Almost a helicopter. Looking thing can’t really see what it looks like here, but i’ll open it up in just a moment. But here is the box: it comes in a rather generic box, that’s – usually there’s artwork on this, but as you can see, this is the brand name, as you can see, it’s also on the case is 4drc. The model number is a 4d m3 and it’s called the vertiget. So let’s go ahead and look at the at the actual i’m going to call it a helicopter drone quadcopter all different kinds of names, because i don’t know exactly what you call it, but it does come in this rather nice carrying case, and here it is, they May have several colors, i don’t know, but this is a red one, as you can see rather unique design and with the having four rotors there’s two on each side. This would certainly fall under a quad copter by the fact that it has four rotors. So they’re not actually probably working the exact same way as a traditional quadcopter, but it’s really noisy. I just flew a while ago and it’s. You know it’s it’s, direct driven, so it’s really odd. These little motors are directly uh. The props are directly on the bottom. So, usually, not only are those more efficient, they’re, usually quieter when they’re directly, because they’re not running those gears so shocked how loud this thing is for flying indoors. You’Ll see here when we get with the flight review here after this video um yeah, but it flies really really well that’s.

What i was happy, it really is sporty i’ll show you the controller here in a moment. There’S three speed rates and the yaw does increase with those rates there’s a red tail light here and there’s a white light here. So those are your two lights for orientation. On this guy again it’s pretty sporty, it does do 360 flips as well, but even before i got an ovc it wouldn’t. Let me do them, so you need to do those really early in the flight, because this is a really bulky guy, so it doesn’t. Probably let you do 360 flips very long before it thinks the voltage is too low and it won’t. Let you do them long ways. You can only do flips right and left. You know whenever you’re looking at it from the rear, you can’t do long ways or reverse four reverse flips on this guy. Now this one comes with two batteries. I already have the battery goes right in here and then your on and off switch is here on the top. You just press this button in this is a two battery version, it’s just a 1s lipo that i’m positive of, but i don’t know the uh voltage. Excuse me, i know it’s 1s voltage, but i don’t know the capacity of this guy so i’m sure it listed on banggood’s website. But this is certainly a lipo. Instead of a hard plastic case and i’m positive, it’s, 1s it’s, probably going to be somewhere in that three to 500 milliamp it’d, be my guess.

I didn’t get a flight time, but it flew pretty long and i was still not at the low low voltage because the lights would should flash at that point, but it uh was still going by like i said it wouldn’t. Let me do any flips at that point: um the instruction manual, unfortunately, the one i got is all in chinese that’s. Why i’m a little uncertain about some of the things i may mention, because there’s, no english for me and i don’t, know chinese. So i can’t tell you exactly: i had to obviously i always do testify this stuff and unless it’s a gps, drawing always testify those, but i had to you know flight just to figure out the uh. What all the controls were. You get a little charger and this is a little micro, usb charger and that actually took me a while today for some reason to find that the little charging port is here on the bottom and you have to plug that in and then the light will come On and go off and it’s charged to, let you know that it’s finished and this little bag has a full set of extra props, since these are above and below the uh. The ducted area here they’re not really protected, you’re, certainly very likely especially indoors, to break one of these props. It certainly could happen, you’re still going to scar them up, so they did give you a full set of props, a phillips screwdriver and a prop pulling tool to help you pull those off without breaking them and let’s.

Take a look at the controller. One thing i i you mentioned is they do have they do have a camera version of this drum of this. What i call a drone quadcopter this one is not the camera version you can see in the nose. This is where it would go. So, on your controller, there is a a phone clip holder, because obviously this would be also used with the camera version, what i have here being a non camera. Obviously, i have no reason to worry about flipping this out whenever i fly it because there’s no fpv or a camera, but it is altitude, hold you see by the self centering left stick, so it does hold its uh height, pretty nice and again it’s really sporty It’S got your trim here for this, even though it’s on the left. This is your pitch trim here, and this is your roll trim. It doesn’t appear to have any yaw or throttle trim this button here. If you’re on the ground, and you long press this it doesn’t auto, take off, it will start to props and take off automatically. You can also just give it throttle in it and hold this for a moment, and this props will spin up and it’ll take off or both sticks down and out also got the prop started, and then you can give it throttle so there’s three ways of taking Off, if you’re in the, if you’re on the ground – and you do a quick press of this – it does a gyro calibration i’m, pretty sure the lights flash while it’s on the ground, so quick press on the ground does gyro calibration long press on this, then auto.

Take off and if you’re in the air, just a quick press will auto land with this one button right here up top here, you’ve got your three speed rates. It will beep one two and three times so that lets you know what rate you’re in it’s. Obviously, more sporty and more faster y’all. This is your um headless mode and one key return: a quick press oddly enough interest in the headless mode, so you can enter into that pretty easily a long press of this will do your one key return. Usually you see that reversed, where you’re long pressing ahead of smokes, you may not want to be in that mode. This is your 360 flips which, again, when you do that early in the flight, so that we can demonstrate that i don’t know what this does. I’Ve think of this, maybe a video record or photo button for the camera version, the lights flash but that’s all it does when i press it. So i don’t think this button is functional on the one that i have and i think that pretty much covers the controls. Here’S your power button and you do need to do the up down to bind whenever you uh start up the quadcopters. So again it flies pretty nice, but it is really really noisy. So keep that in mind if you’re interested in this quadcopter helicopter deal. So what i’m going to do is i’m. Going to this, this one i’ve already flown on i’m gon na swap the new.

I have both batteries charged i’m gon na swap in the uh this battery here and then we’ll go. Take it up for a test flight, so i’ll be right back all right guys. So i got the quadcopter here on the edge of the table and use my tripod today. So hopefully i can keep it within view here. I just it’s a little better to set up my basement plus i got the a better mic on my phone here. I got the focus set to lock so it’s not going to zoom in and out. So if i show you my controller it’s going to be probably a bit blurry but i’m having trouble getting my camera to want to stay focused on the background and it’s. So i’ve got it set to lock there. So what we’re going to do is we’ll do a gyro calibration first, so we just do a short press on the button. Here. You should see the lights flash there so that’s a gyro calibration. Then a long press will take off so let’s go ahead and take off and we’ll do some 360 flips to start out so long press and there it does it’ll shoot out of you here for a moment: let’s get it down low and do the 360 flip Let’S, get it out here a little more Music having trouble, keep it within the view guys, but let’s get it down low again, Music. Do a flip left there.

We go Music and do a flip right, not the smoothest flipper, but again it won’t go it won’t! Flip forward and backwards just sideways, so here is your. Let me get the trim. Trimmed up here looks like it needs some forward trim there we go, we got it trimmed up better. Now, after doing some flips, it seemed like it needed to trim adjust it again. I had it trimmed up before that: here’s the yaw and there’s, the middle yaw and there’s the lowest. I already had it in the middle right, that’s, your lowest rate, there’s your middle, and here is your highest. I really like the highest rate. You can see it. You can do some funnels with it. I mean you guys can tell here even on this air conditioner i’m sure i was worried about that between the air conditioner and the noisiest. How noisy this is? It may not be easy to hear me, which maybe isn’t a bad thing, but that’s the other time. I want to use my good mic, which only works with my phone. This mic doesn’t work with my gopro or my uh osmo action there’s that white light in the front and the red light there in the rear. Let’S do an auto on all the landing it’s, just a quick press, and then it lands it’s going to be a little bit off. Camera let’s go ahead and just do a i’m going to do a unlock.

The problem actually just give it throttle ago. You don’t have to unlock the props, so not a lot of area to fly here guys i realize, but it’s going to be a little better conditions to fly in here than it will be outside the heat and the wind Music. But this is a pretty nice indoor flyer as long as you’re, okay, with the noise, you may not want to fly us around a lot of people, it may drive them nuts it’s just really loud. You can see, i can do funnels and the highest rate. Not. I mean pretty good funnels trying to keep it in view for you let’s try it let’s, try it again, not too bad let’s see. Will it still do a flip? No, so already it won’t do flips already. The voltage has dropped too much. Now i did fly it for about a minute before i took off in this video. To keep that in mind. I just i had trouble getting it to focus my camera, so i’d landed it and restarted the video. So a couple of minutes is all you’re going to get before it’s going to disable your 360 flips. So if you like doing 360 flips make sure you do those as soon as you take off, but we don’t have any flashing lights, so the lbc has not been reached: Music that’s, the lowest rate, rather sluggish there’s, your middle rate. You see it increases and there is your highest rate be an experienced flyer.

I like flying the highest rate, of course, there’s not a lot of room here so but there’s no, i was gon na say we haven’t crashed yet, and then i clipped the side of the air conditioner. Let me go ahead and see if i can set it back up right here. It should be good to go anytime. You trash it’s, usually a good idea to do a gyro calibration. So let’s do that quick press and do that now you can’t see that’s off camera right now, but uh i got it on the ground. I did a gyro calibration let’s go ahead and just give it throttle. If you hold it down it’ll fire up and take off Music, i actually had to give it a throttle and then give it throttle again, and then it took off but it’s all good Music, but yeah. This is going to be a you know. If you’re a new pilot you’ll keep it in a lower race, but you’re probably going to crash it some, you know i just had that one mishap there so far, just clipping the side of the air conditioning furnace uh, the furnace actually air conditioners, of course outside, But the coils are down here, it’s still going pretty good. I don’t know what our flight time is: i’m six minutes into the recording, so you figure we’re five minutes something probably since i did a little jibber jabbing at the beginning, but yeah.

This is pretty unique. If you’re interested in this i’ll have a purchase link to it to banggood, where i got this um, i think it was listed into the helicopter section with the helicopters, so it may not be seen by as many people the helicopters are pretty popular still but Music. Oh, that was a pretty good trash, so we got a couple crashes in it i’m, trying to get a little bit too sporty with it. Let’S set it out here, so you guys can see it this time and hopefully that’s far enough out, and it is so. I got the camera sort of tilted downward towards the ground a little bit here, so i can get the table so let’s go ahead and do that auto, take off again and do a long press and fire the props up and there it goes let’s see yeah. Now it’s gon na after that crash, you can see it’s wanting to drift some. So what we would do let’s do an auto landing here. Let’S, try a gyro calibration first and see if that fixes. It always do that first after a crash and then, if it doesn’t it still drifts at that point you can trim it let’s see. If we needed to do any trimming you see it does need a little forward trim, but it doesn’t as bad. The gyro can get a bit messed up on a crash at times, but yeah this. This quadcopter definitely needs some trimming at times during your flight after a crash so gyro calibrate.

It then then trim it all right now, we’re getting now we’re getting an lvc. You can see the rear red lights, flashing, we’re, eight minutes in so i’m thinking somewhere in a seven minute. Seven minutes so range as your flight time before lvc. But your total, your complete controls, flight time where you can do 360. Flips is only a couple of minutes and then you’re going to go into a somewhat handicapped state where you can do everything, except for 360 flips, yeah it’s still going here and still pretty sporty. But it’s being sort of bulky, you can see it’s going to land now that’s that quick flashing it’s not going to give you a very long. So we’ve got eight minutes and the lbc there was only maybe 30 seconds, which is pretty common if it was even that, but the rapid red flashing light here on that is your uh. You know the ovc has gone really crazy and said you got it’s going to auto land now, so all right, guys that wraps up the review of the 4drc vertijet overall, not bad. In my opinion, just a bit noisy so keep that in mind. But if you’re interested – and you want to support the channel just check the uh, the description down below it’ll be a purchase link to this. If you buy this, i usually include coupons. If i get them, but you’ll never pay any more, but it helps support the channel.

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