Why? I made this video with my top favorite Jones rant by how long they can stay in the air. At the end, I would feel what commercially available Joan can fly for the longest and spoiler alert it's, not the GI, hi I'm Paul from Joel comm, and before we start this. I want to clear up a slight misunderstanding. The official battery life spec of most Jones is a bit deceiving and, more often than not won't be a hundred percent accurate to what you can find in real life scenarios. Any numbers you've seen the official specs are real, but taking in the perfect conditions like no wind flying at a certain speed constantly which does improve flight time or they fly it up to a really low battery percentage. Let me tell you from the start that the ideal situation they present won't be met in real life. So how long does a drone that is advertised to fly for thirty minutes actually fly? In most cases, you can subtract between two and four minutes from the advertised maximum flight time, so donut flies for thirty minutes could fly somewhere between 26 and 28 in good real life scenarios, but keep in mind that on this list, I'll also take notes about the Real life approximation of how long that zone actually flies for also make sure not to fly in low temperatures, because lipo batteries can be strongly influenced by those temperatures and the flight time can decrease considerably.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's start with the cheapest doom in the list, yet one of my favorites for the price, the hubsan Z. No, no wonder the hubsan Z no made. It is the best Jone on my top list under 300, since it comes with incredible overall specs, considering you can get it for really cheap it's unheard of before that you can get a very capable 4k camera for this price, along with a fully functional 3 axis. Gimbal 4 kilometer range and precise GPS. The xeno is definitely the perfect choice for people who have a really low budget. Yet don't want to compromise much if your budget is under 300 don't. Even look further. The parrot anafi an incredibly versatile drone, the parrot and a fee can fly for up to 25 minutes, which is plenty to capture amazing footage with its 4k stabilized camera from more angles than with any other drill. The pair of the Nephi is probably the best choice if you're looking for a lower budget drone dedicated to both exploration and high quality video and photo it's a bit more expensive than the xeno. But it also comes with a few advantages like more capable flight modes and the more compact frame and it's also quieter. The new way improved version of the original HAP's Encino, the hubsan Zeno 2 – is a favorite among my viewers because of its amazing specs and a great barrel.

It has a capable 3 axis, gimbal, 4 kilometer range and all that for a pretty good price. Did I even tell you that it comes with a 4k 60p camera and 100 megabits per second bitrate. The foldable design is something they slightly improved from the original model, and I feel like the build quality is also slightly better. I recommend the hubsan Zeno 2 for anyone looking for an intermediate camera drone with a medium budget and the test to stay long in the air. Don'T forget that you can check the current prices of these in the description. The digimatic mini is probably my favorite own right now, and that is because I fly it really, often being so small and portable. I can take it anywhere with me without thinking twice it can handle wind really well, considering its size and thirty minute. Better life is incredible for this size if you want a don't that's under 250 grams, so the geometric meaning is definitely the best choice. Probably my favorite camera shown under 500 that's, really capable of some professional shooting, is the Xiaomi Femi x8 it's more than a drone that just stays a lot in the year. It'S also really capable camera quadcopter the better life, although in perfect conditions, can reach 30 minutes. I'Ve experienced it's more around 27 minutes in real life. The foldable design, great build quality and super stable 3 axis gimbal, make it a favorite of mine along a great combo of flight range and battery life.

Again guys, if you have any questions which one of these Jones is perfect for you, please let down a comment, and I will answer each of your comments. The ability of manually controlling is so shutter speed and put ND filters on top of it, make it a unique buy for people who want to play with their camera settings but have a lower budget. The magic two series is made for professionals and it's, definitely on par with the next John on this list. It has become the pinnacle of John technology, with two versions to choose from both coming with the same body and same insane range capability of up to eight kilometers. This Jo is very reliable it's made for professionals and it comes with a lengthy battery life. I have tested it in real scenarios and it can last almost 30 minutes. We have links in the description if you want to find more about each of these drivers and now, for the number one spot. The auto leave virtue is the clear winner in the John battery life Department, at least when it comes to affordable professional doors, it's actually very high, even by industrial standards. The auto camera can record in up to 8 K, 25 fps or 4k 60 and fly for 40 minutes or about 35 to 36 minutes of hover time, which is more than any foldable drone. Currently, on the market, the auto, the o2 comes in three options and specs, some insane cameras and sensors directly competing with the digimatic to prodrome.

Not all mention that the nine kilometer range is absolutely insane and it also comes with the state of the art. 3 axis. Gimbal for stabilization and all that in a quite compact package as a fun fact, the longest flight time quadcopter registered, is this one right here that managed to hover for four and a half hours, a spanish tech company called quantonium managed to make this baby work. It'S. Quite surprising, to say the least, considering most drones can fly for a maximum of 30 minutes now, here's some solid advice, if you want to increase John fly time. First of all, you can remove prop guards when it comes to GPS drones, which is most Jones on this list. I find prop guards to be quite obsolete, as you don't really crash. By removing the weight from them, you can usually get one to two minutes of battery life. Don'T fly in the cold extreme negative temperatures are known to affect lipo Dome batteries and their duration so expect a considerable decrease in performance. If you fly in lower temperatures fly at a constant speed for most foldable drones. They are designed in such a way that flying at a constant average speed makes more efficient, cutting the air and therefore can increase two to three minutes of flight time. Don'T fly in sport mode, sport mode is definitely the ultimate very killer for drones. You don't want to have that going on for you. If you want to save better life, it can eat up to a quarter of the total better life, if not more.

If you have any questions, don't forget to check the article linked in that description for some of the most frequently asked ones as long as more details on each job also leave a comment down below and let me know if you have any other drone questions. I'Ll be glad to help you pick the perfect job for you, if you're still undecided what to buy. I do recommend you check the drone tool down in the description where you can store drones by price battery life range and so on, and you get everything recommended in the table next to it. If you like, drones in general and don't, know where to start, can I visit those get his homepage and it will guide you to the respective categories where you can learn a lot more about drones in general or about specific models? If you want to see more videos like this, it would help a lot if you'd, like this video for the YouTube algorithm, subscribe and hit the bell notification icon so that you get notified whenever I post on your video I post about three times per week. If you want, you can watch the related video right here. The next recommended video right here and you can subscribe to draw skater easily. If you click on my face right now. I usually post Byard guys for drones in general, individual reviews, photography and videography tips and so on.