I appreciate you guys for tuning in yet again to another video um. If you guys are new, welcome man. Welcome to the fam. Welcome to the fam. Welcome to the fam um make sure you subscribe to the channel if youre new, im telling you right now subscribe, because we only going up, we only going up but lets get right into this. Video man bear with me because im holding the camera um while im trying to basically talk to you guys and my camera is actually dying, so were just gon na quickly swift through this video, it wasnt something that was actually requested or anything like that. But if you watch my previous video, i did touch base a little bit on the uh drone that you see right here. So i let you guys know that i was basically going to. You know: go a little bit more in depth about the drone. So, as you can tell by the title of the video, what is the best drone under 500 man, that is the mavic mini, also want to tell you guys, five reasons as to why this is going to be your best drone under 500 bucks. First reason, being you can fly it indoors. I mean that sells itself who wouldnt want to fly their drone inside, so that could be really good for, like real estate photographer real estate videographers, i mean um and real estate photographers too. Actually, if youre trying to get into doing video its a good piece of gear, because i mean game, changer thats – all i could say – um – also really good for content creators too, for people who, like to um, create content.

If you want to create, like you know some really cool videos and really cool visual shots, it would be really cool too. How many times did i just say, cool in the last 30 seconds, um itll be dope, though, to have some drone footage of you inside, like you, may be sitting on the couch and having your your partner, bring you a cup of coffee, and somebody else is Basically, controlling the drone from a different angle, and now you got all these really cool shots that you can incorporate into some of the content that you post so definitely good for content creators too, because its super small and lightweight bro, like do you see how tiny This drone is, it is so small, so small man um it definitely can fit in your pocket, its just not taking up extra space that can be used for other gear that you need. You dont need a license to fly it like yo. What i dont need a license to fly it thats. What really got me you could fly this puppy, basically anywhere um, the design of it its like so lightweight and small, though specifically so that it can be flown anywhere like mavic mini its the best one hands down um and because you dont need a license to Fly it like it takes a lot of stress off of your back when it comes down to doing projects and events and shoots and stuff like that.

You dont have to worry about obtaining a license and making sure that you can fly in the area of the designated like session or event or whatever look how small it is man. Do you guys see how small it is its crazy now guys, if you want me to record a like real review, sit down set up, my camera show you guys how to work. This thing, let me know in the comments down below for real men, because i would definitely do the video just. Let me know if its something that you guys want to see um, because i im really just flying through this video right now. Um. So forgive me, but yes, you just open this up like this. You have your little um controls or sticks. Joy. Stick not whatever you know what this is. You just put it right here, lock it in theres another one on this side and thats. Basically, how you would control and fly the drone, your phone up to this little piece right here and you control it just like that making it super easy to just upload footage right onto your phone. The drone captures the video on your phone to the dji mavic mini app, or something like that. Like the dji app, it collects the footage through there, so its going to be in the app and on your phone. So it just makes it easier to just upload content, um and i mean thats just thats beneficial, because who wouldnt want to just upload their stuff right away or um.

And when youre able to just upload right away to like your social media accounts or websites or whatever, like that, it definitely boosts your consistency. You know i mean when it comes down to creating this content, because you know you go capture some footage on the drone. Real quick, its on your phone already, you download a quick editing, app youre good to go content uploaded, so i really love that feature of it um. Lastly, its affordable, like the its under 500 youre, not breaking the bank. The performance of the drone is just as elite as the next super big drone the size of this table right here, so i mean, if you had to ask me, this – is definitely going to be the best drone under 500 bucks. If you are looking to get a drone in the near future or right now, i would definitely suggest dji mavic mini um. Under 500 bucks man super lightweight fits in your pocket. You know im saying you can upload your content right there as soon as youre done. Shooting um you can even edit your content. I believe within the app dont quote me on that um, but i think you can theres like a little creators tab in the app once youre done, recording and stuff that allows you to. You know im saying make it look, nice jazz it up and all that stuff um but yeah, so small, like i still cant get over how tiny this thing is yo.

I cannot but yeah man like thats it thats literally it best drone. Look im messing with my propeller. I got ta chill well, i didnt even show you guys, though i dont know if i did um the little propeller guards these were gifted to me, but theyre super dope. You definitely want to protect these babies because you dont want these to break off. They do get loose. You do receive something that allows you to tighten it up a little bit. Somebodys calling me sorry, guys, um, but yeah definitely get some propeller guards as well. I went a really long time without them and um. I shouldnt have done that. I got lucky because theyre still good right now, but you always want to protect your gears best as possible, but um yeah thats it bro thats. It thats it guys if you um. Actually fly the drone and how i you know, pilot and navigate and all that good stuff. Just let me know in the comments down below like this video give me a thumbs up subscribe. You know what im saying, because we all need a little love. Sometimes show me. Some love show me some love man, um, subscribing and liking, and commenting and sharing on the video is all forms of love and itll all help me and the channel grow. And if you are with me, if you dig into videos if youre in tune, if you want to see the journey me starting my youtube channel and all that good stuff, you want to subscribe man, you want to subscribe thats it best drone under 500 bucks, simple Straight to the point, a little rushed, please forgive me guys, but just know.

I am always willing to sit down and redo a video if you guys want yeah, if you guys want, if you guys want me to redo it and go slower and actually show you how to operate the drone. I would be more than happy to do that. Man so yeah again leave a like leave a comment hit that subscribe button. So you know when im dropping more videos, and i will see you guys in the next one man. Thank you guys again so much for sticking around and for tuning in.