The aerial rider ideal is very much a simple e bike. That doesnt mean its not good quality. It is its a very nice bike, but its a simple, no thrills bike. In fact, the lack of some fancier features youll, find on other bikes, is a big part of what helped ariel rider reach the 999 dollar price point, while still offering a very nice option for an affordable commuter e bike at that price. You still get a lot of good stuff here that rear motor is a 750 watt geared hub motor and it is definitely peppy when you twist the throttle or stand on the pedal assist. You feel it more than a lesser 350 or 500 watt motor that we normally find on these types of urban e bikes. The battery is also larger than most urban e bikes too, coming in at 48 volts and 14 amp hours for 672 watt hours of capacity. They claim 60 miles of range, but thats, like you know, a pretty big exaggeration id, say 45 miles on pedal, assist or 30 miles on throttle are much more reasonable expectations. The bike has a lower top speed of just 20 miles an hour, so that does help get better range than you might expect. Most of ariel riders e bikes are faster and more powerful, but a reasonably fast and powerful e bike, like this uses its battery. Much more efficiently, so you actually get pretty good range as impressive as the performance is considering the price.

The rest of the e bikes electrical components are pretty good. Decent, get the job done kind of stuff. The display is a simple, led display, nothing, fancy the throttle is fine and the pedal assist is cadence based all good stuff. Again, nothing fancy the same. Pretty much goes for the bike side of things too theres a nice aluminum frame, thats available in mid step like this one or a high step version with a larger front triangle, theres a simple but good, shimano attorney 6 speed transmission, which in fact is probably the Single biggest upgrade over the single speed rad mission that this bike is obviously inspired by, though the larger battery and motor here on their ideal are arguably just as important upgrades back to this bike, though you also get mounting points for fenders and front and rear racks. I added the front rack and fenders, but i left the rear empty for less junk in the trunk, but you could slap on a rear rack and then really turn this into a utility e bike with dual baskets or racks id love to see some of those Parts included standard, but they charge extra for the racks and fenders. The good news is the lights and kickstand are included as standard equipment, which is not always a given on value. Priced e bikes like this, the one other area that youll want to make special note of is the lack of suspension like any at all theres, not even front suspension.

Just a simple, rigid steel fork paired with the hardtail aluminum frame for that type of riding, but the fact that it can do it its pretty cool. The lack of suspension helps keep both the price and the weight down which, by the way, the bike weighs 52 pounds putting it somewhere in the middle of the road for e bike weights. If youve been riding an urban bike for a while, youre probably used to not having suspension – and you wont, miss it if youre more familiar with cheap mountain bikes or really anything with a suspension fork, it might take a bit of getting used to to ride around. With absolutely no suspension, the 1.95 inch tires are not particularly large either. So you dont have a lot of air to soak up bumps, but theyre still wider than most narrow road tires, so its kind of a goldilocks situation there. So the lack of suspension might just take a bit of getting used to if youre like me, and you jump over enough speed bumps without suspension and a wide open throttle. Youll, eventually shake your camera loose a bit, though perhaps thats a reminder that this is really more of a metro e bike designed for city riding, not skatepark, wannabe tomfoolery, so lets bring it home here. What have we got on our hands? This is a simple e bike that doesnt try to do anything its not meant to do its a standard urban commuter that offers better power and range than the competition, but that comes with fewer fancy features than a lot of e bikes.

It also feels like a much higher dollar e bike than it really is attesting to a nicely designed and well put together e bike. It aint fancy, but it works quite nicely and at 999 dollars it is more than worth the price thanks for watching everyone. We hope you enjoyed that review of the aerial rider rydeel. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle.