I just got from ebay, it comes complete with you know the controller and the little mini drone um, but my review is basically um. The best thing about this is tiny and the worst thing about this is tiny and so um that’s about it for the review. Basically, i’ll show you how it works and everything, but i used to have a drone that was a lot bigger about four years ago and it really kind of flew a lot differently through the air. I mean it’s kind of heavy kind of heavy set motion. It wouldn’t get blown around by the wind at all, and so it just flew a lot different. Now these little ones um they fly great and everything, but they’re they’re, really small. They get blown by the wind, a lot um, so it’s kind of harder to to fly in certain situations, but um. So if you wanted this thing for, like you know, flying around your house or something it’s perfect, i mean this thing’s small. It can maneuver really well in small places if you want to take this out outside and fly up high and take videos and stuff it’s, probably not the best for you. So one of the problems i saw with this is um when you’re taking video, my old drone had an actual little card you put in it, so it would record the video onto the card. So it was, you know, direct transfer there, whereas this one it really comes back to your phone.

So the video is stored on your phone, which is great, i mean you don’t, have to download this or anything, but i think it’s just that that transfer of data you know um in live time that just doesn’t work really well. So i found the videos on this um really choppy looking um, not smooth at all, so the videos from this just weren’t good i’ll, show you one of the videos i took so um when you’re looking at um the video on here um directly on your screen. Um, i thought it’d be cool, like oh i’ll, just look at the screen and i’ll just you know, see the land in real time and i could just fly using the screen. But i mean the screen is the same as video it’s real choppy, and so you can’t really just look at your screen and you know follow the drone. You know through the air just looking at your screen. You have to watch it because it’s so choppy uh. It really doesn’t work that way now. This does have a lot of cool functions. Now that i didn’t have four years ago, like you can um has this button where it can automatically come back to your spot. You start it in it’s, got you know automatic land and take off, which is really cool and does do flips, like you know normal most most drones do flips and stuff in the air, so that’s kind of cool um, but again being so small like this um, You get high in the wind, and this thing just starts taking off with the wind it’s hard to you know, really keep in place to fight the wind it just doesn’t have enough power, so um and another thing being small.

I lost some of these little protectors. Right here popped off um and it you know it’s almost impossible to find it and so um you know losing this drone is real, easy, um and the little pieces on it are hard to find. But it is cool that i mean everything fits in the slow compact space. You can fold up this drone and put it in this little compartment. But you know i like storing my batteries in there and it’s got another storage in the back, so it’s pretty cool. But again, if you want to use this indoors, it’s great but outside in a wind situation, not so great, let me show you how it flies. So hey one of the cool things is um. When you do have your um phone up here i mean you can see a picture of. I don’t know if you can actually see it or not on this, but it it shows like at least you know the ground so two times when i lost it. I looked at the picture and i was like oh at least i know it’s on the ground because i’m, seeing you know, branches and stuff, so um that’s, pretty cool that you can see. You know what the camera is seeing and uh it’s helpful.