Ive got everything laid out here and im going to start going into the specifics right now, all right, so starting with the minifigures. Here we have the new spider man from the new movie um. This is exclusive to the set all the print and everything. I think this is very cool. The colors complement the uh complement the build right here, its the gold drone, but um. I really like the way the suit looks. They definitely have a detail all around. They have arm printing, torso, printing and leg printing as well and uh lets move on to vulture all right so right here we have the vulture minifigure. This is with all the accessories. It came for vulture um. This is sculpted after the homecoming build from the movie. I think its very cool ive never seen this piece before for the shield, nor the uh like the breath piece right here. I think this is really cool. This is also exclusive to this set, so it looks just like it does. From the movie. Youve got torso printing right. There got some back printing but its covered up by this translucent piece. Overall, very cool minifigure and lets go look at the accessories, all right so for the accessories here we have this standard uh web shooter piece were starting to see a lot more of these in the new lego sets, i think, theyre really cool gives you a variety Weve got like the web handcuffs right here and then youve also got the got the basic web blaster pieces oops.

I forgot to include one theres two of those on top of the accessories. We actually have a bunch of extra parts here that came with this set, including the nice respirator piece which i really enjoy. Ive also got like an extra gem and some other web shooter pieces and stuff like that. All right so were going to start with the smaller build compared to the two that came in the set. This was 198 pieces for this set, so it was about 200 id say a quarter of them went towards this vulture thing right here, but this is vultures. Like wings that he uses in the movie, it looks very movie movie accurate um. There is almost about 20 stickers that came in this set, which is a lot compared to another, which is a lot compared to like other lego. Sets that roughly come with, like maybe even 10 at max, but you can see where they all went used to here um. I thought this was really cool. I like the turbines that they use here, looks just like it does in the movie. From the back side. You can see its a little like bricky and not really like um not really covered up, but um youve got this sticker right here. This ones, pretty cool its for the back piece. Well go ahead and show you what vulture looks like with this thing on alright. So this is vulture with it on um.

You can see that he can barely stand even with the turbines in there. I actually put this on the lowest piece. It can go on the jet pack, but even with it standing, you know its not too far off the ground like if youre, if youre, younger and youre playing with you can kind of see like you know its its not bad at all, but i think its Really cool you can actually pose these in and out um to move the term turbine around its on a ball all in socket. Sorry about that. My camera kind of died on me, but what i was saying is you can actually oppose these turbine right here. That is on a ball and socket joint, so really cool. Overall, it complements the minifigure and it looks very movie accurate, which a lot of people are liking about this set, so very cool lets move on to the drone all right. So this is the spider drone. Im not sure what they were going for with this set. I think its more just like a fun build rather than like a movie based thing here, but you can see here when you open this up. Youve got a cockpit most likely to put spiderman in considering this is like a spider drone and its like his colors, so put them in there. You can load them up like that. Really, like the sticker usage here, you can kind of see like everything, complements everything very well and if you turn it around here, i thought this was the coolest part.

I didnt even know this, like i dont think they advertised it on the box. So if you lift the abdomen of the spider drone up, go ahead and open that lever out comes a little spider drone for spider man to use. I think this was a really cool touch. Um, i didnt even know it came with this im. Pretty sure this is an exclusive piece for this set thats another little fun feature for that drone. But overall, i think this drone was really fun to build um the way it was constructed. There was a lot like different angles and everything so um very cool. You know the little propeller things spin, um, looking at it from the side and everything everything really looks, looks really well put together and not blocky or anything like its nice and smooth. So very cool plus. I forgot to show it back here, but youve also got a little web piece um. This is used for spider man on the box, art that hes attacking vulture with and hes holding on to it, so pretty cool all right, so, overall being a fan of spider man, i really enjoy this set. I think its a fun build and its kind of fun for everybody. I, like all the pieces it included. I, like all the exclusives i like both the minifigures compared to the other homecoming sets. I think marvel did a really good job on this. One really like that they finally made really good vulture wings here with a lot of opposable parts to them.

Yeah i really like this set. I genuinely think all this is going to be in the movie, because this just seems too random of a build plus everythings kind of, like everything makes sense to me, but thats, probably because i watched too many youtube theories about marvel so yeah, but for a lego Set id give this a solid 8 out of 10.. I really like building this set. I think i paid 20 for this set, which is very reasonable, um, considering its 200 pieces, but overall id give it an eight. Thank you all for watching. I really appreciate it.