If you’re new here it’s your boy dylan, my name is uh. Well, my youtube name is vaxxy860 um. So today, i’m going to be reviewing my drone um it’s, a very nice drone, so i’m, showing you everything that comes in the box. As you see, it’s it’s a nice drone here. This is where the battery goes the battery, and then you insert it in there and then yeah you plug in the new clothes there. Then you close the compartment as you see here and i can stretch there and then it’s got a for a 480 420p camera right there it’s a very nice camera, so you see got spinning uh propellers blades. If you record them, then here are the protectors they protect the propellers, but you’ll see the propellers never hit that protector. That um and then also i’ve, broken this here and yeah. When i was flying this because i was very bad when i got this, but now i’ve improved, so as you see you can either so i’ve got a blue drone. You can either get red or yeah red, but it’s. I really personally recommend getting this drone. The charge times about three and a half to four hours and the flight time is about 10 to 14 minutes. Moving on next, we have um the controller it’s, a very nice controller. So if you look at it from this way, these go up like this that’s. Just a cool feature to have so you know that this is working.

This is the flip button over here right. There you’ll have a click. This is if your drone is drifting, uh left um, you push this and you hold it down for it to go right and if and vice versa. So if it’s going, if it’s going right and you want to go left – you just hold on the left and if your drone is going um going down and you don’t want it to you – hold on the up button and pick it up and exactly vice versa. So if it’s, if you’re going down but but the drone is going up, you put hold this down and it will go down. This is the on and off button over. Here you push up once and down to connect the drone, and then it will work. This is a photo button over here using here, so one, if you just push it once it’ll take a picture holder for two seconds. You’Ll start a video and hold it again for two seconds: it will stop the video and then this is for you to go up down. This is the um, the height of your drone right, so you can see up down. This is emergency landing. You push it! It will go lower and then it will come to the ground if you hold it, it will drop from wherever it is. This is for it to go on. This is for it to be a one key, uh liftoff, so you just push this and then this is a one key headless mode, it’s headless mode, so headless mode is basically if you wanted to go left immediately.

You just tap that and then this is where right left up downward. So this is forward sorry, this is forward, and this is backwards left right and yes, they’re, very nice joysticks. Now this is the back of the way in sort where you insert double a batteries. I need three i’m correct, and this is where you can put your phone so like this. It pulls out so i’ll show you again like this and you pull it out like that, and then your phone slips in like that and that’s, where it’s set normally. But if you take it out your phone or threads and then it will go wherever it needs to uh, you just touch, it again, push it back in and this is the controller. Next, as we review we reviewing the battery as you can see, it’s the battery. So it looks like on the other side, and then this is how it plugs into the drone, as i’ll show. You here, lift up the drone flip it over like this, and you hold it like this. Make sure that you insert it just because that’s that the wrong way insert the right way like that and you flip it around like that and then what you do is then you push it down and forward there we go, and then you pull this forward like That and you push it back and now the nut in you can see it’s, not lifting up anymore.

Next, we move on to the charger. This is the charger for the drone battery. As you can see, the um the battery will insert into there as i’ll show you now, and this is how you take out the battery. So you slide this forward like that, and then you lift Music, so you plug it in here like this put it in again put it in. I put a plug into a usb as you see there so usb next, you move on to the extra little bits and pieces. As you see, you’ve got a screwdriver to unscrew here to take these off, but i won’t do that now this and then it comes with two extra um uh propellers that you can use if one breaks or they snap or something like that, and then this is The packet that it comes in right here and it keeps everything in here – the charging next i’ll show you the box here’s the box. It looks like this so it’s, a magic 2.4, gigahertz r, slash c, a six axis, gyro quadcopter. It has a blue sticker to show that i got a blue, drum rc, leading so here’s wi, fi, uh and then i’m, not too sure what that is large or large capacity for the pictures and everything. And then this is the compass for north east, south and west and that’s the camera. So, as you see here, it says focus this is palm gesture, photography and first gesture video nice to move on to here.

As you see, six axis magic and it says ages, 14 and up. This is the side of the box and then over here. As you look 2.4 gigahertz technology, 360 flips six axis gyroscope altitude hold one key return: headless mode. First person view 480p uh, wi, fi camera, take photos and videos using hand, gestures and foldable arms. Earlier i said for 420p, i actually meant 480 pixels. You can see i time to read this quickly, so that’s the uh, and then this is what it looks like without the protectors when it folds up into the box as either inside of the box. I’Ll show you now, and i already read that to you. So what you want to do when you’re starting up the drone is you want to hold on for two seconds and then you’ll see lights, turn on, as you see there and when they’re flashing the trees it’s just not dead, that and i’m gon na go ahead And turn on the door, the controller on it then push it up once once down to up and down and then what you’ll see right now is so it’s paired, apparently it’s pad. So you will go like this, so how you started. So what you want to do when you’re starting it is you want to so you push it once like so once, then you push it once again to get it going up in the air i’m, not going to show you any clips from me flying it, as I don’t want to show my location or address, or you guys would have any clues, please find in my house, so i will keep you personal um, but let me just show you what it looks like this is what the inside of your packaging looks like.

So the controller goes into here fits nicely in there and the drone when it’s folded up fits into here without these protectors over here – and you just fold it in closer like that, and then it will fit nicely into here, but yeah. This is pretty much what my drone looks like. If you want to get this drone uh be sure to either look online or you can go to a local shopping center, but yeah. I hope you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a like and subscribe and comment. The word of the day is drawing and if you comment drone, you can get a post notification shout out of the week um or sorry of the video but um yeah and share to your friends and i’ll. See you all next time peace. So, as you can see, it’s connected here’s the controller so i’m going to lift it up in the air. Put it like that Music that’s.