We um here stayed on an island and the winds coming up today, so ive headed back towards mainland a little bit its um, not windy, yet which is really nice but theres, a weird swell thats, the boats rocking around like man. I want the goes with that and last night, a whale almost swam into me and the whole night every hour, or so i could hear a whale breathe and theyre, probably 50 hundred about every hour, a while swam past, where im camping, ive never had anything like It before it was amazing and a little bit scary at the same time, sometimes id go other times, itd be, and then there was one that was yeah its very hard to describe. It was like a gush or roar, it was very, very strange. I mean they dont mean any harm, its just theyre, big animals and yeah. It could bump into you. I was hoping to go and fish a point or some rocks where ive had some success before um. If the weather comes up, if the wind comes up well race in a little bit, uh more sheltered but yeah lets get uh moving and see what happens today ill. Give you guys a quick look at where i am last night i well. I havent moved actually ive just anchored here. I caught a couple of fish off this point. Doing some bait fishing, which is really cool. I havent done that for ever um, then ive got the squid light out, got a few squid and i also got a shark on on the big line, so that was that was pretty cool and i dont know why the swells coming the the mainland is over.

There and the swells coming from there, but theres, no wind, so its yeah. I find a little bit confusing um yeah. I slept in the hutchie again on the boat. I had to prop it up with a um with a stick: its um yeah, the the moisture, is just making this laden and pushing it down. I was pretty dry um theres a little bit of moisture on the edge here but yeah as long as i wasnt touching the the top and the sides um. It was all right. So ive got my just sleeping bag, ground mat and air pillow and thats. It thats my camping setup, keeps me nice and dry theres been no mosquitoes. No sand flies here really quite enjoy that, and having that that nice, fresh air coming through is really good. The first night was quite cold, but last night i actually had to unzip the sleeping bag, a little bit to um yeah to get a little bit cooler. My hair is a mess all right. I think im going to pack this up real quickly, not going to show you that, but i want to get to the fishing spot before the suns up Music were at the spot. You can see the um, the upwelling there theres a bit of a ridge there and im using a one ounce, jig head and i think thats a six inch paddle tail could be five. I think its a six inch big reel.

10. 000. No mucking around here. Im expecting some big fish so lets see if we can stretch our arms before breakfast huh whats that, ah my tail bitten off, i think there might be mackerel down there. I actually saw a fish jumping over there. We might get the stick bait out and have a have a cast with it. Hmm lets see what we can get lets see here. Just tail bitten straight off, thats classic mackerel. Okay lets give the stick bait a run. Quite often fish do bite, tails off plastics, but better turn that up. But if its um mackerel, you dont feel it, and i didnt feel that so okay lets go. We could get trevally queen fish, tuna and mackerel here. Oh just had a looker just had a looker: oh there he is thats a mac, oh no, its a mackerel tuna, either mackerel or tuna. Okay lets do that again. I reckon we might go a bit faster this time. Sometimes, if you go too slow, the big pelagics, they wont, they wont attack it. Theyll just go huh lets have a look at that. Ah, he had two looks at it and i actually saw him so ive just changed to a chromia. Looking stick bait and ive increased the length of my leader as well, so lets give that a shot. I just heard some action behind me lets see if theyre out here right about there heard a couple of splashes out here.

Yep got him straight away. I think its a tuna, oh yep, that looked like a tuna, oh lots of little head shakes. Oh, why is he into the sun lets see Laughter ive got a fairly tight drag on this, ah so yeah. I think they were tuna coming up after it. Ah lets hope its a um a long tail tuna. They are really good sashimi hows that left a big splash when he when he hit it. Oh lets see im gon na look at him here. Oh god front a bit there. He is. He is a yes, a long tail so shimmy for days. If i can get him in its probably about a six seven kilo, fish could possibly go eight, ah just keep keeping there for a second and then lets see, i think, ill. Try and tell grabbing. Oh almost pulled me in there nice, you know what now im holding him. I think hes, probably closer to eight kilos. That is a magnificent fish before breakfast im going to bleed him real quick, because that way we get really nice sashimi. But how is that theres? A monster beautiful ill, give you a proper look at that lure thats the slimy mackerel, the lively lures slick stick really good good, lure and yeah. I think the chrome flash early in the morning thats what did it? I didnt measure him hes. 83 centimeters. I think hes about 8 kilos, the winds starting to pick up just a little bit, and i want to try and get a bottom fish before i leave here, but im thinking well have sashimi for breakfast well stay out here.

As long as i can and then find a nice spot and have some of that tuna cant get fresher than that, ive gone a little shallower and im using a half ounce jig head with a paddle tail about five inch on the smaller rod. Lets see what we can get off the bottom here. The wind is set to go to 15 and then 20 later on, but i just want to have a little play out here. While i can, i, like the um yeah, open blue water when its calm ive only been doing this for five minutes and that wind has definitely picked up already. You can see the uh. The waves are starting to crest. Ah, i was hoping for a couple of fish down deep. Oh look at that same as before mackerel, just bit it off im gon na keep fishing that because they will still eat it. Chucking, plastic after plastic and getting the tails bitten off is not my game. Yep, oh, that was a fish. Oh, that was a mackerel okay, its getting too windy and too rough out here, heres a nice little spot, its not sandy, but its yeah, nice pebbly rocks some. You can see the waves over there were sort of tucked in behind here, but it is going to get stronger and just keep coming heres our beautiful long tail tuna. They also call him a blue northern blue fin. I uh cut his throat brain spiked him.

Instead of filling the whole thing im going to leave him whole, they preserve better, like that. But im going to cut off lets, see probably about that much. I think thats. How much sashimi i can eat lets see. Oh lets give that a little wash look, how beautiful that is: okay, thats about 800 grams, i think maybe yeah, probably about 800., well put that in the esky and uh yeah save it for later. We go right up on top here. Oh what a nice spot! Oh, look a little shell little teeny weeny one, how nice is it its about 9 30 in the morning? Ah steven seagulls here already lets get some breakfast happening ill just put the fish aside for a second got, a cucumber cut, the end off it so im. Having a bit of green with my breakfast, i think i might have cut off more than i can eat. Thats a nice big, big chunk of fish in it and just look at the color coloration in that, and i was actually thinking with the um. The tuna head, ive never tried it. Ive heard people cooking salmon heads in the oven. I might try and cook the tuna head in the oven and see how it how it works. That may be at the end of the video, but im always yeah up for trying new things lets see, go around the backbone here there we go. Look at that beautiful.

I think i can eat this whole bit yeah there we go and this piece here most people just throw that in the water im going to give that to mums dog dry it out a little bit and that becomes a really cool, chew toy for him. Well, hell eat that youll notice its got that that heavy bloodline there well get rid of that. We will give that to henry as well henrys the dogs name, then im gon na take the skin off it. There we go beautiful piece of sashimi. It is quite a lot of sashimi but ill just see how we go cut into really nice small pieces, thin thin pieces. Have a have a look at this. Just show you this. You can see through that well ill, not see through it, but yeah its um translucent. There we go last piece. Look how delicious that looks, that is at least 600 grams of sashimi wow. I always like to mix a bit of wasabi quite a big bit, because weve weve got a lot of sushi and a little bit of soy, sauce mix it up and get the wasabi and soy incorporated first and then well add a little bit more soy there. We go thats the sort of color and consistency im going for. How good is this? This fish was swimming around about an hour ago, got a swim wasabi on there mmm these long tail tuna, the meat it just melts in your mouth and the soy and wasabi gives it a little salty little kick and it kind of tastes a little nutty as Well, who wants some of this? You want some so far, ive had an amazing three days.

If you havent seen the previous episodes go and check them out, theres too much stuff to mention it. Cant believe i finished all that thats um here thats a lot of nice sushi, hmm bit of a dribble. What a beautiful day now every now and then some big waves roll in here. But you can see the white caps over there lets head up the creek and uh see what i can find even before ive left the scavengers come in. I had a couple of seagulls up there, you wont find anything buddies. Okay lets go Music even when its blowing 20 knots outside its usually reasonably common here. So instead of going to a beach to dry, my sleeping bag out its not terribly wet, but it did get moisture on it. Im just gon na hang it on the back of the boat here yeah most of the moistures at my feet, there just the tiniest little bit, im fishing, a paddle tail with a weedless hook and a little split sinker. Now that hooks – probably just a tiny bit small for that but thats the biggest hook, ive got so ill just have to make do and im choosing a a light sinker so that i can probably skip it into certain areas. Pretty sure therell be a fish in this lot somewhere. We just got to find him yep. Oh, that was a nice hit. Oh and again got it. Yes got that one looks yep, barramundi, oh and he spat it thats pretty cool 10 minutes.

In we hook a barrel, i dont think i struck hard enough on that one because he just had in his mouth and spat it out. Lets see oh perfect same spot again, see if theres another one in there. Twitch twitch and drop perfect cast right in front of that tree. Oh got him got him got him. Oh got me in come in on hes out. I think thats, a black brim, pokey brown. Yes, it is wow little guy on a big lure. Look at this hes, not a bad fish, but still thats. A massive lure for him have a look at him. He is a good just uh, 29 centimeters, hey lets check out the size of lurie8. Hey off, you go buddy, hey yeah turns out. I can fish this lure with that size hook, but normally i like to have a little bit more gap under there yep got it thats a barramundi. I think yep ah had about six casts in there and then he finally grabbed it. Oh i dropped the plastic. No actually well go back and get that come in buddy. Oh hes got a little bit of weight on him. The other one was definitely much bigger than that. Hey nice fish. He is 52. yeah. That was like my sixth cast in there and he finally grabbed it because its cold, you have to get a little right in front of their noses. Hey cool off you go little.

Buddy, hey ill, come back and get your next gear. He wants to go now. Well, just go and pick this plastic up its probably damaged, but you dont want to leave rubbish lying around in the water. So in case you missed it thats, the lure i got the fish on its the five inch paddle tail by lure labs and like a clear goldeny sort of color, just running a weedless hook and a little ball sinker on the on the knot. There works great. This big stump looks good its got. Oh, it looks like another branch underneath it that was a fish cast was terrible, but he had a go at it ill. Try that exact same spot where he hit me before, if i can get it pretty close right there. Oh, that was a hit that was a small hit. Yep got him that time, that was a weird take and its a flathead thats, not the one that hit it before. That is bizarre that other fish was definitely barramundi. Lets get this guy in dusky, flathead or mud flathead youre, not a bad size. You are 48, i think ill get a measurement on him. He is 46.. That was close, looks very skinny, though. Hey look at these fins, theyre cool off you go. Buddy just saw a big splash over there lets see if we can get it thats not too bad. Oh lets see this a turtle turtle sitting in the middle of the river youre gon na take off buddy were gon na bump into him there.

He is. Oh sorry, dude he was sleeping wow, sorry, oh, that was a better. How nice is it in here i can hear the the wind gusting on the trees up above the mangroves and because its low tide, the winds going over the top and its not coming down to the river, so yeah im having another great day, if you hadnt Told me this morning, id catch, a tuna and then barramundi in the afternoon id be like yeah. I dont think so anyway, im gon na fish a little bit longer. The main reason is the lighter it is till i get home uh the later it is until i go home, the wind should drop after about or three four oclock. The wind should drop down that should make getting home bit easier because still the winds almost coming straight at me – to go home so its going to be a bit of a a wet bumpy ride, um so yeah the longer i stay here, the more pleasant it Is to go home, although it makes for a late evening, ill probably get home at about eight oclock tonight, but i may, as well, enjoy being out here now and um yeah catching a few more fish middle of winter, catching barramundi, thats, cool, very cool. This here looks like a good spot. Its got like a really steep edge with some um old roots right on it, good ambush spot, yes body, that was a hit and a fish.

What have we got? It looks like a cord. Is that the first cod for the day? I think it is thats cool, hey little black spot cod. There we go cute little fish, hey, oh yeah off you got money. We want you great uncle. Okay lets try exactly the same spot, thats even a little bit closer than before, nope okay. Moving on oh, yes, oh, oh, oh, that was a whack that was a whack decided to mix it up a little bit and just use a little hard body. I like to do that experiment ive caught a few fish now and its been quite slow, so im going the hard body, not a lot of action on this lure im gon na have to do a bit of rod work. I think thats right. I like a challenge: yep, oh its only the second spot after i changed to the hard body. Oh hes got a little bit of weight in he or have i got him? Ive got him on the side or something hes caught up there. He is oh, and he spat it right into the electric that was a nice little barramundi that worked but thats cool. This is literally just a second spot after i changed to this hard body thats. As far as we go, you can see the rocks come out here and it gets really shallow. So were backing out and im here going back to where we came from yep got him thats a bear.

Oh, i dropped it. Oh sneaky little buggers yeah, all the hooks are good and theyre brand new theyre sharp as just not staying on thats cool. He wasnt a bad size either he was around the close to 60.. Oh yeah there. He is no thats, a smaller one alrighty. There must be a couple sitting there. Hopefully this one sticks yeah there he is oh yeah, the other one was a fair bit bigger than this – probably 10 or 15 centimeters bigger hes, not a bad one. Hes right hook right on the end of the nose lets see if we can just lift him in gently hes. Actually a nice size fish this one. There we go yeah, hes hes, getting up there well get a measurement on him. He actually feels heavy enough to be legal. Lets have a look right there. He is one and a half centimeters under so the other one was definitely legal. Heres 56 and a half beautiful one got him right in the end of the nose there, hey ill, put him back and see if theres another one in there hes biting down on the grips here. We go: okay, nice and gentle off. You go having a good afternoon because these are five dollar lures. You buy them in a pack of three. You have to sometimes bend the trebles back into shape this isnt recommended, but i couldnt be bothered changing this minute, so yeah. He spent that that last fish, the first the one before that one he didnt bend any trebles, and this one seems to have bent a whole heap lets see if theres, a mangrove jack hiding in here its the best looking mangrove jack spot ive seen all day Perfect, oh, that was something i dont know what that was.

Probably a barramundi yup got it thats a barramundi. I thought it was a barramundi, the first one that hit it. Oh in a perfect jack spot lets see we can lift him in nice and gentle there. We go one last glamour shot for the day. This guy actually is legal, hes, um, 59 centimeters, but ive got plenty of fish im gon na. Let him go hey, theyre, cool critters, ah its 4 30. I think, and yeah ill be home by about 8 p.m. Tonight so the next thing youll see is me in either the bush kitchen or my home kitchen, because i might do the tuna head baked in the oven there. You go Music, so guys were back at the bush kitchen and earlier on in the video or actually the previous video. I said i was going to cook up the squids, but ive done squids before what i havent done is cooked up a whole tuna head check. This thing out, it is massive, its like two and a half kilos, just in the head, theres, actually quite a bit of meat in there and ive just cut it off um in front of the fins. Now, what were gon na do is cut it in half now, ive never attempted this on a fish head before, but weve got a cleaver and a saw. These are our yeah tools of choice, if not well use that one ive done a fair bit of butchering before, but nothing quite like a fishs head so well see how this goes start right in the middle and try and go all the way through its not Gon na be that easy, is it happy finish this bit off with the cleaver didnt quite get the middle theres, a tuna head cut in half well remove the gills because were not going to eat them anyway.

Lets see theres one before i throw that away. That is the tunas heart ive, um yeah, hit it with the knife and things a few times, so were not gon na eat that thatll actually go ill. Give that to the chickens. Theyll love that this is definitely a new experience. For me, this is a whole tuna head. Well give that a quick rinse and then well marinate it. This is going to be interesting. Well start off with some soy sauce about a half a cup, just pour it over everything. It doesnt matter. If you dont get it all right away, some cracked, pepper and then the juice of one full lemon Music, get it all. In there im just picking out the lemon seeds we dont want those in there were going to let the tuna head marinate overnight, but to get the juice on everything. Ive got two bags one inside the other, well put the tuna head in there and then pour in the juice. I tell you what that marinade, it actually smells like molasses, thats interesting. We could try molasses one day, but well give this a shot. First, leave that in the fridge overnight and ill see you tomorrow, okay, guys its the next day and our tuna head has been marinating all night lets have a look at it very dark. Looking smells alright there like him in here, ive got the oven, turned up to 200 degrees celsius and well pop this right in there im putting them in a 200 degree celsius oven its fan, forced about five minutes, while thats happening well mix up some soy sauce And brown sugar, Music after five minutes, well take it out and baste it with our soy and sugar glaze Music and then pop it back in the oven Music.

After another five minutes, we will take it out and glaze it a second time, and you guessed it back in the oven this time. Well only do probably three minutes. Okay lets see what they look like: theyre, definitely not too dry, yet thats good lets see well pat whack, both of them in here just got some kale and thatll be my dinner. How does that look guys? Would you eat that we got the eyeball popping out there? Weve got the cheek with what looks like a fair bit of meat on it and then the inside here weve got quite a bit of meat, especially around around that top section. There im gon na hook into that this is a full on experiment, so yeah see how it goes. Lets try grilled tuna head on a bed of kale im gon na start out with a fork, but i guarantee that wont last long, thats interesting the side of the face just sort of has little shards. Oh crap. We are shards of bone thats, um yeah unexpected. I thought they were shards of meat very delicate. I will say these: these shards of boner yeah quite interesting, covering the whole whole cheek plate there. If you can see those, i havent actually eaten any other fish that has those shards lets see the back of the gill or the the jowl on a pig its near the throat told you the fork wouldnt last long, hmm, its not overly salty or sweet.

The sugar was just in the glaze so its just on the surface and, to be honest, it actually doesnt taste quite like fish fish, its not quite meat, either its somewhere in the middle lets. Try this really nice dark brown bit. There excuse my my eating there. Just so many little little bones, theres definitely going to be enough. Meat on this whole head for for one very big meal, its kind of fun, num yeah eating around all the little bits, picking out little scraps of meat in between different parts of the head. The bone there are a lot of little little bony bits there im just trying the skin on the top of the forehead there and, to be honest, so far, thats the most delicious bit that skin is just delicious again. Unexpected yeah tuna skin yum lets try the top of the head. This is the um where the fillet comes off here and theres always meat its its hard to get it out when you fill it in. But it goes up into the back of the skull big chunk of meat in there um really nice. So let me know guys which one of you is keen to try. Grilled tuna head theres a lot of meat inside this that i think most people throw out and we should actually eat as much of the fish that we catch as we can, because yeah fish are actually getting lower in numbers. Oh, my god, im gon na keep eating this.

This is really quite nice.