so about three years ago. I did a collaboration, video with jake sloan. You may know jakeys another drone pilot, another youtuber that has an awesome channel and we put out a video top tips for new drone pilots. And what im going to do today is im going to repost that video for a couple of reasons, number one uh theres about 120 000. More of you now that probably havent seen this video number two, a lot of people are buying drones for the first time. This time of year, its beautiful out, i can finally get outside and fly and enjoy the weather its been a long winter, and so a lot of people are going to be getting a drone for the first time. So i want to put these tips out there. Im also going to put a link for jakes portion of the collaboration down in the video description and then one more thing im going to add to this video something that ive been doing for the past year. That has really pretty much eliminated having to deal with looky, loos or cairns when youre flying your drone and uh, and i think you guys will appreciate it so enjoy the video and be sure to check out jakes portion im going to link it down in the Description ill also put it at the end of this video Music. So one thing that i started doing is when i go flying. I carry um some cones with me.

I found that when you excuse me, hey jake, hows it going its about the fourth of july. I think you should start filming snowstorms about now right and not quite you know, we got probably another two weeks of summer before it starts snowing up here. So yeah were good yeah. I got some time. I was just heading out golden hour is coming so whats up. I was wondering if you ever have to deal with onlookers and how you handle that when you know when youre flying your drone and people come up, they start asking you questions start, maybe wondering if youre spying on them stuff, like that, have you ever run into That and how do you handle it? Oh yeah its funny. You should ask that question, because i was just talking to my viewers about that. You know when i go out flying in public, i used to try to hide and try to find a place where you know people werent going to be so i could avoid people, but what i started doing now is i started carrying some of these orange traffic. Cones with me just the little ones – and i put those up around my landing pad and that seems to help with people coming and you know the looky loos or whatever, because you know they really think that if theres cones up theres something like serious going on And uh, you know you would think the orange cones would attract people, but it actually keeps people away because they feel like its oh theres, something professional going on over there.

Maybe i shouldnt approach them so so its really worked out for me. You know only a couple of times, but it has worked and if people ever do come up to me, i try to be as polite as possible. I try to you, know be as respectful and i just let them know you know. Please let me concentrate on my drone. You know just for safety reasons and then ill visit with you after i land, and then i also remind them that if theyre going to get a little too close to the landing zone, they might get a haircut that theyre not expecting so so yeah just get A couple of those cones maybe and then just be sure, to have a landing pad that kind of designates. You know the drone area. I think that really helps so one more thing that you can do to mitigate people harassing you is to set up a camera. While you fly get a tripod and mount a camera facing you and hit record when most people see a camera theyre not going to walk up to you now, the camera that ive been using is the one r with the one inch lens on it from insta360, Because i always have it with me to capture any family adventures or memories or anything that comes up, but now there is the one rs, with the new 4k boost lens. With this combination. Insta360 has given the world the most fun family action, camera and looky loo, repellent that you can buy with 13 different shooting modes, including 4k 60 video 48 megapixel photos, active, hdr, 2.

7 k, slow motion and much more. You have so many options to capture and create fun memories. To look back on for years to come. The one rs has major improvements over the 1r, such as much improved audio 21 increased battery life in camera flow state, stabilization and all of the mods are backwards. Compatible ive been using insta 360 cameras for two years now to capture my familys memories and action fun, and i carry one with me everywhere. I go if youre looking for a powerful action camera that has the ability to change as your needs change. There is a link for the insta360 one rs in the video description, thanks again to insta360 for sponsoring this video lets get back to the tips hey. I got a question for you whats your opinion about registering your drone with the faa. Is that something that you think we really need to do, or is that just big government trying to break us down big government, not quite uh? You know the faa is really doing their best to try and handle a really rapidly evolving industry, like with drones, because you know i mean just a few short years ago. There wasnt really anything like drones, that we have now out there that are so powerful and capable and so theyre just setting a process in place to try and keep the sky safe and theyre. I mean theyre developing a process to try and make sure everybody who flies, whether youre flying drones or small planes uh to keep everybody safe, and it is the law, so you do have to register at least if youre in the u.

s other other gov. You know other countries obviously have different rules, but but you do have to register in the us and its not a big deal. It only costs five dollars to register as a hobbyist. If you find another site that tells you to register for 25 or 30 or 40 dollars, dont dont pay attention to that. You just go to and its its five dollars. It takes five minutes its super fast and super easy. Oh yeah. That totally makes sense. So youve been flying for what, over two years now yep just coming up on two and a half years, so what were some of the most valuable things for you when you were first learning how to fly? Well, i tell you what i did i rolled up. My sleeves i put on my work pants my work boots and i sat down at the computer and started watching youtube videos. Oh yeah yeah, just like anything these days. If you want to learn how to do something hop on youtube and more than likely, somebody or many other people have done it already, theres so much information and so much education on youtube on how to fly a drone. Who did you watch? You got any good channel recommendations. Who did i watch well theres, just so many to mention. I hate to tell you, because i dont want to miss anybody, so i would say just do a youtube search for how to fly a drone for the first time or something like that.

Yeah youtube is really amazing. I i probably should get on there more. You know hey speaking of youtube, i was watching a video the other day and theres some guy using nd filters on his drone and supposedly that helps you get more cinematic footage. Is that true, or is that just that guy just trying to sell you something yeah? So, for as far as nd filters go, i mean obviously you can film without them, but if you want to get really the best looking smoothest most cinematic, looking video, then youre going to want to use nd filters, because you want to keep your shutter speed about Two times what your frame rate is so, if youre filming at 4k, 30 or 4k 24, then you want to keep your shutter speed at 60 or at 50, and that will give you the most smooth, most natural. Looking motion blur that you can get on your video and it really really will help improve the quality of your videos. Oh okay! Well, that totally makes sense hey. So i was uh. I was just curious if you remember when you first got your drone and you were so excited to fly it that you launched it inside your house and you almost killed your cat or is that too soon, yeah yeah good times good times? No seriously? That was probably the stupidest thing, ive ever done with my drone on day one i put it up in the living room and pretty much almost decapitated, the cat not knowing how to fly in a confined space obstacles everywhere.

It was quite the experience so yeah. I definitely should have went out into a wide open space uh. It might have been a better idea to have found a really big wide open space with no obstacles and nobody around. So you could really practice flying your drone without risk of killing anything or hurting uh crashing your drone. In fact, just a couple of days after that i drove out to this field, this great big field, no power lines, no buildings, no trees, no cars; no people! No, nothing and i just practiced flying my drone there, and i did that a few times that really made me feel comfortable with flying the drone. If i had to do it all over again, i would do that from the very beginning. Yeah weve really come a long way since those first days of flying right yeah. I would say that for sure you know some of the mistakes that i made probably taught me some of the biggest lessons and im still learning i mean every time i fly. I learn something new and im just so glad that theres, so many people out there teaching us and you know showing their mistakes, so we can learn from them theres a lot of great information out there on youtube. So i really hope that more people get into this hobby and start making youtube channels about it, because the more people we have involved, the more we can learn from each other, and it just makes this hobby even more fun.

Yeah yeah. I agree all right man. I better get back to flying golden hour is pretty much over, but im gon na try to get a little bit of footage in here. So well, if youre interested in golden hour, you really should come to alaska, because basically in the winter we have golden hour that lasts all day long when the sun sort of comes up over the mountains and stays really low. And then you know sinks about 45 minutes later its really great yeah, yeah thats. True, you definitely have a lot more sunlight hours up there than we do here. So all right, jake well well, talk to you soon have a good one. Hey man thanks a lot for the tips. I really appreciate it. Ill uh have fun flying and ill chat with you again soon, bye all right. So if you want to learn even more tips on how to fly a drone as a beginner head on over to jake sloans channel ill put a link in the description for his channel. If you havent checked him out, you really should he does great product reviews. He has great tutorials, he lives in alaska, so his footage is unparalleled. He has some great footage of our beautiful earth so head over to jake and we got some more tips over there for you. If you got anything out of this video, please click on that thumbs up button. If you have any questions about anything that was presented today or if you have further questions about flying for the first time, put them down below in the comments and ill get back to you as soon as i can, there really is so much to learn and, Like i said, i truly am learning something every time that i fly and so im sure you guys do have questions and im happy to visit with you.

So follow me on instagram and twitter if you like twitter and just comment below and some way well connect and ill help you guys out.