So lets. Take a look at the stealth propellers for the dji air 2s from master airscrew, Music hi. Everyone welcome back to the channel and for those of you visiting for the very first time welcome. My name is russ and, like i said today, were going to do a review of the aftermarket propellers from master air screw for the dji air 2s. Now some of you who have been with this channel for a while might be saying but russ, how are you making this video right now? Didnt, you crash your air2s in the lake about a month ago. Well, yes, i actually did so. I have a pretty cool story about that and ill tell you that here shortly. So, first of all, these propellers claim to do four different things number one to decrease the decibel level, while in flight number, two to increase the overall speed of the drone and then number three to increase the flight time like the battery life of the drone and Number four: to increase the aesthetic appeal to make your drone look cooler. Well now that last one for sure is true. I believe that colored props are so cool, especially the orange ones, but now, more importantly, how do they perform in all of those other areas? So lets test them out today. Now one thing before we do that, i do want to say that i think everybody should have at least one extra set of propellers in their bag.

Even a small crack, or a little nick in your prop, can result in disaster. So i highly recommend having an extra set of propellers, now im going to tell you in just a few minutes here if these should be some of the propellers that you consider to have in your bag. So first thing i want to do is were going to head outside, were going to put it on my brand new air 2s and were going to compare the difference in the volume and the pitch between these dji stock propellers and the master air screw stealth ones. So lets go and do that right now. Okay, now before we do this, i want to say a couple things number one theres, so many things that can affect the decibel level in an environment, so this is just going to be a comparison test. This is not going to be an accurate measurement and just because theres, wind noise, theres traffic, noise, theres birds, theres all kinds of things so just keep in mind. This is not a scientific test. This is just a free app on the app store, and i know its not accurate. I know some of you are going to say this is not a valid test, but its just a comparison test between these, the stock props and the stealth. Propellers. All im going to do is im going to hover right here and were going to check the noise level the decibel level and were going to put on the master air screw and see if theres a difference.

I also want you to listen to the pitch. I only have this about uh three feet away from the microphone thats going to be. The most important thing is the difference in pitch. So let me go ahead and start my screen recorder on here all right here we go stock, propellers, Music Applause, Music. So all right we got 99. I think it was 99 ill put it up on the screen here, lets put on the master air screw and see what those give us when you are putting these on, you want to make sure that the dashed hubs match up with the dashed motors. Okay, dont put them on backwards. All right lets check out the master air screw Music Applause Music. All right, it looks to me like they were both 99 decibels, but you can definitely hear the pitch difference. Lets go ahead and listen to it again, Music, all right! So the next thing were going to test out is were going to check out the speed difference. Can you go faster with the stealth propellers as compared to the stock propeller, so lets do that right now, all right! First, we have the stock propeller dji stock propellers were going to run it in normal mode and then also in sport mode and im. Just going to fly straight out. Ill fly straight back, well, get maximum speeds for all of them and well see. If we can get faster with the master air screw Music 42.

9 miles per hour, so lets go ahead and bring it down and put on the master air skirt Music about 42.7 miles per hour. So lets put the final results of the speed test up on the screen here. Okay, so the final test that i want to do is the flight time the battery life test now im going to do a hover test now i know thats not a real world test, but the reason im doing that is because of the wind and all the Variables that can affect the flight time, so a hover test will be consistent, even though its not functional, i dont know if that makes sense, but im going to do a hover test with the stock and im going to do a hover test with the stealth propellers And were going to see the difference in flight time. I have two newly charged batteries and uh. So lets go ahead and test it out. Okay, so first were going to do the stock propellers im doing it in my backyard, its pretty well protected from the wind. We got the house and the camper and the shed and some trees blocking the wind and there really isnt much wind – i hopefully it doesnt rain – looks like its going to rain right now, but but yeah im just going to hover it right here. You know maybe about 15 20 feet off the ground and were just going to let it come were going to let it go down until it says um low battery, you know, return to home or whatever and then well land it and then well.

Do that same thing with the stealth propellers actually to keep this video short, you know what im going to do im going to put these side by side so, on the left hand, side ill, put the stock propellers from dji and the right hand, side ill. Put the master air screw stealth propellers all right here we go. I think im just going to hover it right here right about eight feet, and one thing im going to do periodically is also is im going to check the battery temperature because im interested to see what difference that makes its really nice out right now, its like 75 degrees outside so its perfect, but uh, but yeah were gon na keep an eye on that battery temperature as well. So right now were at 25.7 celsius and yeah. All right lets see how long it lasts. Music all right. So the flight times were 2304 and 23 16., so the flight time was exactly the same. There was zero wind. I mean there was a little bit of time where the wind came up for just a second with the stock propellers, but otherwise there was no wind, and so i think this is a pretty accurate test. All of the conditions were exactly the same ones. Minor difference is this: is a newer battery? This batterys only been charged 12 times and i think the the one with the stock propellers has been charged like 22 times uh, but otherwise everything else was exactly the same.

So, according to this test, these propellers do not give you um any longer flight time now again, this is a just a control test, its not a real world flying test, and so perhaps they might perform better in windier conditions or different pressures. You guys are so many different variables, but the number one reason to buy these propellers is the decibel level and the pitch its not even necessarily the decibel level, its the pitch, its a lower pitch, its less irritating its less abrasive, and you cant hear it as Much and i think thats just due to how they clip these. The tips of these propellers see ill get out of the way here. So you guys can see um what that looks like, but look at that they, the end of the of the propeller, is just a little bit different. Its kind of looks like its almost cut off, so i think thats what changes the pitch of this propeller as far as temperature, pretty much the same about 51 degrees celsius afterwards. So no difference on the battery temperature, no difference on flight time and not a whole lot of difference on speed either so number one reason to get these is because theyre more quiet, the price is about the same and well talk about that here in just a Second, now the price for the stealth props are actually the same as the stock dji propellers and if you get the black ones, theyre actually a little bit cheaper.

So if you guys need new props or you want an extra set of props, i can highly recommend the stealth props for your air 2s now. Finally, how am i holding an air 2s right now? Well, after dunking mine in the lake about a month ago on family vacation, i had a tremendous amount of support in my comments and my dms on my twitter and all like that. Thank you so much you guys. I am so so very grateful and its. It really reminds me how awesome this community is so not only did i get a lot of support from all of you thank you, but also from some of the brands that i work with on a regular basis. Now one brand in particular felt so bad for me and ive been with them for a very long time, and they are such amazing people and they reached out to me and they asked if they could replace my air 2s as kind of a thank you for All of the support that ive given them for the past four years, you see not all brands, only care about getting their products out in front of as many faces as possible when i sometimes ill go on twitter and ill, see comments and itll say if you Think brands care about you. They dont they only care about one thing and thats, probably true for a lot of brands out there. But there are some of them that genuinely care for the people that they work with and one of the most genuine groups of people that you will find on this planet are those that work and run master airscrew.

Not only do they manufacture high quality products, but they also care about the people in their circle. So thank you to subby and everyone at master airscrew for this. Yes, they replaced my air 2s. So i asked that, if youre considering at all getting these propellers or props for any of your other drones to head directly to their website im going to put a link down in the video description, its not an affiliate link. I just ask that you support some great people and a great company and then also, if you could, in the comments just say a thanks to the gang over there for allowing me to continue to bring you more content about the air 2s. Its such an amazing drone i was devastated when i lost it and im so very blessed to have one again now 48 hours from this video going, live, im gon na go through those comments and just randomly choose two of them and im gon na ship out Im gon na keep the orange ones, of course, to go with my brand but im gon na ship out these the black ones and the blue ones to two people that comment down below now, because shipping is still such a tremendous hassle right now, im gon na Limit this giveaway just to u.s residents, but anyway, 48 hours after this video goes live ill, go through a randomly pick one and then what ill do is ill reply to your comment and then also ill post it at the top of the comments ill pin it.

So come back here in 48 hours and uh and see if your name has been chosen and if you, if you were chosen as a winner, ill reach out to you and get your information and ship these to you. So thanks again to master airscrew. Thank you to all of you for watching the entire video hey hit that thumbs up. Also, if i give you any information of value today, hopefully i did subscribe.