com. Skinner ill have links to all of the gear in the video description, and if you like this video, please hit the like button. If youre not already a subscriber, please subscribe and hit that notification bell. Oh boy, i captured something amazing on this underwater video um, but yeah okay. So this is uh courtesy of this camera drone thats, coming back to the boat from under the dock, and my objective was: i wanted to poke around different parts of this dock that stretches out pretty far and um. See, like you know, whats, where whats the best spots, what fish are in what areas and you can see the drone is way up ahead of me up in the pilings and im trying to keep it away from me. I dont want to spook the fish that im trying to get on video im using my phone to control the motion of that camera. Drone and im also able to see um live real time, video from it. So i see what the camera sees underwater while its happening and its awesome. You know i can just drive it in there, get it right where i want it to go without me, going in there and spooking the fish all right. So i started on the outside of the dock: its really like a pier its got like a t shaped structure to it: uh dropping down in the max depth, heres only six feet of water um, but with all of this structure down there um, you know its.

Certainly enough to attract a tremendous variety in number of fish and yeah, so right off, um im seeing mangrove snapper right there near the bottom. Certainly lots of sheeps head the things that look like angelfish are spade fish and uh. That thing is a bucket hanging way in the back, and i have no idea whats in that bucket. Although the way the fish are gathering around that maybe theres some food, okay right, there um thats a fish its like the size of a small car uh its unbelievable. I mean its pretty far off there under a different dock section, but that is a fish and were gon na get to see that you see that big mouth i couldnt quite believe it when i saw it on my phone. I thought i just wasnt, seeing things correctly: yeah were gon na work our way over there and and check that out uh, but you know like i said this is only six feet of water, its not um what i would expect, but, okay, so look at the Sheeps head out um pecking along the bottom and uh yeah, theres that that big one under the other dock section um – and you know certainly these pilings – you get lots of barnacles growing on them, so the sheeps head and so forth, go in there and eat that. So this is a theres several dark sections here, and this is a different one. Not the one thats got that big its a goliath.

Grouper um were looking at a a different section than we first started. Looking at and again six feet, um pretty much the same characters, but what will be interesting is when we move this to a different part of the dock, pretty similar to where you saw the beginning of the video where i was driving, the drone were going to See almost a completely different collection of fish than what were seeing here, but hey. This is pretty cool to watch. You know i. I could watch this stuff all day long, its um, interesting to see what the fish are doing, and you know the advantage here is by using this camera setup im able to drive it under the dock. My cam, my kayak, is back away so im not in there spooking anything, and i can move it around that guy right on the bottom, that little black one looks like a small grouper of some sort: hes, not hes, probably like seven inches long here he comes Over in this yeah thats, a grouper so im guessing thats, a small black grouper, so definitely a lot of species here, okay, lets go down and get the first look at the big guy, and this is southwest florida by the way uh water temperature, probably about 75 Degrees, oh yeah, um yeah, i mean what can you say and all right so trying to get some scale. You know so the pilings in standard piling so theyre, like you, know, eight inch diameter so how many of those pilings from one end of the other.

If you wanted to measure this fish um a lot of pilings, the other thing is these dock sections are eight feet: im not going to tell you that this fish is eight feet, long im going to tell you that the dock section is eight foot and were Going to get the look at this thing from a couple different angles and clearly its nose is up to the pilings on the one side and were going to get to see how close the end of the tail is to the pilings. On the other side of the dock section – and i i cant even begin to guess what something like this weighs. I can tell you that when i looked up goliath grouper, they say that they can grow in excess of uh eight feet, eight hundred pounds. You know, certainly this is several hundred pounds, but how many hundred i really couldnt tell you um amazing: the fish just swim around them. I guess when he wants to eat something he eats it. Uh, oh some movement. Now so i guess the movement was in response to some boat waves, um and wow that really attracted a lot of fish. The redfish several snook a lot of sheeps head. This is kind of kind of strange how those waves just really move some fish around, but a lot of life, its just remarkable all right, heres, where we can get a better feel for the length in relation to this eight foot dock section because were gon na Get to be able to see the right hand side from the back angle a little bit boy.

That tail is enormous. So clearly the head is up near that piling and there you go um, like i said, im not gon na tell you thats an eight foot fish, but i will tell you thats an eight foot dock section, thats stretched across and my goodness, what a creature? Hey you see, hes got some line hanging out of there too. Im surprised he doesnt have more than that. Its uh gon na take a lot to land that on rod and reel okay, a different dock section. I was able to drive this the drone all the way underneath which was uh what i was hoping to do and um boy you get a good look at all of the stuff thats down there and youre. Definitely seeing some some more snook this time. However, what a takeaway that im gon na have from this video is this is not where the bulk of the snook are, which was surprising. I would have thought this is the place for them and its not and where were going to find them. Is you know to me counterintuitive, especially in a bright sunny, its actually a very calm day, its the only way i can use the the camera journals if its calm, you would think on a bright sunny day like this theyre going to be in the deeper section You know all the way under the dock right here. This is where i expect them and sure yeah theres a few in here, but were going to see more elsewhere and hey other than uh jellyfish whats, the best bait for those um, those angelfish those spade fish.

That were seeing because some of them look like theyre pretty decent size, and i know that they use something called cannonball jellyfish on the east coast and to my now i havent seen them. You know its, not something ive seen so its not something. I have ready access to uh, i was told you know clam squids, so yeah any tips you can have on catching the angelfish. I know theres some small ones here, but occasionally im seeing some decent ones and oh wed like to catch a few and see how big they are. I hear theyre um theyre good to eat all right. One last look at this guy. This time were going to get a really great view of the head, then were going to move on to a different section of the dock, but all you can see is eye and wow. Okay, im going to drop down on the part of the dock, where you saw the drone heading at the beginning of this video, so its more exposed its shallower um a lot more sunlight, hey! Look at the difference. You know we didnt see mullet up underneath the dock and you know were loaded with mullet here. I i dont recall so, like maybe one redfish, i dont recall seeing more than one redfish under the deep section of the dock, but there we go one: two theres a couple of reds right. There um certainly ive seen more reds here, theres a that looks like a small black drum right there to the left.

Thats, not a sheeps head apologize for the shaking here got a little bit of wave action going by whats. Interesting is if you look way out farther thats, where the snook are theres, a lot of snook lined up out there, and that is where – and i had some shakier video that i just cant show, but it was a show the same thing that out there farther Past all these mullet theres a lot of snook and i definitely would have expected those guys to be underneath the dock somewhere. You know i would have thought they were under the main dock um, where the grouper was, but no um. There were only a couple there, but theres a fair number of them off in the distance, although were having trouble seeing them because of all the the mullet. But i mean look at the difference in life: now you can see those snook out there, yeah yeah, so the bulk of the snook are a little bit away from the dock theyre out in the sunlight um. You know interesting and uh and hey thats, part of why i did this is i want to see how things are going to distribute around this kind of structure, and this was not intuitive to me that they would be where they are um and heres a nice Look as were taking the drone back, there goes a red fish and boy theres snook and theres all the mullet, a couple more redfish and again.

This is in a shallower section, um away from that main section where we saw all the the spade fish and the big grouper and everything else so um yeah, i i dont know i like doing this stuff. I like to learn whats down there and what theyre doing so. I hope you liked this video. If you did, please hit the like button, if youre not already subscribed, please subscribe and hit that notification bell and check out my online courses at saltstrong.