I think ive been about three hours. I think ive been so excited. I havent been able to fall asleep heading to dubai in the morning. Never been, there always wanted to go heard. Amazing things about the food, so anyway, cant wait and cant sleep lets. Do a little japanese, snack tasting the sponsor of this video tokyo treats and sakura cup. Like i mentioned before, getting these boxes every single month highlight of my month lets start with the sakura coat box and every single month the theme of the box changes, and this months is sakura festival and every single month you open the box. Theres gon na be a booklet detailing every single snack thats inside the box, the snack makers themselves, as well as a cultural guide. So you learn more about and snack. This month includes sakura daifuku, rice, crackers, sakura green tea. Also amazing sakura canton jelly candy with rice wrapper. It tastes like im, walking on the sakura tree and with sakura color every single month. You also get a japanese tableware item and this month its a side played sakura side plate onto that tokyo treat box again a guide detailing all the snacks inside cultural tidbits about japan. Interesting stories, facts peach kitkat. I tried this already and ill say this again best kitkats ive ever had in my life period, ramen looks good and the ramen is shrimp. Tempura soba noodles, oh, this is so good. It actually tastes like shrimp tempura in here yogurt and peach soda.

This is so yummy as well: okonomiyaki crackers, sakura, matcha, candy cherry pocky, sakura donut, so the difference between the two boxes that sakura co focuses on authentic, traditional, japanese snacks in every single box, youre gon na get 20 snacks, including japanese teas, and one special japanese tableware Item sakura co partners were local, japanese, snack makers to continue to share japanese culture and traditions that have been passed down for over a hundred years. The tokyo treat box more fun is more pop culture in every single box, youre going to get up to 20 of the latest, most exclusive limited edition, seasonal, flavored, japanese stacks that are only available in japan for a limited time. They curate the snacks directly from japan and they ship all over the world, and i love their mission to share japanese culture through the medium of snacking thats. The best way to do it. So if you are interested in ordering this trust me guys, you will not be disappointed. Go to my link down below use. My promo called mikey for five dollars off your first sakura coat box or your first tokyo treat box and make sure to order by march 31st to get this months box all right, im, gon na snack, some more and maybe try to go to sleep for a Little bit and then well go to dubai. Just landed an old hair. Look at this lego vending machine. This is so cool, so we got a seven hour.

Layover im such an idiot, i dont even know we had a seven hour layover until this morning. So seven hour, layover in chicago, i also eat some stuff and first up chicago ramen. Look at the size of this chashu use this for a mask, and this is the dipping broth. Tons of meat sprouts mushroom in here, onions, shishito, pepper, is excellent. By the way with the bonito flakes is a delicious bowl of sucrman. Noodles are good, extremely al dente. The chili paste they put on this will bite you. The dipping broth is thick, it clings well to the noodles. I love it when they offer garlic. I love garlic mix that in there noodle texture is so good im going to get the cha choo in here too, i got a lot of fat on that joshua, and that makes it good. Also. I got a mapadom. This is their version of get some maple tofu chili scallions white tofu on top of rice flavors, pretty good. Also, i got a mazman egg on top some cha chewing here, a little crunchy, onions, scallions mushrooms, all over curly noodles lets dunk the chili oil. In here i personally would have preferred a raw egg yolk on all that to make it creamier, but the noodle texture is good. The flavor is good, not bad. I do think sukamen is excellent. Also extra nori mix that in i really think this place. I really do and then of course have them fill it up with soup, delicious, very garlicky finish all right, cant come to chicago without getting a burger lets go after this all right meal number two: this is the place i really want to try for their burgers Called the little bad wolf burgers and their mussels, oh thats delicious.

You can also dunk the bread. Oh, this is so good, its green curry, coconut and thats. What the mussels are cooked the mussels are nice and mom. You get some with that. Nice, curry, juice, the curry is fragrant a little sweet, a little fruity too. Oh, i think they have asian pear in here, thats a good choice, asian pear, much better than regular, pear, not being bias or anything really is better wow. This is a delicious, delicious pot of mussels. Is the burger tons of fries fried egg fried onions? Three beef patties in the seasoning chilies and greens basket full of fries some mayo and look at this burger. You cant really see its like covered up by the amount of fried onions on top, but i can see the grease overflowing and, oh, my goodness, perfectly fried egg patties, look extremely seasoned and juicy just a tiny little bit of squeeze and that juice is flowing from The burger freely like a river, also look at the size of this mac and cheese. This is a dinner size, mac and cheese. Oh my goodness, toasted on the top gooey cheesy macaroni on the bottom. Oh, my goodness, first of all by the this burger ive been looking forward to ever since i first admired its photo. This is truly not just a monster in stature, but monster and taste as well. This is a delicious, delicious burger, the patties eviscerate. When you chomp down on him, you get a little subtle crunch from the onions and the skirt of the fried egg.

All seasoned marvelously, its gooey, its cheesy, the patios themselves, are very peppery, and the depth of the burger is enhanced by the acid brought by the pickle and, of course, the crispy bacon on top theres, a crazy good, burger wow. Oh also, i saw something passed by me had to get it look at this plate of fried chicken mashed potatoes. Look at this drumstick looks like a 90 degree angle. Mashed potato looks tremendous as well. Oh juiciest piece of fried chicken ive been into in a long long time. This thing is so tender and juicy dip it a little bit in a gravy, some mashed potato on it chase it. With some of the mac and cheese. I mean that fried chicken is good, but wow. This is some amazing mac and cheese. First of all, the texture thats just divine gooey cheese, little bits of meat in here as well. Some crunch from the scallions i havent been inside a polaris lounge for years now, the last one i was at in san francisco. I remember you can go into a dining room and order whatever you want off the menu same case here in chicago heres, the menu its basically a buffet. Oh, there actually is an actual buffet out there too: fresh juice, theres, entrees, avocado, toast omelette, cheese, plate, pancakes, pasta, rainbow trout, beef short, rib, burger and then dessert warm chocolate chip, skillet cookie gooey butter, cake, salted, caramel poudino. Now i kinda regret eating all the other stuff kind of still still hungry, rainbow trout over some wild rice and carrots, a tiny bit over salted, but this is delicious thats.

The thing with this lounge, you literally feel like the food is coming from a restaurant. The sauce is a little citrusy, the fish is perfectly tender. The rice, perfect contrast with a bit of chewiness or capers, are nice. The wings are nice, the carrots are nice. This is absolutely delicious. Best thing have as much as you want thats a giant potato wedge by the way, what a giant delicious potato. This is a medium. Well, dumb burger you take it, they ask you how you like a burger. I wanted a medium well, and this is perfect. Little tomato the lettuce: this is such a good burger. I think every single time ive been in this lounge ive had this burger and every single time. I take that first bite blows my mind. This is better than most restaurant burgers. First of all, you 100 taste that awesome beef flavor its juicy all the ingredients are fresh. The patty on the outside also has such a great char. Oh yeah, for all you can eat for being at airport, not gon na get better than that. That is pretty darn good and also they have non alcoholic mocktails. That was a chin alternative and this is a everyday mule. I love this tastes like ginger, soda entree is already so good, which i see dessert dessert number one skillet, cookie, vanilla, ice cream and chocolate chip cooking. That is so good. I always have this little scallop next, one salted caramel burgino.

This one is really sweet. Like really sweet its good but really really sweet third dessert gooey butter cake. Oh my gosh, i mean the top layer is definitely gooey. The bottom layer is not its really really hard. Yeah its gon na eat the top favorite. Definitely the chocolate chip cookie ice cream. Skillet but overall, to be able to get like a freshly cooked restaurant quality meal in the airport, lounge of all the lounges ive been to this is the only one. Uh time is tight, so i have to go back out of security and go to a different terminal and check into the flight see in a bit so today flying swiss airlines business class to dubai with a stop in zurich. Let me show you around a medium sized screen a little drawer compartment that opens up to store your stuff, a good amount of leg room, a little light headphones plug lamp water, a little hanger, so you can put it here and hang your jacket. At the same time, block half your tv pillow blanket. I got ta say as soon as i sat down its definitely a very firm seat check out whats in here, okay, its, like a pencil box, i mask toothpaste to brush earplugs and socks very busy travel kit. This is interesting, elderflower juice, thats, delicious menu is here so first course is uh vasa, ola and spec. Bresso. Ola, i think, is a is a cured. Meat main course is uh, either over roasted beef with mustard sauce or pan fried cinnamon with panzer sauce, and this is a eight hour flight.

They served two meals and then breakfast you just filled this out, so we landed, but not in zurich. This is chicago. We landed back in chicago because, after flying for about an hour, we got an announcement and says the flaps are not working but were too heavy to land. So we had to dump out fuel somewhere over the atlantic which took about 40 minutes to an hour and now were back in chicago, and i have no idea whats gon na happen. Next never happened before so stay tuned. All right so were off the plane. Uh. This flight is not making it tonight and they told us it probably will be fine tomorrow night they did give us a hotel, but this probably will be okay tomorrow, uh its not instilling much confidence connects to the pool before its kind of cool. So they put us up in a hotel, told us just to wait for email and they have no idea when the flight might be, but they think its tomorrow anyway. I guess ill see you guys tomorrow good morning, so uh talk to the airline. They have no clue. Whats happening were gon na have to go to the airport in a little bit when the counter opens and see what the fly set is today. But before that, i thought id get a piece of cake. Its just a piece of cake took a snake dive to kill it, but this this is the giant turtle ice cream cake breakfast now thats good.

So today is two days after um when the flight was diverted back to chicago. So when they said we will probably get on a flight the next day and then later that changed too, we would 100 get on a flight. The next day that didnt happen so yesterday went to the airport, talked to a supervisor and finally got on a flight which is today tonight. So this trip is almost exactly two full days delayed, so the flight is gon na be tonight at 7 30 p.m. But we were able to get a non stop flight on emirates, so this flight is going to go directly to dubai. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong with this one yesterday to spend the whole day at the airport, trying to figure out the situation out, but yeah, hopefully tonight ready to go. Lunch is at new soap, its one of the few places in chicago that still offers wood charcoal for barbecue. This place is known for marinated galbi. I think the thing that sets this apart. A lot of korean restaurants are mentioned. The marinade agave is not overly sweet. Its perfect, like this tada sweetness its such a balanced, delicious marinade that with the smoke, oh, usually, i dont like it marinated. I love the marinated garlic here, amazing garlic, if youre around chicago check this place out all right so because of all the crazy chaotic travel um. The airline changed so im actually flying to dubai on uh emirates, because its going to get by a few hours earlier than the swiss flywood and the amorous business class is definitely an upgrade over swiss business class.

So let me show you around a control panel. That comes out another remote control here that pops out light little mood lighting here too, and these buttons control the median you can make it go up or down give yourself a little more privacy outlets here, two usb plugs table here. Oh, that table motion is smooth a little table here for beverages and check this out a tiny little fridge here with sparkling water, seven up pepsi ton of leg room and a giant giant tv screen with over 1500 movies. This is a luxurious luxurious menu. I mean oven roasted prawns as a snack. I, like the sound of that its got a travel pack. You got a different travel pack right. Whatd you get deodorant hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, perfume! Is that a good brand cool lip balm well lets see what i got. First of all, this pouch is really really cool inside there is comb, deodorant lotion, shaving foam, razor to brush toothpaste, aftershave cologne and lip balm. I just really like this bag im gon na bring this everywhere with me. Towels perfume cologne toothbrush, toothpaste, hand, cream toilet. Is nice and you get a fresh rose mango with club soda mojito, oh thats, delicious minty and refreshing dinner is served first, pours crabtime, timbale, napkin holder, so fancy oil vinegar – and this is king crab sitting on top of avocado with virgin bloody mary gel on the Bottom one bite and you know, youre getting something: special bloody mary shell on the bottom come on amorous.

You have me at king crab. This is just extravagantly luxurious and delicious. Pink crab is sweet and tender, and the softness of this dish is amplified by that creamy avocado. Then you get that slightly sweet citrus from the bloody mary jar. Oh no, not just perfect texture, flavor everything, perfect lamb, rack with roseberry ju, some ratatouille and mint chutney. Oh, my goodness, a lot of sauce giant pieces of lamb, lemon spray, dried rats, 2, is pretty good. Sauce is good, a little citrusy, very tomato, not bad, not great its able to secure a section dinner. So this is a prom mock boot. Its one of peoples, favorite dishes here on emirates – is prawns cooked with a blend of spices served over a fragrant rice. Prawns are tender. You can taste so much different spices in the rice, nice crunch from the pine nuts sauces, tomatoey and fragrant so far, so good for dinner, dessert its got a little cheese plate and that is delicious. There isnt a crab, appetizer best thing tonight: hands down! This is really really your chocolate, a little tea, a little ghostbuster afterlife and then get some sleep then well see how those prawns are good morning about four hours to the destination. Um im trying out the anytime light snacks. So this is the prawn with polenta and some spinach and chives. This looks very, very good. Oh, this is a delicious, easy, polenta, wow, creamy and cheesy nice fragrance from the prawns spinach on the bottom.

Prawn is delicious. The star is a hundred percent. This polenta also added a crab appetizer a half of dinner. This is the best endless flight. The quiche is a little dry. I really like to caramelize onions on top flavor is fantastic. I, like the nice crunch flavor from the mushrooms. These are better than two entrees from this flight yeah. If youre ever flying on emirates do not miss out on the like bites. Sometimes it could be better than your meal. Dessert is pecan pie, oh thats yummy. This is what i felt um when i was flying. Itty hop that they locked like between meals, if you had like nuts and cold sandwiches here, prom polenta, quiche, pecan pie. Another reason the airline sets itself apart. Awesome an hour later have breakfast its evening in dubai, but im serving breakfast here, because its breakfast back in the states, so breakfast is sausage. Tomatoes, mushrooms, scrambled eggs and potatoes scrambled eggs does look really really really fluffy scrambled eggs. Pretty good. I mean its a little salty, the chives are a nice touch and its really really fluffy. The mushroom is good potatoes. All right, i mean a bunch of typical breakfast items, but that is really really good. Oh, this is not that great, not very flaky, but i made the mistake of asking for two of these so im just gon na dip. These in my eggs anyway got ta finish eating um on an hour and a half till we land and im really groggy right now, because back was about 6 am anyway get up and um see him.

Dubai dubai airport is so freaking pretty looks like a giant mansion just arrived in dubai, and, oh, my goodness, it is hot. Now i got ta figure out how to get to the hotel wow. This is nice bathroom living room, closets, im, looking for slippers, tv couch lets check out the view bedroom walk in closet. Oh there you go slippers, bathtub is nice: oh free stuff, shaving, kids, toothbrushes, pooper, pooper, washer telephone case. You get in trouble volume control. So you can poop in absolute peace privacy if you need it shower. This is pretty darn nice gon na be at this hotel for about five nights again first time in dubai, so we got a lot of places to see a lot of places to eat. At of course, those trips some hiccups, but were here sorry matters as always.