I really love this hop up raw. Then i hope you give it a try. This is after many many tastings. We came up with the chongqing heat and the rich tomato, so one for spice heads and one for non spices. This will burn you in such a good way, like i said so. Much effort went into making this taste absolutely amazing. So if youve never had hot about before um add 100 milliliters of water, add this broth put together your favorite vegetables and meat. I got spam right there, so if you want something rich in tomato, where you want to bring the heat, so christines never tried this before. I just wanted to be 100 honest if it sucks. Let people know, but you never tried this before. You just tried the tomato. How was that it was so good. Okay, try this oh wow thats. My favorite is that one of the best bras you ever had in any hot pot place yeah. I feel the burn its a good burn, though right you like that. Not going to come up with a product that doesnt taste, absolutely fantastic, its 15 off right now so go to the link down below get your hot pot broth, hey guys its mike gem here in dallas texas, and this is an exciting day. I just pulled up to the second of what our new line of 711 stores this one just opened up here in dallas, texas and its part of the 7 eleven evolution line so apparently, 7011 is making a line of 711s that have more fresh food, better quality Food, so i think theyre even doing drive throughs they got fresh croissants cookies, a wine cellar.

Basically, all the new 7 11 products and food items are going to be at these stores. Now i know: everyones been clamoring about 7 eleven making the stores in the u.s. Just as good as their stores in asia im not that hopeful but lets see what they came up with. So these are the new evolution stores and they partnered um with laredo taco company. So apparently you can get amazing tacos here now too, but from the outside. Okay, freshly ground coffee, latte, espressos, the usual slurpees and hot dogs. Here we go your taco, your call customized tacos, the wine stuff i was talking about here. It is so theres the laredo taco over there good. How are you oh wow, look at this, so this is really cool. This is like fresh tea, fresh coffee right here. Well, that looks really cool fresh squeezed lemonade, tea, sweet tea on sweet tea, peach, watermelon basil, honey. The layout is similar to the typical 7 elevens. Wait when did this open in november? This is the second one right. No, this is the third theres, the third one yeah we have another one wait which ones the newest one, the newest one is on park and ava. Is that one bigger, or was this one? Its all the same size im the baby of the bunch – okay, oh theyre, larger. I was just talking to natasha the general manager at this 7. Eleven super super nice super helpful.

He told me this is actually the third story theres a new one that just opened up about five minutes away, so im gon na hit to that one, because that one apparently is much bigger. Wow. Look at this. This thing has a gas station too. Okay, this one is definitely much much bigger. Oh wow, the taco loretto taco is basically a whole restaurant here, frescas freshly made margaritas hand rolled tortillas whoa. I cant believe im in a 7 11.. This is so organized and clean do wow. This is like a whole new concept like delivery, they got delivery now. So this looks the same just brighter and more organized the drinks. Whats really different about these stores right away is the wine cellars i didnt know people came to 7 11 for wise. I had no idea if youre looking for a 70 bottle of wine go to your 7. Eleven, the snacks seems to be about the same um, as is the coffee section. Did they always have fresh pastries? This is made daily here so baked, insta baking, theyre baking cookies in stores apple turnovers, theres donuts, and it actually looks really good um. In addition to that, this is made fresh to go so tamales. You got some empanadas and corn dogs 100, trying the 711 pizza egg sandwich. You know i ive seen that before other 711s, but never tempted to buy it until today. Same goes for this ive seen these spinning hot dogs and spinning taquitos and the string section is so cool.

They got the big gulp with like a billion different flavors. Oh, they got horchata too a flavored water machine. So this can go. Oh, look at all these flavors strawberry rose water, butter and wine, and you can get these still war sparkling. This is awesome, smoothie organic smoothie. If you want one and this machine, i saw at the 7 eleven of hawaii slurpees thats what 7 eleven is known for. They got the new nitro flavor. All right lets. Go food shopping, 711, select pickle bites. I am getting a 7 11 pepperoni pizza. I make fun of these a lot but lets try some. You get the buns from down here. Christines a pro at this because you used to order this stuff all the time. Maybe you used to come here and get this stuff all the time. Big, salad, tuna, salad, reeses, peanut butter cup donut lets grab a box of red velvet cookies yeah. 7. 11. Pork rinds, though, here laredo taco, everything is freshly cooked and they make their tortilla fresh here as well. This is so cool fresh tea lets see honey, green tea lets, see, strawberry rose sparkling im, getting the same excited feeling, as i would in a 7 eleven in asia right now, hes been scanning for a while look at all these items, 30 dollars. So far, oh a 711 pizza box ive got to say if this food tastes good and it looks like it will. Oh, this is the enchilada.

I think its mixed with rice, all right, honestly, its smelling good. I i got ta tune down my enthusiasm and my excitement because im really really excited about this. This is the beef enchilada with rice and beans kind of fell apart in the car. This is delicious im sure they had hot sauce and im. Like really sad, i didnt get any a little hot sauce on this or salsa. Actually, what are chips and sausage? They didnt give it to me, but this is good, refresh the sweet corn, so cheesy and saucy wow. I cant believe this came from a 711. Oh theres, a piece of bacon here for some reason. Honestly, you cant stop eating this yeah cant believe i got it from 7. Eleven, the meat, the flavor, the texture, even the beans, not simply a big fan of beans, so flavorful and creamy, but this enchilada, just knocks it out of the park, put a lot of meat. A lot of ingredients in this again hot sauce would have been perfect. Im about to eat it with some of this pickled bites back hot and spicy 7 11 pickles pretty good too. Oh, that goes perfect with this enchilada. This is definitely bowls well for things to come. Dont want to get ahead of myself, but ive got a good feeling about rest of this stuff christine. What do you think about the enchilada thats good? Oh, this right is delicious too wow. Wait what you you want to put the pork rind on top of the enchilada, really i didnt think of that chicharrones.

On top of the enchilada. You are a food genius. I would not have thought of that. No thats perfect a little lime flavor nice crunch. This goes really well with the enchilada. No, you are way smarter than me. Oh, this is lets. Try this right, huh, it tastes better than melon its so good, thats. So good. I am hyped up right now for 711, us whoever would have thought those words come out of my mouth, so i got some carnitas and tacos lets. Try the carnitas out. Carnitas are definitely dry, but on the positive side, tortilla is amazing. Also, the flavor of the meat is good great blast like cumin flavor, the juicer is too dry. This has so much potential still gon na eat. It though, but maybe like. If i ate it right away, it would have been a lot better were right now about 20 25 minutes um, since all this stuff was cooked because i didnt want to eat it there. I brought everything home sometime has elapsed since these things were made okay. This is the taco and taco. I got one of each. This is the brisket taco same with the carnitas rose rock. This is the barbacoa, so this is the shredded beef, so these tacos theyre, not the cheapest tacos theyre about 330 at taco theyre big sized tacos, though this is really tender. My only problem with this is, i dont know where the beans end and the meat begins.

I think this is really good fatty beef with a little crunchy bits of onions inside try. This am i crazy. I think this is pretty good like at first, i couldnt tell whether the beef was mixing in with the beans too much, but the flavor seems really nice after, like after a couple bites so its its just that tender. I think that was some hot sauce. It would have been amazing, finally, the shrimp taco by the way like the tortilla delicious. This is the best taco over there. If you go with any seven lemons, shrimp, taco is the best hands down. This is delicious. Wow like i would actually go and and go to the semi like on on days, i crave shrimp tacos. I would actually go to the same lemon get this from taco and also when we were over there um, maybe about 70 of people eating at that taco place were mexican and they were telling me theyre like this is really really good stuff all right. I think this is going to disappoint. I dont know why i thought like like a corn dog would be good. You know just sitting there. I dont know i havent been to a fair in a long time, so this stuff just looks so enticing to me its not bad. Its still slightly crunchy on the outside. This is really not a bad corn dog i mean it could be hotter. It could be fresher, im really liking this stuff right now, im just quickly taking bites of all the stuff thats hot and ive got a bunch of taquitos.

I think the last time i had some like this must been when i was a kid like, maybe like right before i got sent back to china me and my friends used to go to 7 eleven eat stuff like this cheese one. This is a good semi lemonade, grill a little stay on the outside insides, not bad. This is pretty good. That was pretty good. This thing is just loaded with beef, its spicy, its flavorful, the meat is tender and the crush is flaky. Was this a dollar? It was a dollar fifty kind of half in disbelief that this is actually tasting really really good. To me, i mean as much as im ive been knocking 7 11 stuff. Some of this is really not bad. You like that corn dog thats thats pretty good right. How shocked are you that corn dog is good its still crispy? Did you think i was stupid for getting that corn dog right? You thought that right i looked at it. I was like. Why did i get a corn dog? How could this possibly be good? It was good, i said, free cheese. Oh, we got free cheese. No, i want free cheese. I definitely need some free cheese and ketchup, but its not about hot dog. What is this? This is a cheeseburger sausage. This is the thing i was like terrified of every time. I saw this rotating like what is this crusted thing? That kind of looks like the keepers finger.

You know this thing tastes like a cheeseburger. This is good yeah if you melt it in the microwave im. Gon na melt in the microwave yeah, the cheeseburger dog – put this thing in the bun. This is delicious. Its a dollar right – hmm, maybe 70 lemons – are just understood here right. That is really really good. I mean cant beat the price it needs like some pickles, some relish, but its really not bad its obviously not gon na taste like its counterpart in japan, but not too shabby. If you cut off the crust, you can kind of pretend i also got a tuna sandwich, because im obsessed with tuna sandwiches, i think its just the bread, the bread we use in the u.s for these sandwiches are just too crude and not delicate enough. The bread in japan is so amazingly delicate overall, not too bad, though theyre fresh donuts. So this is a reeses pieces donut. This is a really good donut. I feel like im in some twilight zone episode where everything from 7 eleven tastes really good. Lets talk about that right. If i told you thats from 711, would you would you believe me, you think it would taste like from a gourmet, donut shop drama, thats, a good cookie red velvet prep day, 7 19.. Oh, they put the time on here too. What this is so good, wow whos baking this stuff for 7, 11.. 7. 11.. Congratulations! Most of what i had today is delicious, go and get yourself some of these fresh cookies.

This is really really good. All right, the pizza is almost done. Lets try that thats. The last thing i want to try christine what was your favorite thing or something: the cheeseburger sausage, so youre sticking with the classic 7 eleven menu items here: big salad sandwich: oh youll, love that in japan, taco is really good. Enchiladas, really good. That was a that was a pro move. That was a leveled up supreme pro move. Are you excited for the pizza? What do you think i think its? I think i personally think its going to be a mess thats, my project, it felt a little thick to me. I know ive been saying this a lot today, thats surprisingly, not bad, christine youre, like a frozen pizza, expert hows. This, like a six out of 10., not bad its edible, actually from frozen pizza. I give that a 7 out of 10.. I mean for something thats just sitting in your freezer, that you can pull out and just cook in 20 minutes, not bad crust is toasty. The sauce is good, pepperoni is good. The cheese is definitely not this things strong soup. This cheese is its just really watery, not stretchy at all, but not a horrible pizza thats everything i got from 7 eleven, the new 7 eleven 7 eleven evolution. I like how the new 7 11 store name sounds like the next x man movie, 7 11 evolution, i feel like. I should have retractable claws or be able to shoot lasers out of the seven.

My favorite thing, i think, is the enchiladas. The spicy pickles are really good. Donuts amazing cookies are amazing. If you want to try anything, get the beef enchilada and get the shrimp taco and dont forget christines promo put the pork rinds on the beef enchilada and also that cheeseburger hot dog thing terrifyingly delicious. I think what 7 eleven is doing now, its pretty smart theres, so much good pr, good press from people like me and others about how great 7 eleven is around the world and now the stores at least these new stores. They look beautiful, theyre clean seriously. When i used to walk in the 7 eleven store, i would never buy one of those rotating sausages it doesnt look like it would be good for my future self, but now the stores are organized theyre, cleaned or lit. I would happily go to one of these stores now, even just to get a drink. The drinks are delicious theres about a million drink selections when you walk into one of these 7 elevens now or if you want a drink drink go get a bottle of wine. I think theres about four of these stores right now around the u.s, but honestly, if 7 eleven could change all of their stores to places like this thats a home run, thatd be great for 7. Eleven itd be great for us, oh and 7. Eleven, if youre looking for a consultant about what what tastes good in a 7 eleven ill, be your vp of things that taste good, slash bad, but what a fun time going to a 7 eleven store here in the u.

s and having some amazing food come out Of it, hopefully, you guys enjoyed this 7, 11 and texas review.