So it has streams video to your mobile device. Altitude hold six ass access, gyro on board camera hd on board, hd video and a 400 foot range. I already did the unboxing, as you can tell all right. So this is the drone and what it looks like looks very nice looks almost like a mavic mini im, going to turn on the lights there, so you can see the lights so as its facing away from you, its red and its facing toward you, its white And this one, by the way, when its ascending or its coming down, itll flash just like that as its going up or down im, going to turn this off now the way you unfold. This is go to the front wheres the little handles first and then the other ones go back, and this one goes back there you go and, as you can see, this is about the size of it. Its a pretty cool, looking drone its kind of windy today. So thats, why im flying it out here in the field where it wont get lost and if you dont mind guys, please uh subscribe to my channel um im trying to get as many subscribers. I only got about 300 trying to get to that 1000 mark. You know hit me up if you dont mind and if you like, um, like a traveling channel, i have a texas trevi channel as well. Its called texas trevi travels uh on youtube, as well so im trying to grow that channel.

I only got four subscribers so help me out on that one if you can too, if not this, just please subscribe to this one thats cool, um and also, let me show you this real quick. Let me put this down. This is the um, the remote for it, and it does hook up to your it syncs up to your phone and ill show some footage from that in the video. This is neat because if you dont want this deal, you can take it off or you can just put it back on. You know. If you do want it, i think its the top first and then the bottom. It hooks up better something like that. Now one of the things about this drone that that i did like is that it does have a one touch see right here, has a one touch: button and itll take off and itll hold its altitude and then itll come back down now strong winds like this. I suggest see the speed button here: go to the highest speed possible because youre able to control it a lot faster if you keep it on a lower speed, itll just drift off and away and the only way to get it back is really to just land. It wherever it is and go to it, this doesnt have gps, so they call this a beginner drone, but i dont agree with that. I think its more of a an expert drone because i mean you know really.

What you have to do is when you hit that speed and its its you turn it towards you and for some reason, itll itll come back towards you, a lot quicker, but if not itll just keep drifting away and for beginners theyre not going to know man. I got to turn that toward me and come and its its hard to make it come towards you in reverse, because this does not have what you know. I forget what its called but um its like, no matter what face its its facing or what direction the drone is facing. Uh itll come back to you. This doesnt have that i wish it did so some of these buttons. You know they do different things. Theyll tell you the instructions but uh. Basically, you know, of course, for the trim, left and right trim up and down or forward and backward that is and uh thats it now it does have a stunt button. So if you hit that stunt button – and then you hit this itll flip one way or the other depending on which way you flip it, its a great drone, um youre, going to see it in action here in a second, and i hope you enjoy it. Alright, thanks dont forget to subscribe thanks and again with that one touch i just hit the one touch and it landed on its own and then it stopped so very inexpensive drone. But overall i like it, doesnt have some of the features that i would like like the gps, and you know the i forget what its called again, but it can be facing either way and it comes back to you ill put a description ill.

Remember once i get home and there i am recording and you can see how its stable i just trimmed it to stay ill, bring it down a little and it just stays there. The trim works well even in wind, great drone for 70 bucks turn it toward me. Come to me, you see again i get in trouble there. I almost hit that tree. Sorry, i turned it away. I went forward im gon na turn. It toward me. Hopefully, itll come to me here: it comes where is it there? It is, as you can see, the um footage is kind of choppy. It doesnt have a gimbal. So when you go forward or backward thats, why the camera points down down or up this doesnt have cinematic mode. It just has uh two speeds slow and fast, but you can see its very choppy. The colors are very vivid, though im gon na ascend a little bit here. I didnt want to go too high because of faa, so i barely went taller than the trees they dont want to get in trouble with anybody and im going to rotate it in a minute into the wind right now its against the wind im going to rotate It away from the wind i mean, so it did pretty good and again guys. Please like and subscribe appreciate all the support.