This quad is crazy. This is a micro brushless running 6s on board and success. Rated motors from HG LRC it's, the hdl c parrot 132 super beasty, tough, one hundred and thirty, two millimeter wheelbase with a 16 by 16 flight controller, mount 2.5 millimeter unibody on the bottom, and we have a pretty nice 16 by 16 stack I've got my XM Plus up top, we have a 400 milli watt VTX one bore which is great with smart audio, and we have the FD 41 one flight controller. We have 13 MP SES and they're capable of 3 to 6 s on there. It also has BLS firmware on there. We have pretty good dampening as well looks like a nice dampened stock and in the very back back here we have the capacitor, which should clean up your video quite a bit with that high voltage and we have the cat X turbo us two camera on board. It'S not again my favorite choice camera, but it is well protected. Looks like that. Tpu mount is doing its job all the way around a little bit of exposure in the front, but not bad. Over top, we have that super durable, canopy I've seen this style before it has three attachment points. You'Ve got your mounts in the back and the fin and here's your antenna posts come out as well as your dipole for your 400 watt VTX, and we have running today. Gym fan 3 inch, 30 25 props, and these are by blade, props, do not run tri blade props.

On this setup, you also get an extra set of props in the box, which is pretty cool and we also have 1106 2400 kv. Those are a little lower kv to support success for bolts on the bottom, holding that 1106 motor on there, and you also get some extras in the box. As always, you get this cord in case. You want to run two 3s to make it 6s setup, but honestly they make 6s batteries now 450 and 550 million. You also get a HELOC, strap and a full sheet explaining the bind setup procedure and you get your free sky, xm instructions and some hdl c stickers. Now these are the batteries of choice. Today, the GNB 456 s and the 550 battery. Look at that. Look. How tiny those cells are? These are some of the smallest success. Batteries ever let's go ahead and power up the scale and but the quad on there without the battery first call the dry weight, 79 grams under 80 grams it's great now. The 450 now get us up to 170 grams total takeoff weight, that's crazy. Now let's go ahead for the 6s 550. You can even go up to as high as 650 and 850 on this quad 182 grams. Just crazy, so let's go ahead and plug in a battery. You guys let's. Do the fpv flight test now and let's get this quad off the ground. I think you're gon na be impressed I'm going to do some mild flying to begin with, because I want to show that a 6s microburst 'less it doesn't have to be a total Ripper.

If you were a beginner and you wanted a micro brushless with a lot of flight time, this quad will actually do four and a half minutes on a 550 milliamp battery, which is amazing. It will power loop. It will do all the freestyle maneuvers. To start with that, you would like to, and it will fly across the fields so fast. It only takes a couple seconds to get a couple. Football fields this this quad probably do over 70 miles an hour easy one of the fastest microbrew so squads that I've flown here on the channel. I was very excited to get one of my first legit 6s micro, brushless quads, and the parrot 132 6s version is exactly that: quad it's amazing, so here I'm doing some big field flying for you just getting out there with that BT accent right now, I'm. On 200 milliwatts there's a little bit of break up, I see but low to the ground. You'Re gon na get some of that it flips and rolls really nice. It doesn't have a lot of fives in the flight controller tune, which I love just doing, some falling stall there back around to the field. So now I feel a little more confident with it at first, when I first took off, I was like wow. This is a really fast plot and a lot of times I get a little bit crazy with the throttle when I first start out on something that has all this power and it's like a 10 to 1 power weight ratio on this quad.

So I could intend to do crazy things in crash on the first battery, so I wanted to take it easy there for you and now we're gon na plug in another battery here, and this was so cool that I was able to get four and a half Minutes and getting in there a little tighter now and just kind of feeling out a snap and roll ratio is really nice it's fast it doesn't over rotate, which is great, but it feels really locked in on the controls. So I know now that I'm ready to do my power loops and try out some first power loops those two trees. You guys see me power loop, all the time plenty of power coming back out, that's, just insane look at how fast this quad is. I it you'd have to fly this quad, really to feel how fast they can go. The ten to one power ratio is just crazy again getting a little faster between those trees there for a little bit of swallow, not a whole lot of float around this tree kind of feeling it a little better. You can see me do less float around the trees when I make a hard turn, as I start to sort of feel for the quads throttle and turning positions. So I'm gon na go back for one more loop here and at this point, I'm really loving. This quad, I feel like I can do anything with this quad.

It will pretty much recover from just about any maneuver that I tried to do. It does not bottom out right there. I came in a little bit early and around this pump station right here feeling really snappy on the sticks. I'M. Loving the snap and roll rate really nice tune, probably one of the better Tunes that I've seen come out of H, GRC most of their quads fine and fly quads come out of the box. Pre tuned, their flight controllers are pretty solid. Now, just get a little bit creative there with that loop, a little bit off to the right a little bit but was able to make it back through another, so it's, halfway knife edge snap through there, this quads crazy! If, if yeah and again, if you're a beginner, this might not be your first micro brushless guys. But if this was your second one or even if you started out here and you flew it in stability mode, you can still fly a success. Quad in stability mode and just cruise and then move up the horizon mode and eventually fly acro. But again I wouldn't fly the Tri props on this quad stick to the buy blade props because I feel, like you might burn up these motors. If you put tri blade props on here, I have plenty of float and control with the viability props, and it gives me a longer flight time because I'm I'm putting I'm dragging less amps out of the battery.

When I do that and that's a lot of the point of running by blades props, sometimes that in speed, you can get a little bit longer flight time and a good speed out of the quad plenty of punch out on this quad. Though I'm pretty impressed with the punch out and since I'm running the six, they were the six Esalen here it just rips across the field. I have the xm on there as well, and I've got plenty of reception and range got a full range micro receiver. It'S. A bit of a stall there and back around and it's a little bit overcast today, the eos 2 will do better in the normal light conditions like your california sunny days. But this is a dark cloudy oregon day, and this camera is still giving me enough to be able to see what i'm doing for this power loops to power that's around those trees. I'M, really close in one right here, super close in I'm, loving that snap rayon. This is crazy back around so much fun to fly this quad. This is the biggest thing about this. This quad it's, the fun factor, is easy. Five out of five the durability factor, I think it's also gon na be pretty high. I would say, like a four point: five out of five for the durability, but it was so fast and so fun, and it has such a long flight time as well that I just didn't know what to do next with this quad.

So I love this quad. Now, we're back on the bench and let's just go around the quad. A little bit do some final thoughts. The bracing in the front in the back is, is a huge component to making it nice and solid for the tune. It takes a lot of the vibes out of the camera and I also chose a little bit larger, strap in my collection. I have a diatom strap that I put on here for running up to an 850 battery. You can't run an 850 if we want to get over five minutes with this and just kind of make it a cruiser, but you will feel that weight once you battery up in size. I think that target range for battery on this quad is somewhere around the 550 to 650 battery, because the 1106 batteries will eat it up. Pretty quick, but 6s setup does give me a nice long flight time. Four and a half minutes is really legit and the frame came back totally intact. A little bit of larger strap did help out. You can upgrade that if you want to that's, not a big expense, but I think they have a pretty good release here. It'S a solid release: it flies good, the flight times long and the power ten to one ten to one power ratio is just insane thumbs up for HD LRC's pair at 132. This thing is a total micro brushless beast and you should own it in your collection.

So thanks for watching guys, I'll see you on the next one.