Is it worth it? Okay, so heres our case. We open that up. There is the drone: weve got a little nifty controller there with lots of different buttons. Then youve got the drone itself. So again, its only small, pretty much size of your hand, four blades turn it over battery sits nicely in there. So its all nice and compact, its really cool in here. Not only do you have the uh the manual they give you some spare blades theres a little all that little metal bit there thats to pull the blades out. If you ever need to fix them a nifty little screwdriver, so you do need to fix it. Get the batteries out because the controller has aaa batteries in it screwdriver they provide everything thats all you need and and a little charger for the batteries, and they provide you with three batteries and again 28 pounds from amazon im going to need your help with the Next, video down in the comments, please put what you think theres still dont do around the house. Can it make a cup of tea, put your comments down there and well find out now youve seen the drone. I think we need to see what this drone does. Ive been messing around with it a little bit and its actually quite good fun lets see what he can do. Oh, yes, it can do flips, Music and, of course, theres always going to be. Something goes wrong when were testing it, seeing what it could do.

It was a disaster. This happened Music, oh my god, and now weve seen him do his little flips. There is another mode, its gone called headless mode. What headless mode does it has little sensors on the sides and underneath, if it gets near anything, itll sense it and it will shoot off. So if youre gon na try and fly into someones face this mode on not gon na happen Music, so there it is theres the drone. The 28 pound drone from amazon and black friday deals little rc drone mini. I had a lot of fun with this. Not only can it do flips its got, a few safety features, its got a little hover mode as well press a button itll take off and it will hover at a certain level. So nice and easy take off its also got a recall button. It goes out of range press. The button itll then come back so for the size and the price, a pretty nifty bit of kit. So if you are looking into a drone, youre, not sure if youre gon na enjoy it, if you want a beginner start a kind of drone, this could be the one ill put a link down below for you to click which will take you to the amazon Page, so you can have a look if you want to buy it its there and in this point in the week it might be even cheaper, because back friday might be even better right now.

I will give this drone an 8 out of 10., its nifty, its fun can do flips. What more could you want? The only reason i havent given a 10 is because of the battery life, but it is small, so i cant really expect anything more from it, but overall a fantastic little drone im glad i spent 20 airplanes on it. I would even probably spend 40 pounds on it its that much fun. Thank you for stopping along and watching the video ive been rob. This has been rob reviews the rc drone mini review. Please remember to like comment and subscribe if you havent subscribed already. What are you doing hit that button hit the little notification bell tune in to the next videos, as mentioned earlier, please do comment what you think this drone might be able to do around the house. Can it make that cup of tea? Can it open a book? I dont know i want to hear what you think give me some wacky ideas for me to try with this drone, see see how good it is.