from carbon fiber quads, hitting it full speed but that's what it's for we go out to fly and have fun. So I appreciate you guys coming out with me today again and flying in and sort of. Hopefully this entertains you a little bit, get you out of your house so to speak. But as we take a look at this new quad new to me in the in the past week since I've been flying it, but I like the frame, I like the fingers addition kind of an oddball type of frame out there.

They don't make a lot of sort of themed frames like this. The TPU canopy is great and they borrowed that from the cube series, and I actually do like this frame better. That sort of square sandwich frame the little hands on the bottom are kind of cute, and this one is gon na be more durable. I feel like this one's gon na be way more durable. It has good frame structure on here I'd like to see that they did another frame, support on both arms, but I know they lightened it up so I'm gon na give this one to thumbs up guys and I'm gon na say this. One'S, a safe and easy buy I'll try to put a coupon code below to so you can save some money guys take care, be well.