Now today, we’re going to be talking about drones. More importantly, the 4d rc drone. Now, typically, i would have the product here in studio, so i could have it in my hand and show you in the comparison size. However, i lost a drone yeah. So look it’s a budget drone. So if, for any reason the wind takes it or it lands into a tree, it’s gone that’s it, the more budget friendly drones, do not have gps locators built into them. So if you don’t see where it lands, then i guess that’s. Just your drone down the drain, but we’re here today, because the drone it’s budget friendly, so the fact that i’ve lost the drone doesn’t hurt my pockets too much as if it was a professional driver. The reason why we are reviewing this drone and not a cheaper version, is because the 20 30 and 40 drones are just not worth it. They have crappy cameras, they do not fly. If they do fly, they will take off and they will just do whatever they want. So a six dollar and seventy dollar drones are the real entry level point. I would say if you are just wanting to have something to just learn how to fly a drone, and this is the perfect thing to start out with. It is not hard controls and the controller is laid out so that it’s really easy to learn. Now, as i said, i’ve lost my drone it’s gone it’s, just it’s out of here um.

I was taking it for a test flight just to make sure of everything it could do and it got really high. The wind took it and it landed into a tree. I could literally see the drone in the tree, but i couldn’t tell which tree it was in just to give a short explanation to that um. I could see the drone’s angle from the video that it was giving to my phone before the battery died. I couldn’t physically see it, but i could tell it was in one of these trees and it was looking down, but i can’t tell where it was looking down at because everything looked the same green. So the drone is actually a nice size. It folds up with his forearms so that it can become a nice sized object to curry. It fits into any compartment in one of your bags, or it can even fit into your pocket. The controller itself is actually not that bad either the controller its arm extends out so that you can put your phone here so that, once you learn how to actually fly the drone, you can get some footage from it. You can connect a drone straight to your phone via an app, and you can record any and everything that you get off of it while it’s flying now. This drone is a budget drone. I would not recommend using this drone to really obtain any real footage, like the footage is just bad.

It’S like it is it’s, just not good um right now. You should be seeing some of the footage that i’ve gotten from it, and even if you try to take it out of just its raw format, which is not even in raw it’s, still shot in jpeg that’s. The low quality of this drone, the video, is just bad and even, if you try to add a warp stabilizer to it, it’s actually going to make things worse, believe it or not like it’s it’s just is not usable. I would not recommend getting this drone to record anything, but i would recommend grabbing this drone to learn the basics of flying a drone so that, if, for any reason you lose it, it breaks or gets stolen. You do not take a major hit to your pocket. Now everyone knows about the dji magic, maverick air, the mini the pro. Those are the drones that you want to get in order to get footage to use, but i would not recommend dropping 300 to 500 on your first drone it’s just it’s, just not it’s, not a smart investment, especially if you do not know how to fly it. After your drone has a certain weight limit, you do have to get it registered with the department of aviation aviation like if you just want to get a drone to test fly and see if this is something that you want to dabble into, while you’re doing photography Grabbing a cheaper drone would be the best option, and this one it was not bad like it honestly, was quite fun to fly around i’m, really disappointed that i don’t have too much footage of me flying it.

Um i’ve had it for about two weeks and i would not recommend like it can go really high to the point where it just looks like a dot. It goes much higher than you would expect from something at such a low price that i was actually amazed of how high it went, but because it went so high and because it’s not an expensive drone that has the weight to match the power input. It was blown away with the wind and it landed in a tree all right, pete, all right so here are some cons like i want to say pros and cons, but i’m just going to start off with just this long list of cons for this drone. That might deter you from buying it, but you might want to push through just for the satisfaction of being able to have a drone to fly around. That will give you real world experience close enough to one of the more expensive drones starting off from the top. The battery the battery specs say that the drone will fly for about 15 minutes on a fully charged battery incorrect. You get anywhere from seven to eight minutes tops like i don’t know what they, what kind of tests they did to get 15 minutes out of it. Most likely they were inside of a warehouse where they did not have any kind of wind, but the second you throw this thing into the air. If it is even the slightest wind, you will start to drift away or blow away and you’ll end up using most of the battery and that flight time.

Getting the drone where you want to be at the drone does not hover and does not stay in one location, so you are not getting any kind of decent level shot from it, whether it’s a photo or it is a video. Everything is going to be in low resolution and it is not going to be usable almost anywhere on the app. It says that you’re able to look at your drone via gps, which is not true, the second that you connect your phone to the drone. The gps location disappears, and you cannot find it only on a certain version of this drone which is more expensive. Do you get that option when connecting the app to it and, finally, some pros it does fly? It is a great starter drone to fly around. You can get some great practice from it. If you think that flying a drone is something that you’re going to want to do and add to your result, add to your resume, then this would be a good drone to get just to have practice with it other than that um. If you’ve already have a drone or you’ve flown around with someone else’s drone save up for one of the the more expensive ones like a dji mini 300. I think, like this, the budget drones aren’t really something to use for your photography business. Now, if you just want to fly around for a backyard session with your kids or just to show something off to show your skills off, this is great.

But if you want to use this for photography, uh you’re, just not getting anything out of it like death. Nothing at all and if you’re new to the channel, please take the time to like subscribe. We have little budget friendly videos for beginners intermediate, as well as pro photographers.