So today we have got the new flashback player sbc card that ea just released, and it is gon na be pato to review and its a card. Thats had a crazy big upgrade its a plus 14 to the pace it plus 14 to the dribbling, a plus 13 to the shooting it plus 11 to the passing it plus 13 to the physicals, and it plus eight to the defending so yeah ea have done Really really nice when it comes down to the upgrade to the stats. The one thing, though, that i definitely will say im kind of disappointed in is the skill moves. Yes, its four star skills, its still very good, but listen all right. I was expecting a patto with five star skills. As soon as i saw him get released. I was like. Let me see the skills. Let me see if its five star, i was hoping for it, but yeah as you clearly can see they kept out four star. Four star we can deal with that we can its just. It would have been nice to have the five star skill moves. Now he has got high low work crates and he is also a five foot: nine player. Now the chem style hook. Listen, the whole cam style is serious on the card. If you want to go ahead and give a maxed out pace, go ahead and do so go for the hunter cam stop. Why not right its just with a hulk hems, though youre, giving this guy so much youre, giving this guy still the extra pace so youre giving him 95 acceleration with 97 sprint speed.

But then you are going ahead and giving this guy 93 long shots with 99 shot power, and we have to keep in mind. Hes got that finesse shot rate, so you know long shots outside the box is about to be an absolute joke. Well, on top of that, you are giving this guy 99 jumping with 91 strength and 80 free aggression. 83, aggression with 91 strength on a striker is very, very good because theres going to be a lot of occasions where the ball is bouncing everywhere and pattos gon na be focused up, lets, say: hes gon na fight football because of the aggression, and he is gon Na come out of it and we end up getting an opportunity to score a goal and most likely with those kind of shooting stats. He will put it into the back of the net so yeah that aggression and that strength is not going to be uh. Its not going to be easy to kind of defend against lets, say now the passing ability its looking like your average striker passer, where the short passing is very good, but the long passing is simply terrible. Now the dribbling ability is looking very good for a five foot. Nine player hes got 96 agility. 82 balance is a little bit questionable, but for five for nine player i think its going to be okay. He has got 85 reactions. 92 bulk show 88 tripling with the 88 composure as well.

So i am expecting him to feel very good on the ball now, as i said, youre giving this guy 99 jumping. But the thing is, he already has heading accuracy. He has 86 heading accuracy and yes, he isnt the tallest off players. 5 foot 9, but its like 99 jumping will make him get really high up there and if he does end up winning it, it most likely will be a goal with the 86 heading accuracy. He has got to his game now. The links, the fact that he is brazilian makes it very easy to link about with so ive gone for vinnie, nerez and obviously makaleli just to get him on full chemistry. Well, we do have to keep in mind. He is from the mls, so you know you could go ahead and link him up with puzzuelo the level 30 player if you really want to, but most likely youre going to have brazilian players around this guy or simply icons. Now, when it comes down to positions, i am going to be playing patto in one position and one position only and it is going to be that striker position in a 4 4 2 formation, so lets get into the games and lets see how good patto is Going to be its a good turn, thats, a very good turn good use of pace as well go for that brew roll! I might just keep it calm here, but were going to give it to mbappe.

Now i want to see what his movement is. I want to see what he does in this kind of situation and he kind of gives me like the passing option there im gon na see if i can just driven it to him there you go outside the box, theres our first finesse shot, and that is Our first save as well. I should have maybe timed that one i reckon if i timed it, it would have gone in just turn around here. Baton making out run realizing where that center back is, and that is a very good touch, can go. Can i go for that shot across goal as well? It was a decent shot. The power you can tell was clearly there. He was under pressure by campembe, so i wasnt expecting it to be anything of an amazing shot, but i was kind of expecting it to be a little bit better its just. I do like how we took that touch and there was like a quick acceleration behind it. Maybe a quick one too. Just give it back to him. There you go. Youve got a bit of space. There were gon na, go for it. Why not? Can we get a goal, we cant even get it. That was such a weird finesse shot like i was expecting it to go way way higher. It went very low lets, say: lets hit this towards the near post, come on hes hes, up against yeah hes up against campembe go on pato hes won the heck, i dont even know who he won the head off im, not sure i think i was out.

Actually, towards the near post, i dont think campembe even challenged, but he did get up there really well hes, just the accuracy wasnt, the greatest ship over him. There you go. Pato is just sitting there waiting for the ball. I thought with his high low work crates. He was going to be actually way way more aggressive. I want to see if i can go for a drone pass there bull roll that maybe it wasnt the greatest of touches, but he done well. Do you keep that ball and were gon na go for it got one green time does well? No, i thought it went in for a second. You saw the net move a little bit, thats a good run there, its really good run and patos in front of his player as well. Im gon na hit it first time and we all know pata if hes kind of shooting stats he aint gon na miss an opportunity like that im just gon na hit this up to him see if he can maybe just win this head on. Maybe you can actually continue that run as well. Go on pato use that pace. Nice touch, keep it going well, roll use that strength in front of campembe as well, ive gone for it and he scored it. I mean what else can i say right? I dont think my opponent was really controlling kampembe there. Well, hes done so well to get in front of him.

Hold him off with that kind of strength, and look at that for a finish stream and pass that into the middle im gon na pass that all the way down, maybe and bappys gon na be in for pace. No, he does well to actually track it. Im. Just gon na run down here there you go well roll that again, yeah were going for it, you best believe were going to go for it. Come on man, oh my god. This the thing is right, its the finesse shot trait with that hawk canvas dog, giving him the extra long shots and the shot power. Let me see if i can draw him past that good touch nice acceleration as well, just keep it going well, roll the keeper yeah, and we score the opportunity. I thought i screwed up for a second im gon na just pull raw scoop. There see if i can get into the inside there. Can i get that drone pass off? No, i cannot im kind of disappointed in patter there a little bit because he didnt really go for that cut back, which i definitely wanted him to do. So when i head off there, you go well play. Give that up real quick dummy. It good turn. No ive, i think ive screwed this a little bit. Can i, oh my god, i dont even know what i was saying. Im gon na be honest too. I was just so focused i was like.

Is he gon na get the angle im not sure, but he hits out on a four star, weak foot, and that was a beauty beauty of a finish. I thought i went way too far out there you go give her the gap. Perfect nice plateau hes actually gave me that passing option. Good shielding scoop turn that perfect sure cross goal, no paul lopez. How? How are you gon na save that how man that was so good from pato as well literally every touch was perfect. The scoop tone was spot on its just the finish. Let us down everyones hitting me with like a crazy press man. What is this? Everyone found out a new press, and that is great footwork. Oh, my god go on got one hes. Fine shots are broken. Hes finesse shots are broken. That was unreal. Dribbling, though very close, like very close to his feet. He didnt really allow the whats called bad touch either and skipping around the player for pretty much fun and yeah. The finesser not much to say take a touch around him perfect, just two touches and im around go for it again. Imagine okay, i think im gon na lie to you guys. I think he moved the keeper this guys starting to get used to me actually going for those finesse shots, so i might have to relax on him a little bit you have to overturn bappe. I see there is making a run about pato.

Are you going to make that movement up? You are its a decent touch, though, but my quinos is straight on to us. I like how he uh adjusted his movement there. He didnt just force himself to go for like down there. He actually realized. I wanted him to go up and he went up just chip over thats, perfect kind of wanted to go for a quick one. Two there, but im gon na keep it calm. Hes gon na make that run. He is gon na make that run. Thats perfect chip to not chip just across towards the back, stick and uh. I dont know why i trusted in there is his weak foot. That was never ever gon na end well, but it was great movement once again from pato. He is definitely a player that realizes where the gaps are and he makes a run instantly towards it. Get that vinny nice play that pass. Thats, perfect, im gon na go for finesse right here. I like that about him. The way he adjusted his whole body to go for that finesse shot is incredible. Man i dont know who i was reviewing. Uh wait. It was mural yeah there you go muriel. I went for finish up with him. I think it was twice he didnt do that adjustment he didnt want to. He was forcing himself to shoot onto that weaker foot, which is something i didnt like, but patto he clearly doesnt.

Do it lets go for a tactic here. I kind of want to just drive and pass it towards here. Give him the ball there. You go pato well played fade out. A little bit well played nice little turn as well. No im going to see if i can maybe skip three players just like that. He did well to kind of get round two players, its just. I kind of went back into the player. Should we go for this? Why not imagine im yeah im done ive put a controller down. What is that is this fifa 19? How has that got in thats? A good turn play that quickly. Nice wait for him to hit come towards you and then here without roulette, come on pato use that pace he needs to get away. Surely smack it across not the greatest shot with that weaker foot? That right, there is when the hyundai cam style would have been really really nice, because you know for a fact that fullback was never going to catch up to him. Im just gon na use his pace. Should we give our goal again? This time were gon na go for a power shot. I feel like ive done enough finesse shots. You know i want to see how the power shots are someone give me a passing option, theres literally no one on this side. Can i play it for that gap? I can and thats a good touch as well its not the quickest of turns im, not gon na lie to you like the touch wasnt, the greatest it seemed like.

The ball went very far away from him and then he had to run onto it. To then get the angle to then go for the shot so yeah it definitely wasnt the greatest of touches, but it worked. I kind of want to test out his passing ability lets see if hes actually going to go or switch all the way on to the other side and its not a bad pass. Yeah it wasnt directly, oh red timed. It yeah hes not exactly on to the player, but he did eventually come out with a ball and it was in the right like area lets say if i can get this onto the ground in front of transaby. No yeah im done get me out of this. What is this, how many good goals are we scoring? What a bicycle kick like that? No, i need to see the replay. Please allow us to see the replay. How is that gone in? How is that going? What make that run there? You go just ship it over thats, literally perfect. I could sweat this, but i want to test out that weaker foot im telling you guys right now. His weaker foot has been a little bit on and off like theres been certain occasions. It could have definitely done better in, but this kind of angle, its not like a really good angle for four star week, for there is definitely a lot of occasions where that could miss.

You know that could go straight directly into the goalkeeper, but he hits it side netting, which is really really good. So it is time to review and we ended up playing four games of patter. We actually walked away with 11 goals. If that doesnt show you guys how good his shooting ability is, i dont know what can like. You saw the angles we were shooting at. We was taking first time volleys outside the box. We was going for some crazy angled long shots. We was going for bicycle. Kicks and they all went in flying into the back of the net, he did miss out on some opportunities with his left foot but its a four star, weak foot. We know its not going to be the most consistent thing, its not going to go in every single time with a four star week for right, theres gon na be certain occasions where it goes off target, or it goes straight down the middle, its just. There was other occasions with that left foot where it went straight into the side netting, so yeah the shooting ability on this card top top tier the dribbling ability he felt very nice on the ball in most occasions definitely did feel nice its just. I definitely did notice in some occasions where he got into a little a little bit of a contact contact situation. He would take a weird touch because of how his balance is actually, like is lets, say its 82 balance.

So if he gets into a bit of pressure, he loses that balance a little bit ends up taking a bad touch and thats. When your opponent can go in, go for a tackle and end up getting the ball. That is something i definitely would say be a little bit careful with, and if you want to sort that problem out, you can go for the engine. Cams doll just know, though, that shooting ability is going to be nowhere near as good now his pace. There was certain occasions he did get caught up to by a marquinhos or by a campembe its just a thing that i did like about this pastor card one. He was a fast player and two. If he got caught up to, he would use that 91 strength to hold off that player. Allow me to decide what i want to go ahead and do next, and obviously just uh just take my time lets say so thats something i really really did enjoy as well. Now the card isnt cheap 150 000 coins for pato keep in mind. He plays for the mls, so the league isnt a crazy good four links in this game. But the thing is right: hes brazilian, so you can link him up with players like vinnie neymar, your boy nerez as well. He has got some really really nice links to his game and he is also an amazing player. He doesnt just give you a good dribbling good, shooting, good pace.

He also gives you a jumping ability, a heading ability, while also giving you some stupid strength and aggression in that strike of edition. So 150k, i would say, is pretty good pricing. I wouldnt say its. You know, like amazing pricing, but i would say it is good pricing and i do believe its worth it now. Where would he go in the attackers tier list hes? Definitely between an a plus then an a those two right there hes between those two. Now, where am i actually gon na put him in the a plus? We have players like gabrielle. I believe gabrielle is better than this pastor card. We are players like alessandrini that is kind of a good comparison, but i definitely would take pata shooting ability over a player like alexandrini, but then the pace, allen, alessandrini 100 wins, and then we got players like benzema. We got players at bamiang and stuff like that. In the a plus its hard, its a hard one, man, its a very hard one, its between an a plus and an a, but i am gon na put him into the a plus. The reason is is because of that physicals the way he can jump up in a year and the way he can use that strength to hold off defenders is simply simply incredible, and on top of that hes a four star four star player with really nice movement. In that striker position, but i hope you guys did enjoy the video if you did make sure to leave a like make sure to leave a comment.