So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the 40 rc vicki, or i like to call it the miss vicky showing my age there. This is a low cost. Beginner’S gps drone is what it is folks if you’ve seen recently my recent review of the f3 40 rc f3. This is very similar to the f3. However, there’s some cosmetic differences between the two – and there is some differences in the camera between uh this and the uh previous uh f3, that i’ve reviewed now um Music let’s talk about this drone. It only weighs 186 grams um. I i guess it’s advertised at 249 grams i’ve weighed this thing with the battery installed it’s real it’s, lighter than that it’s 186 grams, and as such, this does not require registration in most countries. However, keep in mind it does have a camera on it. So for those countries such as in the european union that do require registration for cameras, this drone will, you know, require registration in those type of countries that are a little more restrictive on what can needs to be uh registered and what does not. Now i mentioned this is a gps drone. It does have automatic return to home capability on command, unlocks the signal and on low voltage. It’Ll come back and land itself where it took off from um. Also, it is powered by brushed motors to keep the clasp done. These are brushed core 08 23 cordless motors that are installed in this and again, the idea is to keep the weight down and also to keep the cost down on this particular drill.

It is powered by a 3.7 volt, 1100 milliampere hour battery um. This is supposedly gives it up to 25 minutes of flight time. I find that hard to believe i’d. You know i’d expect something under 15 minutes for this size of a battery with this drum we’ll find out when we go out in the field. What you know, what type of flight time we’ll get to it, but mentioning the battery it is charged via via a uh micro, usb port in the battery itself. Here you’ll see a little light come on here, while you’re charging it. You get a cable with this to charge this particular battery, but i recommend using a wall charger, a phone wall charger to charge this large battery instead of your computer. This could take a day or two if you try to charge this through the usb port. On your computer, which is only, i guess, around 500 milliamps, you want a two amp wall charger and that will cut down the charge time in this great much much quicker to charge this particular battery. Okay, so let’s put the battery back in show how it goes in um, the camera on this i’m. Sorry about my camera, the camera on this is not as good as what i saw on the previous f3. This camera is a 720p camera on this, with a rather narrow field of view, but again you’re not going to expect to get cinematic 4k cameras at this price range.

Um it’s, just not gon na happen, folks, but uh again. This is not intended for producing uh video for uh professional video. This is a beginner’s learn to fly drone that’s. All it is folks. Beginners learn to fly with gps to help make it easier for you to learn to fly and um i’ve mentioned the 720p camera. One thing i did not mention is this is available in the gps version has both built in gps and an optical flow sensor on the belly for flying indoors. If you want to hover this drone without using the gps, such as indoor flying, you can do that with this optical flow sensor, it looks directly beneath the drone and uh uses what it sees beneath the drone to maintain its position, and i mentioned optical flow. This is available in two different versions: folks there’s, the 5g version, which is the 802.11 ac wi fi and i’ll get get into that shortly. The gps version, in other words, um, comes with both the gps and optical flow sensor, but there is a cheaper version that has only optical flow, only no gps capability and also that version or has 2.4 gigahertz wi fi, which works on most phones, but um. Keep in mind with that 2.4 gigahertz wi fi expect much shorter fp video range from the drone. I expect to see ranges of about 70 meters, video range versus 200 meters, or so video range with the five this five gigahertz version.

So um. You know you get what you pay, for is what i’m trying to say here. Folks go for that cheaper version. You might be disappointed in the range that you get now. This is also advertised with a two kilometer range that two kilometer range may be true for the controller, but don’t expect to get two kilometer fpv video range okay. Now this drone does not have a built in sd card reader or writer to record your video. Your video is being recorded only through to your phone, using the the drones app via wi fi, now, keeping in mind that that video is only going to go out to 200 200 meters maximum. If you fly out to two kilometers with this drone, you are going to be flying blind and you’re not going to be able to record that video. So you know what what is the use of being able to fly two kilometers. If you can’t record your video that’s, what i’m trying to say there and let’s talk about that app um, this uses the 4drc pro app available on google play and itunes, and with that you’ll get the fpv video from this video or from this uh camera you’ll. Be able to see that what the camera’s projecting or what the camera’s seeing along with getting advanced flight control modes of circle me follow me and waypoints on the on the drone and uh let’s see what else that’s about it.

Okay, um, i did mention the camera on this – is the 720p camera uh is the actual resolution of this camera using that uh 40rc pro app? You know this is being advertised as 6k uh. What they’re saying is what that does. Is it enlarges? Electronically enlarges the video from this camera up to a uh resolution of 6144 by 3456 pixels for still photos, it’s still going to look like 720p frame grab from the video, but it’s much larger file size is the end results. Folks, so don’t expect to see improvement using the app to electronically enlarge that video or the or the still images. Also it does the same with the video from the camera and uh electronically, interpolates it to 1920 by 1080 pixels at about 19 frames per second. So again, but it still will look like a 720p video. Unfortunately that’s, just electronic interpolation let’s go over what you get in the in the package. Um you get manuals for this, but the manual that came with this is for the 40 rc f3, which is again a very similar drone. The actual f10 manual that comes with this is only in chinese it’s only available in chinese. However, everything about this drone works. Exactly the same as the original f3, so just you can use this manual, in other words, to fly this particular drone. You also get the drone in the package. This drone is also available with one two or three uh spare batteries.

I recommend, if you wan na, are considering additional batteries for this drone get them at the time of purchase, because you will be unable to purchase them separately because of lipo shipping restrictions. Additionally, in the package you get a spare set of propellers, along with a usb micro, usb cable for charging those batteries. You also there’s also, i believe, in there a uh. No, i can’t find it. Oh yeah, there is the obligatory tiny phillips screwdriver is in there too. Okay and you get the controller, and also this comes with a very nice carrying case for carrying the drum and its accessories. Now let’s go over the controller. The controller um is the exact same as the one of the from the 40 rcf3 the buttons on it. This button here is for taking or for adjusting the rates of the drone to adjust its speed. It has a beginner intermediate and expert rate for a low, medium and high speed. These antennas on here are fake antennas. There are no wires running up in here, so just for looks uh. This button right on the right here is for taking a photo. So with a quick, quick press and a long press, it will take a video um. This button here is for turning on the controller and turning it off, and this is its phone holder. By the way, this phone holder is very large. It holds my extra large phone so finally they’re starting to realize that not everybody has ultrasound phones.

So i do like this phone holder on here. But again this is the power button uh. This is automatic takeoff automatic landing to use this automatic takeoff. You need to first start the motors and to start the motors on this drone. You bring both sticks down and upward like that down and out, and that will start the motors on the drone uh. This button here is for activating the compass calibration on the drone. I will show you how to use that when we go take this out into the field, you can turn the gps off. If you wish by pressing this button here – and you would do that, if you’re flying indoors or or if you enter in the toilet bowl effect with this particular drug, if, if the drone, if you lose control of the drone with the gps system on press this Button and it will go into optical flow mode, and then you should be able to manually fly it back. It does have automatic return to home capability again on command when the gps is on by pressing this button here and this one that’s labeled auto is headless mode. It does have headless mode capability which you activate by pressing that button there so that’s, the 40 rc vicky let’s, take it out into the field and see how it flies. Hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a beaut on a beautiful day with the 40 rc uh f10 vicky beginners gps drone low cost, beginners gps drone um.

If this works out as as advertised. This actually might be a great drone for beginner pilots. You know something affordable, you’re not going to get cinematic. Video don’t expect that but it’s it will be fun to fly still with that in mind. So, to start this up, we need to press and hold this button down until the lights in the back, come on flashing and then put it on a flat level surface like so, and that will calibrate the gyro on board and we turn on the transmitter and Go up and down on the throttle like so to bind the transmitter to the controller and we have a solid red light in the back now. The first thing, since this is a gps drone, we are going to need to do a compass calibration, always do that before you fly folks. I recommend it and to do that. You press this button here and hold it down until the light starts flashing on the back of the drum. The red light is flashing right now. I don’t know if you can see that and we need to turn the drone like so three times or so. Until we hear a beep heard that beep, then we go nose down like so and continue rotating until we hear another beep and there we go compass calibration is complete very important for gps drones. Folks, just remember that okay, next thing i need to do is connect that five gigahertz wi fi.

We just got a sufficient uh satellites to fly, but i need to connect that five gigahertz wi fi to my uh phone, okay and then then i’ll open the app. So you’ve got to connect the to the wi fi first and then you open the app so hold on. While i do that folks, okay, this is the 40 rc uh pro app available on google play and itunes. Then we hit go in the lower right corner and we’ve already done this, so we don’t need to do these calibrations. We did it uh using the controller i like to use the controller, but there we go. We got fpv video. Let me raise up that camera because we’re looking at a lot of ground here – and we do that manually by tilting it with our fingers – okay, okay, still a little bit too much hot, too high. I don’t want to hit to see the propellers, although we may, but that seems to be good right there um again notice. This is not the best camera in the world. Folks, it’s a little old 720p camera with interpolation on top of that, okay, so we’re ready to fly. I am going to start the video camera by pressing this button here, holding it down until we hear it beep. It says it doesn’t support 4k, interpolation and we’re going to do. Is it okay to interpolate the 1080p i’m going to hit confirm, i hope? Actually, i would prefer not to do any interpolation, but you don’t have any choice and uh we’re going to start the motors by down and out on those sticks and then giving a little throttle until we get to an altitude.

We like right about there and before we go flying any further we’re gon na check stability, making sure this thing’s not rotating like in a toilet bowl. If you see any of that folks, you need to land immediately and redo the compass calibration if it starts going around in the toilet, we’ll land immediately, because it’s just gon na get worse. Okay, that’s working camera is recording except the camera is too high. So let me lay it again: i guess we need to have that tilted down a bit tilt it down just a bit because there’s quite a bit of uh magnification on the video quite a bit of magnification. So there we go. Let’S start the motors again going back into the air got to come back down now because i got ta, ask you let’s see it’s the first day of true spring. In my opinion, i want to show you yeah it’s tie dye season. So i like my shirt today, folks, okay and it’s, getting a little bit warm here too. Okay, we’re good to go there let’s test out its fpv range, so we’ll go up to up first to height, see if we can see lake erie first we’ll go up. The height of about 20 meters, 20 meters, usually is where we can see lake erie. You see lake erie folks, i think i can just barely and we’re going to push forward and head to the road see what type of range we get before we lose fpv on that video.

Let me stop the video recording because i’m, not sure if it’s, recording or not, i was recording okay, so i’m gon na start it again confirm and head toward the road pushing forward. Now we do have some wind today that’s why it’s bumping around and that’s what you get when there’s, no stabilization, okay right here at about 55 meters it’s, getting real iffy with wi fi. So again, don’t expect great fantastic ranges with a beginner’s drone, but 60 meters. That seems to be okay we’re, going a little bit farther forward. 160 that’s, not 168 meters away. I don’t think it is. Maybe it is okay. Let me no it’s not because the the road is 168 meters. These are in feet, folks, those numbers you’re seeing down there aren’t feet 468 feet: uh, six, okay, we’re close to 200 meters yeah. I believe it now. Okay, we’ve still got fpv range at about close to 200 meters, i’m i’m saying about 180, the road’s 180.. So from that position there let’s try the return to home and landing so pressing return to home button and let’s see it do its return to home and landing turn back mode. They caught we’ll, see okay, coming back coming back, we’ll see how close it’s return to home and landing is, and right now, i’m seeing toilet bowl see, it happens. Okay, his toilet bowl stopped it swirled for a bit there. When it’s returned to home let’s see how close the landing is, i’m going to step back a bit it’s coming down so return to home and landing works, we went out to about 200 meters that’s pretty good for a cheap drone like this all right again.

What i’m seeing the camera is not the best in the world, but i you wouldn’t expect it at this price range. Keep that in mind. So the miss vicki is about two to three meters away from its takeoff point, which again is not too bad let’s see through the final descent i’m going to stop it, for it touches right there there stop it so about three meters, three meters distance, so let’s Try the advanced flight control features of the app see if they work went up a bit higher and we need to activate those by clicking on that box in the upper left corner of the fpv screen. Oh before we do that, let me sync up the cameras. Camera sync for that flight. Turning off the camera and restarting the camera syncing up one more time, wait confirm up the cameras one more time, three, four: okay, that should be good going back up. Why did i do that folks that’s? So my lips are in sync with the video. If i don’t do, that, it looks like a bad deadly dub, kung, fu movie, so that’s. Why i do that um gps, follow let’s, come down a little lower, see if it’ll, let me fly on and then hitting gps follow. Okay, gps follows activate it. Can i come down lower okay we’ll follow yeah yeah it’s turning it’s just that uh it’s zoomed. In so far so far, let’s see if it follows me as i walk this way, walk this way and talk this way follow me is working syncing up again follow these working let’s see if it stops notice that i stopped let’s see if it notices that i’m Walking toward it ones are going to notice that i’m walking toward it by the way.

How do you like my shirt today, folks, okay, where’s it going okay, now it’s pointing over here? According to ward, you works, but uh following you works, but going away from you. If you go toward it, doesn’t seem to work as well. Let’S. Try that um circle position yeah come down a bit circle position that’s right about over my head. I want to be over my head and then uh let’s see. Where is circle surrounding pressing the button. Let’S see what it does activated circle not still in follow mode. I think i need to turn off follow mode, oh that x, on the left side. I’M. Sorry, do i need to open up the box to do that. Then click in the x it’s going over. My head and it’s going in the circle position, even though it says it’s follow mode. This is circle position. I think it’s circle position. Do i need to tell which direction to go? Well. I’M, not sure what it’s doing folks it’s going back over there. Okay, we’re still in follow mode. Obviously so let’s try to come out of that pressing follow mode now, it’s in surround mode. You have to click it one more time, another circle position and where’s the circling it was over here. I guess hi. So circle position is working circling my position and finally i know the folks are interested in waypoints, so let’s stop that pressing the x opening the box come on box open and clicking the x clicking circle position i hit the x, then i hit it one more Time to come out of it, okay, so gps signal is not normal, it’s i’m, not sure why it’s not normal, but pulling it toward me it’s, bringing this back toward me, uh, okay, i think it’s still in saran mode, okay, that’s working, but when i push forward It goes backwards so when i pull forward it’s like it’s in headless mode, although i don’t think i activated headless mode, did i is there a headless mode here? Oh yeah, no i’m, not saying headless mode here, but hop out here.

Okay and this mode is off to right, activate it now and i’m going i’m doing up. Let’S come on to that pushing forward and what i want to do is get in the picture and pull back and do an up and away uh it’s you’re not going to do it with this zoomed in camera. It’S, just not gon na happen. So okay let’s bring it back toward me and i got ta come out of headless mode too headless mode’s off. It seems like it’s still in headless mode like the sticks. Are reversed. I’M, not sure why that is, but while we’re here let’s let’s, stop the video recording and start it one more time, because our battery is starting to get low, confirm, battery’s starting to get low on this beginner’s plane. The beginner’s drone one more time see those lights. Flashing, that means my battery’s low and i’m get i’m thinking of going back home, okay low battery. Please return in time well we’re going to see what it does on low battery folks i’m going to fly it until it either drops. It wants me to return so we’re gon na return, we’re gon na call that you know i’m not seeing the screen anymore. That really not! Let me do anything other than just watch. His head fly around here, so i’m gon na hit return to home or land let’s, just land it right there land it right there and call that it’s flight time.

So that is its flight time on the vicky, the f10 vicky actually not a bad little drone. Not a bad beginner’s drone, the camera, you know, keep in mind. It is a what is it 60 drone with gps? I don’t think you’re gon na you should expect to be getting true. 4K video at that price range. It ain’t gon na happen, folks, it really ain’t so hope you enjoyed this flight of the vicky. This is quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again hey. If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.