I picked up its a 4d rc, its supposed to be a 4k drone. Wouldnt really call it that uh. So this is me just setting it up calibrating it. The video is a little choppy and im all over the place because i didnt have the right camera setup, but it tells you to go through the steps to calibrate it to sync it to the phone. So the first time you use it, there is a sequence. You have to go through and thats why it wouldnt take off. I didnt know that at the time, so there was a little lock button if you saw on the screen, if you hit that lock image itll unlock the drone, so its ready for flight. So once i figured it out, started working so watch those blades. They are sharp, obviously youre supposed to take it off on a flat surface. Grass is not a good idea, so i put on top of the case so heres the footage. This is not 4k, as you can see: theres no onboard sd card slot, so its just filming and then sends the video to your phone, so its probably closer to maybe 480p theres, no sound of either the quality is good enough, its not quite stable. It had a stabilizer, they claim. You also cannot move the gimbal, which i did not know. I thought you could so there. It is probably about 150 feet in the air, so again heres another shot from the actual camera.

On the drone i paid 79 on a 11 11 sale aliexpress, so i figured for 80 bucks. If the drone is okay, then im okay with it its pretty heavy, so again, im filming with my phone at this point as its coming back down. So there is an option where you can make it come home, so i was trying that here, oh as you can see it did the opposite. It actually flew away. I guess that was more of a takeoff than it was to come home. Im still learning the other mistake i didnt realize was on the controller. You can flip the middle piece up and hook a phone to it. Instead of putting the phone on the ground, i will do a new video once i learn how to use this a little bit better. This is kind of just a first test, again im, probably 150, to maybe 200 feet high here, just flying in the local park, but i just want to do a quick video of this drone. If you are thinking of getting one, i do recommend it even for 80 bucks, its not great, but the alternatives for a dji or anything else like that is about 10 times that price. So if you want to just get into drone, this also did come with spare blades as well. It came with two batteries. The battery life was probably 15 minutes, so it wasnt too too bad, but i will use this up.

North fly around my property heres, just another shot of me taking off, as you can see its not very stable, its not the worst, but its not great, compared to some of the high end ones again for the price point totally worth it thanks. So much for watching this is northern chris dont forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell. A new video drops every friday im nowhere near those hydro lines. They look super close, but theyre.