Now these seven items are things that you’ll actually use, sometimes with accessories. You have to be careful because they seem like a good idea, but then they tend to sit and collect dust. So let’s just jump right in and take a closer look now accessory number one that i am going to recommend is the fly more kit. Now, it kind of seems like a no brainer, but some people can get by with one battery. If you do happen to buy a drone kit that comes with one battery, something like a mavic, you can fly for 25, 30 minutes and you’re good to go. The dji fpv drone is quite different when you’re flying in sport, mode or manual mode, even though these batteries are rated for 20 minutes, you’ll be lucky to get seven to six minutes out of a flight, especially if you’re flying very aggressively and trust me. You may think you won’t be, but once you do have it in sport mode just that thrill of speed kicks in pretty quick. When you purchase the fly more kit, you get two extra batteries and you get the charging hub. The charging hub makes charging the batteries much more convenient now i’m gon na be bold and say i almost recommend you pick up two fly more kits and the reason being with three batteries: you’re gon na have them burned up in no time and you’re gon na Be left wanting more so definitely if you can afford a second fly more kit, i highly recommend it.

It is a drone that you’re going to want to fly quite often now. The second accessory that i recommend are the arm bracers. Now, unfortunately, they aren’t available on the dji website, they’ve sold out, but they hopefully will be back in stock soon. In theory, these arm bracers are supposed to make those arms a little more rigid and less prone to breaking on impact. I have had one crash with my drone with the arm bracers on and it was still intact. Some say that having these arm braces on could potentially break both arms instead of one in an impact, but my thoughts to that, if i do happen to damage the drone, i break an arm or two i’m just going to be using the dji care refresh. So at that point it doesn’t matter whether one arm breaks or all four are broken. You still have to pay the same fee so for me i like to have them on and that way perhaps for mild crashes. It will save me from breaking an arm now, if you are thinking of purchasing the dji fpv drone definitely pick up the motion controller. I was a little apprehensive at how well this would work or how enjoyable it would be, but once i had it in hand in using it, you can actually fly quite aggressively with this drone it’s easy to control and it’s a ton of fun. I do have a video coming up soon demonstrating this in action.

Now you don’t have as much precision as you do with the controller, so i would avoid going through tight spaces at a high rate of speed. So if you are on the fence about the motion, controller definitely pick one up. You will not be disappointed now. The next item here that i recommend for your dji fpv drone is some sort of case. This here is the gpc hard case. I actually have a review of it coming up soon, so keep an eye out for that on my channel, but definitely if you’re looking for a good, waterproof, hard case solution. The gpc case is your best bet. A good case like this will help keep your investment protected if you’re looking for something a little more affordable, perhaps not so heavy and bulky. I also featured a kind of mixture of a hard soft case on my channel a couple days ago. Maybe perhaps a week ago definitely go and check out that video it’s a really good case as well. Now the next item to consider is a good set of nd filters. These ones here are by freewell gear. Freewell gear makes good quality, nd filters and they’re affordable. Basically, these just press over top of the camera, and it allows you to get that nice motion blur in your shot with your mavic series drones, you can tend to get away without an nd filter because they don’t fly terribly fast, but when you’re flying at 60 Miles an hour with this drone there’s going to be a lot of motion on the screen.

You definitely want a little bit of motion blur in the high moving areas, otherwise it’s going to look really jittery and not too pleasant to watch now, of course, if you’re just out flying for fun, nd filters are not a necessity at all, but if you are Trying to capture some nice cinematic footage, definitely a good set of nd filters will help you along now. The next accessory that i’m going to show. You here pertains to the goggles inside the goggles. Here we do have some lenses and those can be easily scratched if you’re, not careful. Perhaps you have this in a backpack with some other stuff floating around. You want to be very careful not to scratch them. On top of that, from what i’ve been reading, sunlight can actually damage the screen inside and it doesn’t take much sunlight at all to damage them. So you can pick up. These lens covers fairly cheap on amazon. They do have some made specifically for the dji goggles. This one here is actually made for the oculus rift and, as you can see there, it fits in there just fine, so that serves two purposes. It keeps the lenses scratch free and it helps prevent the screen inside from being damaged from sunlight. So definitely something you may want to consider now. The last item you might want to consider for your dji fpv drone is a lanyard this one here that i have is right from dji and it’s a nice quality heavy duty lanyard.

However, you can pick up inexpensive ones on amazon, for almost next to nothing. You can go to a dollar store and get them for a couple dollars. In fact, you may already have some kicking around the controller. Already has a spot for lanyard already built in and, as you can see, it just connects there like that, and the reason why a lanyard for an fpv controller can be important is if you fly with your thumbs, if you’re a thumber, you can actually hold on To the controller with no issue, however, if you’re a pincher, definitely it does help to have a lanyard to take some of the weight. Of course, if you need to let go of the controller, then it’s just going to hang around your neck and because you have goggles on and can’t see if you have to set this down in a hurry. Obviously, you can’t see where you’re setting it so definitely a good idea to consider a lanyard for your dji fpv controller, so yeah folks, just some accessories. You may want to consider for your new dji fpv drone. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it. Give it a thumbs up.