This does appear to be something different than the rest of the 1s loops out there we’ll talk about the design characteristics of what makes this one different. We’Ll, also talk about the flight characteristics, the durability, the flight times the weight and all that good stuff. In this review, but first let’s go ahead and get the little six up in the air. I also have a seven coming up for review pretty soon and uh. Once i do that, i’ll give you a little more information on both these together. In my opinion, on that, but first off let’s start with the smaller one and take that one out for a flight test, and let me show you my experience with the mob lite6 here we go alright guys let’s go ahead and get the first battery going here. This is my first flight with it and i have to say that immediately i it really does feel great on the sticks like an ultra light, so i went for a power loop and even over the mud puddles here, almost coming back down a little bit of Flight controller uh slip right there. It did show me a little bit of wobble at the very low end of that power, loop and that’s, usually where we do see it, but as far as aerobatics go i mean, i think, with more time the more i get used to this quad. I can really really make some really awesome: freestyle videos with this quad outside and that’s kind of impressive, for a 65 millimeter frame.

I think the better choice for outdoor obviously would be the seven. So if you don’t really have a need to fly it indoors that much the seven will fly indoors, but it’s, just um, it’s gon na be maybe a little faster indoors, but my choice for for outdoors would definitely be the seven. However, i was happy that the rssi came set up out of the box uh. You can see the rssi just below my air mode there and um it’s consistent, so that that’s good news, the stability mode indoors, was a lot of fun. I always feel like the zero twos here. You know the zero eight zero two motors are a little bit bigger than what we really need indoors. Um they’re a great outdoor motor but indoors at about a quarter throttle it gets really fast inside and it has that characteristic to kind of jump up and down on you so um. The other thing that i noticed was that there is no canopy on here. So watch what happens right here. We get kind of stuck to things. So if you fly through gaps or you get too close to a wall, it will suck to the wall much quicker than the standard whoop, with a canopy on top just kind of gives you a buffer zone between the props, sucking that air down um, but with A little bit of practice, this one became a lot of fun. I started to fly just a little bit faster and what’s, so wild about all these quads is that every time you get a new quad it it seems like it would be all the same, but they all fly different.

Still one of my best choices for indoor woo would be that ae65 from eachine and the alpha 6.5, the christmas edition that just came out a while back one of the best flying indoor whoops out there. But this one does come with an extra frame in the box and you might need that on the colder days. I know that nick burns broke his post on his 75 millimeter frame, so probably not as likely to break the the sticks. It’S it’s pretty lightweight, but again. The other thing is that if you’re flying this outside in wet conditions in winter, this board is completely exposed. So if you crash upside down in the grass there’s a good chance, you can short things out. So i was worried about that today. Let’S go ahead outdoors now after i added some hot glue on the camera, the indoor footage was the same. I was flying with the hot glue, so i feel like it. It kind of toned down some of the vibration and at first i thought well it’s the tune on the quad, no it’s, not the tune, it’s the um, it’s it’s. Actually, the way the camera is mounted we’re, going to talk more about that coming up. It’S kind of a sort of freeform hanging camera mount system and i feel like the strap that goes all the way at the back is not really needed. It does have three different positions for just adjustment up and down, but that was kind of innovative and different, but really not not so needed just adds a little extra weight to this design.

So it’s always always ways to shave off more weight to these quads. But this one came in really lightweight on the scale guys around, like close to 18 grams um, so that’s lighter than some of my original custom, builds for tiny whoop, even four or five years ago, but you can get some insanely small gaps underneath that prius is No joke that’s, a low car and plenty of room to skirt over there under it with speed, but a lot of fun to fly so let’s go ahead back in now, let’s talk about it on the bench guys. Here we go so. Okay, guys welcome back from the flight break. That was a lot of fun to fly. My first experience with it it’s a little bit of an overcast day, and it was kind of really just one of those terrible oregon days. But what i realized was that this quad is a lot of fun outdoors. So, while i think you can slow it down a lot by changing the camera angle and bringing it down to level flying in the house is really fun. The zero eight zero two motors, in my opinion, sometimes to be a little bit more power than you need indoors. However, there are very good pilots out there who can just zip through the house without bumping into a chair with zero, eight zero, two motors um. I happen to be a little heavier on the throttle because i’m, more of a freestyle person, outdoor uh flyer, so um, i felt like it – was good indoors, though so, if you’re a beginner don’t worry about it.

If this was your first quad, it would still be fun. It would just have that little bit of extra power, so the motors themselves, we talked about those before those are zero: eight zero twos. These are the 19 000 kv motors and they are not super new to the whoop game. However, this design is very interesting because they have this tpu camera mount in the front and the camera’s virtually suspended from the frame right here and this tpu bracket. That goes all the way around this camera and um. The camera looks good that’s. The good news about the camera, the the strip that goes back is also adjustable. It has three points here that you can push this screw through and pull this back and tighten it up for a higher camera angle, or you can loosen it and bring it forward and bring it down a bit and they had it about probably 30 degrees. When i got it, but i lowered it for some indoor flying so if you want to fly indoors, go ahead and lower it, and the next thing about this is, i mean flight characteristics. It was fast outside. My first impression of it outside was that it was super fun, flew fluid under my van no problem. It has this like super low profile, so that’s a lot of fun for like skirting under things. I can fly it underneath my couch, my van my prius, whatever it will make this the world’s smallest gaps because of this low profile, which is a lot of fun.

But i found that, with this type of camera, mount that i’ve never seen before it’s it’s new to me, because wow i’ve been looking at these drones since virtually the beginning of this industry. But this suspension here wasn’t working out and to be able to get it to get rid of the vibration that i was occurring at high throttle. You need to take two pieces of hot glue and put here, unfortunately, so every time you hit something really hard, it’s gon na break that hot glue off and then you’re gon na have to grab your trusty hot glue gun and do it all over again. So i think that this could be a little better now, a second option, probably a little better than the the uh hot glue option, would be for you guys to take a little snip of vhb and maybe just stick it behind the camera. Maybe a couple pieces of it to hold it here and and actually stabilize this camera more because just that little bit of play in there in the frame made this quad kind of jitter at uh at high speeds. So one thing to think about there, but uh. The flight controller in here it’s the fr sky spi our built in rx. Here we have a bind button on the very bottom usb port there and the motors are soldered to the board. There’S no plug and play motors on this one is the crazy bf4 flight controller.

But what’s interesting is that we’re running 25 milliwatt in here so it’s it’s, a btx that’s built into the quad, which is cool, and you have this long antenna for your receiver coming out. The back here singular antenna. So it has a a better range than other spi built in receivers out there. So that is the good news. You can fly this one blocks and blocks down the street on 25 milliwatt and do just fine, so that’s cool. We also have five amp four in one esc’s built into this. We have a replaceable camera fairly easy. So if you, if somehow blew out this camera, you could just unplug it buy a new one and plug a new one in so it also has smart audio on here, and i mentioned that it is 25 milliwatt, but i was i was able to actually crank This up to 200 and the btx is a 200 milliwatt vtx. You will get a little shorter flight time, i believe, but most of the time when i’m flying these quads they’re fairly close in and i feel like, i don’t – need to go up to 200 unless the antenna is really bad. But i felt like the reception to my goggles was pretty good and i’m still flying the sky zone 03. 0S. Here most of the time and as far as battery and flight time goes, it comes with a couple of these happy model: 300 milliamp hv batteries.

In the box – and these did really well i’m getting three minutes off these that’s that’s pretty good, and if you want to run a 450 on there, i suggest the all line 450s and what you can do is just put it between the battery mount this direction And then what you do is you just throw a zip tie through here, just a little zip tie and you can slide your batteries in and out. The 450s will fly on here for a longer flight for your freestyle flight. I recommend the one s 300. That comes with it, but these are way better than some of my eachine batteries. I think these are holding up really well and they’re, not swelling so i’ve had some of happy models, batteries in them in the past and they they do pretty decent and also guys. I i thought this was the caddos ant at first, when i looked at it first, but i looked on the back and there was no cover on it. So this is the run cam. Nano 3 has been redesigned and shrunk down for whoops, and i think the camera quality actually looks really good um. I would also suggest like making the osd font a little bit. Bigger just makes it a little easier to read and keep your eye on your battery level when you’re flying – and i mean i fly my 1s batteries down to about like 3.3 and then i recharge them.

Sometimes i just really kind of push them a little bit, but you can do that with these 1s batteries. Depending on what brand of battery it is some of the eachine batteries. You want to be very careful and and fly those down to 3.8, but i’ve been really pushing these happy model batteries and they’ve they’ve done quite well, so you know probably going to fly down to 3.3 for a three minute flight that’s kind of pushing it um. I don’t really suggest doing it, but that’s what i do sometimes to get my max flight times now. Also in the box. You guys do get this little charger right here. It has the ph 2.0 connector here and the original one here for 1s and they started making them a little bit bigger because they have a better power um. They make the motors just run a little bit better and it’s, not as much of a bottleneck for the amp draw, which is kind of cool. So most of the time you don’t see this particular connector anymore. Now we also have some. I believe they were 13. 19, gem fan props and we got an extra pack in the bag as well with some hardware, along with that little charger, and you get a proper mover tool which i tend not to use these too much. You have a couple little tiny screws in here for your frame and holding the flight controller down, and you get a little mini screwdriver and the thing about this frame is when you plug in your cable for betaflight.

Be careful when you push your your cable in, because mine popped right out of the top. There is no top on this and that’s one of the things that makes this one sort of a special design. It kind of brings me back to when i was designing and building these myself from scratch when we were doing brushed motors – and i love this under slung sort of between the props upfront camera design. Traditionally, with a lot of loops, you have this high top camera like this, so you got this little canopy up here and that just adds extra weight so to shave off a lot of weight off this design. This is actually pretty cool and i feel like they. They could do without this whole tpu thing right here. If they just mounted it up front, somehow maybe a little simpler. Maybe you know snip snip this off and then just run some vhb in there or something um. That might even be better, but i i feel like this is kind of a neat, unique design and i kind of see what they were going for here, but um it’s, not really my favorite design in the world as far as function goes now, just in comparison Guys, like look at the size difference here and one of my friends at the field was like wow. The 7 is so much bigger, looking and yeah it is, and if you’re looking for more of an outdoor one outdoor lightweight, ultralight freestyle, this rig is incredible.

So we’re going to do a full review on this one coming up, but stay tuned for that and the batteries are much bigger: they’re 650 milliamp, 1s, 650 um and generally i found the 450 so i’m happy that they included some pretty big batteries with that. But it does have some pretty good sized motors on here. Some really awesome, props and we’ll get more into the seven later, but guys i’m gon na recommend that you pick up the eachine six and one charger too. This one sitting back here, that’s doing all my 1s charging. There are two versions of that: one that one’s my original one without the new et 2.0 connector on there from eachine, but they make both versions. This one has ph 2.0 connector, which this quad has, and i like that, because these batteries are more readily available. You’Re not worried about you know a converter like you have to do with the beta fpv batteries, so this is the converter that goes to this bt 2.0 connector. So this is nice that it is easy to get batteries for this one so i’m, just going to put this one on the scale for you real, quick and let me zero that out and this baby is extremely light. Lighter than any of my custom builds like four or five years ago, 17.3 grams, that’s, good that’s, really really good. Now, with a battery that’s going to get us up to 24.

7 total takeoff weight, that’s amazing that’s really really really awesome. So i think, for a little bit of hot glue, um, you know you’ll be off and flying it’s, just one of the things that when i first saw this, i thought wow that’s, really cool and then, when i flew it, it was like. Oh wow. This kind of needs some adjusting at first. I thought it was the tune, but no, it was the vibes in the camera. From this wild mount so looks cool but needs a little bit of work so um. It is what it is it’s under 100 bucks and um it’s, one of the lightest like indoor outdoor whoops out there, and it flies incredible outdoors. I love it, you can power loop, this baby and do all kinds of freestyle with it, and this one should be a pretty good seller for the price. I think, but you can check out both versions down below um, the six and the seven, and hopefully you enjoyed the flight video as well and some honest opinion on these guys so mod light, six, pretty cool, good price and fun to play around with, but seven Coming up on the channel so guys stay tuned and please subscribe.