Basically, the point of this drone is that i wanted to have something like a dji, mavic uh heres, a mavic air too, except for the camera. Instead of being something fixed by dji is actually a gopro, and you might know the gopro did come out with a gopro karma, which i used to have. I dont have anymore heres a picture of it if you havent seen it before, but basically that thing for the time was pretty compact, but it is pretty large by todays standards. I mean, if you just look at the mavic air. It fits in the palm of your hands and it folds up way nicer and i essentially wanted a hybrid between the mavic and the gopro karma, a gopro karma, but better in that this folds up to a way more compact size, while still having a gimbal stabilized Gopro at the front – and you can see that if we take the arms it unfolds in a similar manner to that of a dji mavic and it comes complete with the foldable propellers and everything so lets just go around and look at some of the features. So again, it has a gopro hero 7 at the front and youll see this cable coming out of it, and the point of that is to have a live feed straight to the controller. So you can see whats actually going to the gopro without needing a separate fpv camera. Here we have two three one, two size motors, which are the same size and motors that the phantom three has at the back.

I have a 3d printed door which is used to fit the battery in now. The reason this actually does look kind of nice and finished is because this is actually a conversion kit that you can just buy online thats, normally used to convert a dji phantom 3 into something that resembles a mavic. This was back when the mavic first came out and everyone was going crazy over its design and because the phantom series was originally used as a sort of ready to fly platform where you would attach a gopro to it. The motors were sized correctly for the application of lifting up a gopro on a gimbal, so i just bought one of those kits and then i adapted it using my own components rather than the phantom 3 components, which was actually a huge challenge and ill put a Photo on screen of what the inside of this drone looks like, and its kind of a mess of wires, theres, a lot of components that go into this drone a lot more than what goes into a phantom 3.. There is a lot of stuff in here. One interesting thing i want to point out is because this gopro actually has hdmi output. The hero 7 black – is actually the last one to have it built in. I actually have an hdmi cable coming out of this gopro hero7 black into an hdmi to composite video converter, and that goes into the video transmitter which allows you to see it on screen here so heres the battery that it uses its a 4s 6000 milliamp hour Battery – and it goes right back here into this door – Music closes up relatively nicely and if you turn it around see the gopro being stabilized by the gimbal, and you can see the led at the bottom so yeah.

This drone uses a dji naza flight controller, which gives all the nice gps features and everything gps hold uh return to home, all things like that, and i guess a little bit more on the gimbal. This is a target gimbal and i had to do some modifications to the vibration dampening system, because, although this gets rid of angular motion uh, if the drone is vibrating uh, you need special dampening hardware in order for there not to be sort of waviness and jello. In the video and people with keen ears out, there might realize that the gopro hero 7 black actually has hyper smooth stabilization. But i actually disabled that because that actually added like a solid second worth of delay into the video stream. So in the interest of keeping that at a minimum, i decided to rely fully on mechanical stabilization rather than relying on gopros hypersmooth. This also makes it compatible with old gopros. Another thing that i was happy to be able to include is the ability to change the angle of the camera, using this knob at the side of the controller. You also have the gopro overlay and also a nasa osd module that i added in that doesnt come by default with the dji naza. So you can see how many satellites you have, which obviously we have known since were indoors, and you can also see how much recording time you have left on the gopro along with whether it is recording or not, and you can see your battery voltage at the Top left well ive spoken to you guys, a lot about the features, so i think its about time.

We actually fly this thing now so im out here on my driveway got everything turned on and set up so we just unfold the legs. Now i havent done a compass calibration on this thing in a while, but it looks like we have a lot of satellites, so ive got the view live on my screen and uh yeah. Well, just give it a go Music, so weve got the drone up and flying Music. So without further ado lets just uh send the drone up Music so just to show just to showcase what the gimbal is capable of uh. So you see that were moving the drone here back and forth relatively quickly, and the video from the camera should remain relatively stable, like we go forward and we just go forward, see the gimbal stay stable in your back, and one thing i want to point out Is that uh, the video should be relatively free of jello uh, which is like the waviness that you get on some drones that dont have proper uh dampening just send this up, get a look around in my neighborhood. Not that interesting see the footage is pretty smooth. Even without gopros hyper, smooth, stabilization, Music and uh lets just bring it in for a landing Music and there we go so yeah thats, pretty much everything there is to know about what ive, dubbed as the gopro mavic uh, really happy with how it turned out. I think it looks good, i think it flies well.

I think its nice and portable and its relatively polished, i dont know if id make a future iteration of this um. I might maybe try to make it even smaller, but i mean this thing is already really small and i know i know it doesnt. Look that small compared to the mavic air, but if we had a gopro karma next to it or a phantom or all the other drones that are designed to lift a gopro youd, see that this is actually very small but yeah.