My name is eric, and today i’m gon na be doing a three year ownership review of my very own dji mavic, pro let’s, get to it. Now. This video comes to you mainly because many of my viewers for the past literally three years, i’ve always asked me what kind of drawing am i using and stuff like that and i’m. Finally, finally, getting around making an actual review of how well it has held up for the past three years. This is the main drone that i use my mavic pro. Obviously uh there’s a couple of things. I want to talk about now: i’m, not gon na, be going over a whole lot of details of the features themselves, mainly to tell you that hey it’s been reliable, it still holds strong. The legs work they bend properly. Every single thing works on it. Just fine, even the batteries have lasted plenty now, the batteries themselves. Usually i try to cycle through them. You know at least once a month i have i bought the package. I bought this drum. The whole package did the whole bag. The two batteries and everything else back in 2017 december 25th of 2017., so it’s been roughly about three years and two months or so since i own it and for those of you following my channel, you guys know how extensively i’ve used it. I i have flown it i’m gon na show you guys some clips of what i do right now i have flown in over water.

Follow you follow me on the boat taking off vertically from where i’m at in the water to uh, seeing the entire skyline of the city, i mean taking it the whole panning out shot when i go island, camping and stuff like that, i mean it has been Flawless and that’s – all i got ta say so: if you’re in the market for a drone, that’s, actually semi professional, you don’t wan na, spend a whole lot of money. I will do the best that i can. I think you can still find them either on amazon ebay. If i can find it i’ll put some links below the mavic pro itself, because now they got newer ones, they got the mavic air, which is, i hear, is fantastic someone. Some of my followers have gotten that one and it works great uh. Others have taken the i’ve taken. I bought the mavic 2, which has an even bigger camera sensor than this one. So this one does great in 4k. Imagine what the new one does and i believe that the mavic air also follows with the same pattern of camera quality there’s, one called the mavic mini. I tried it. It felt more like a toy uh, so if you’re looking for a semi professional consumer drone, if i wouldn’t jump for that one, however, as a starter drone, you know to get started and learn. You know what drones are all about: it’s, not a bad deal.

So now, i’m going to talk about a few other things that i want to talk about. The drone being asking claus: is you guys see? You know how well that is held up all right so now that i got the camera pointing at the drone itself here’s the drone itself here it is, it has a help very nicely. Currently, i have some stickers that i put that i purchased when i first got it that i put some skins uh, the ones over here flew off, so i took them out the ones in the rear kind of held nicely and the legs work nicely that’s. What i like about it, the legs when they bend, they still feel like it was brand new. The gimbal still works perfectly fine. I mean i thought it was going to be worn out, but it hasn’t worn out at all, which is pretty good. I like that very much i’ll show you guys the remote i currently have it paired with a um with a iphone 8. I used to use this one, which is a uh Music, iphone se a 2016 iphone se. I used to use that one for quite a while, but now i use an iphone 8. I i got my mother a brand new normal, like a refurbished iphone 10, and i told her if i could have her eight and she let it let me have it so now i use it with that.

The roll still works perfectly fine. Everything is on it. No buttons are falling off. I mean i got ta be honest. This little drone has been a bit it’s been a tank. Everything is working on it. All the sensors work, it’s got bottom sensors and frontal sensors, it doesn’t have top sensors or or rear sensors. Like the new uh mavic uh, pro 2 has like many many more sensors, so yeah. I want to show you guys the bag that i got with with the package three years ago. The amazon seller had it with the entire thing. Three batteries, the drone charger and everything else. I think i bought this one separately that’s for the remote kind of protects the little little joysticks you know from getting all bent over this little bag has been nice actually it’s, quite nice. If you guys are in the market for one yeah, you could you can get one of these. I want to show you guys before i finish the video, because i practically talked about what my drone is about. I want to show you guys how i take off and you know, grab it with my hands. I thought i’d show you guys that all right, so now, what i’m going to do is i’m going to go ahead and shoot off the drone and grab it with my hands, because this is the way i actually do it. Whenever i take off my little desired rabbit because i’m in the middle of the water it’s not going to actually work all right here we go and usually when i, when i take off, i want to grab.

I grab about the leg like so push down shuts off that’s, usually how i do it because usually i’m i’m in the water and there’s no way to land so that i’ve learned to do it that way. Um i’ve seen other folks on youtube and they do it, and i thought it would be great so guys i want to thank you so much for watching so yeah to present to you a summarization of this video itself. This drone has been reliable, goes back every time, there’s one more thing i want to say, though there was this one time where, if you happen to get a used one, it will tell you that all this you get all these warnings on the on the on The on the phone tell you that the all the the all the sensors are bad or not working is because it requires you every a couple years for you to calibrate it there’s a um there’s, an application to download from the dji website, and you point the Drone towards the screen – and you do all these exercises to point at it and it’ll calibrate the compass and then you’re back back to business so other than that batteries have lasted because i cycled through them. It just required calibration once uh gosh it’s been fantastic guys.