Of course there are also restaurants and a food hall Music. So, looking at the directory, theres restaurants in every single level, almost Music – this is the food hall. Oh, my goodness that looks so pretty. Music, Music, theres bakeries, rotisseries of cheese shop – and this is one of the most popular pasta shops in all of london. Look how many selections there are all these different types of raviolis like pea and shallots spinach ricotta, sea bass, lemon theres drinks, theres dim sum burgers, sandwiches salads smoked salmon. Oh look at this awesome delightful. Looking seafood Music in the rex room, you can get a basket for pastries theres, a coffee shop here, theres, condiments, snacks, more cakes! This cake looks so freaking delicious. Oh that smells good thats coming from the coffee roaster right over here. T section im really excited for that. Oh so many pastries, oh man, the restaurants not open yet probably about another 40 minutes. Im gon na grab some stuff and just go. Get it outside this stuff looks so good Music. All right just got a bunch of rolls. Got some desserts get a drink. I found so many good things at the food court. So many a lot of stuff. They dont heat up for you, some stuff. I really couldnt get theres an amazing sandwich shop in there that was selling lobster sandwiches, truffle egg sandwiches, wagyu katsu sandals, and they offered the sandwich platter, which im so appreciative of – and this thing is prawn sandwich, a lobster sandwich and a truffle egg sandwich.

So amazing, looking also for some reason everywhere i go when i buy a can of diet, coke or can of soda theyre around four pounds, this big bottle of sparkling water 190., every one of them sitting on a butter roll. Ah, this looks so good freaking delicious. If i was taking them home, i would dump out the top filling toast up the butter, roll and re stuff it back in the prawns are so delicately sweet. You get a crunch from the lettuce in a pop and sweet juice. From the tomatoes, the rolls are buttery and delicious, and i just cannot wait to pop to the next one. This is a truffle egg sandwich Music. You have to get this if youre ever here, wow, my heart is still pounding from that bite. I mean a lot of trouble. This is horrible for you, but if you like, truffle, which i do thats just mind, blowing its not even just truffle oil, i see the truffles shaved onto the eggs. The egg is delightfully light. The texture is so velvety and again that truffle bomb of flavor i mean ive only had two bites of sandwiches right now, but thats the best one, not even close. This is the lobster sandwich. They give you a good chunk of lobster on this thing. The lobster meat is so sweet, i think theres a little creamy mayo on the bottom. The highlight is 100 that sweetness to the lobster.

Also through these little sandwiches i mean this is like half a lobster: oil theres 12 pounds for all 3 sandwiches. I think its a really good deal again, like you get a lobster roll with not too much more lobster than that for about 18 to 20 dollars, and here youre getting this, you can have a truffle egg sandwich its delicious its amazing. So i got an apple soda, ah crisp and refreshing all right. The next one is so cool. This is 16 pounds tendori lobster roll. How pretty is that with some yakura, some gold – i mean just beautiful. Oh wait: wait thats, not yokura im! Looking at it, the lights just shine on these pearls, i think its red onion pearls thats, one of the ingredients, its not your. It looks like, though it was a little popping pearls just released a tiny bit of heat. The yogurt goes so well with the sweetness of that lobster. This is a work of art in terms of flavor Music. Also, the crunchy veggies just brings an additional element of refreshingness to this little open faced sandwich two sandwiches down, oh so far, so amazing. This im really excited about this. Is the truffle club sandwich. First of all, look how perfect this bun is on the top. You see, the shaved truffles looks like theres chicken on the bottom. With some. I better call him. This is such a handsome looking sandwich. It would be better if the bun was toasted.

This flavor is incredible. First of all, in terms of flavor, the ham holds that down and its all so delicate fatty, a little sweet. The chicken is tender, a huge truffle flavor, the ogler and the greens just gives it a refreshing, crunch, Music, im so happy with everything i got so far got ta check this out i mean i love smoked. Salmon ive never seen anything like this before this is like a crepe cake, except its a salmon crepe cake smoked salmon gato. Look at this some cream on top. This is exactly like a crepe cake except each layer, instead of crepes its a layer of smoked salmon. I smell the dill. I smell the cream and im just gon na stab a fork through whoa. This thing kind of cut like a crepe cake, oh on the bottom theres thinly, a toast on the bottom. This looks so intriguing super smoky, amazingly flavorful. I think in the middle, its layers of creme fraiche in the middle and theyre still in here as well. So every bite you take, you get the cream. You get that amazing, smoky flavor of the salmon. This is so good thats. Definitely one of the best things ive had so far all right, dessert time. Oh no, so i kind of messed up the edge of the box cut into the haired cake. This thing is so pretty, but now it just looks like someone punched it in the mouth.

It just looks like a moose cake, a beautiful mousse cake. Actually, this is so good. Creamy, mousse, theres chocolate filling on the inside thats dripping down once you cut into it. The bottom is a crunchy cookie, texture, wise flavor wise. This thing is just one of those things that you take a bite. You just want to smile pastry number two. This is called a lomboy, its basically a long donut, oh its kind of heavy chocolate cream in the middle little brownie bits on top too. This is definitely not as delicate as the parrot cake really delicious. Nonetheless, i really want to get to this next one im so excited for it, its a mini pastry collection. I actually dont know what each of these are, but this looks like the hair cake. I just ate, except in a raspberry flavor, so i think some kind of raspberry mousse cake its good, definitely not as good as the other chocolate one. Oh thats, a lemon tart thats a delicious lemon part. What a lemon meringue tart! Oh that just tasting a cloud. I saw the big one of these. This is a praline that chocolate is dark, theres, delightfully, silky mousse at the same time, theres intense crunch and its such a dark chocolate. It has that great bitterness to go with the sweet yeah that, in a plain time, like everything in this box, my first taste of harry potter, its awesome theres. So many things to choose from its definitely not the cheapest place to be buying lunch.

But all the food items, all the ingredients just looks exquisite. You can taste the quality. You can taste the care, i think its delicious. Also, i got a cookie not from herrod from floozies. Cozies makes an amazing cookie chocolate chunk delicious here at pasta evangelist. This is so quiet. Never sat at a bar like this is like a kind of omakase bar where the chef is like right here. Music got the three pasta sampler, the first one is cacio e pepe cachio is cheese, pepes pepper, so a cheesy, pepper, pasta with black truffle. That texture is so crazy, good, the pasta, itselfs incredible its a thicker pasta. So its going to give you a little workout on your shop and every time you chew that creamy sauce, the pepper, the truffle flavor, the cheese, all the flavors just become more and more intense. Every time you close your jar, i mean its creamy, its peppery thats, a delicious pasta, next dish, spicy lobster linguine with sun, dried tomatoes. Look at that big chunks of lobster sun, dried tomatoes, some chilies in here as well, and some spinach, okay, the pasta itself is amazingly good. I think i like this better, but this one definitely has tons of the pasta. Sauce is rich. Its tomatoey theres nice crunch from the spinach to the chilies Music, some asparagus in here as well thats, a delicious plate of pasta, its the papadel with ragu, delicious gooey, giant chunks of beef in these wide noodles.

This is probably the mildest of the pasta we tried today. Ragu is delicious, the beef is so tender and that beefy flavor is just in every single bite of this thing. With this one theres, nothing too acidic the flavors, arent crazy, intense, its just really meaty and good. You can tell right away the quality of the pasta is superb im glad we got these three, because you got one thats, rich and creamy, one that is lighter and spicy, and one thats extremely meaty. I feel like these three are really distinctively different, flavors and all delicious in his own way, plus like seriously you get to watch the chef just cook, the pasta right in front of you. This is a deliciously fun experience. Music just grab some lunch im gon na look around and grab some other stuff to take it back to the hotel and im gon na have that for dinner, and probably some breakfast iberico ham sandwich. Yes back at the hotel dinner time. This is a really interesting dish. This is a spicy basil, chicken, theres tons of chilis in here you can see the basil, and this is fried chicken over rice. This is absolutely fantastic. I feel this burning a hole in my stomach as we speak. This is so incredibly spicy chicken is tender. The sauce is great, very aggressively seasoned wow and the chili they are not mushroom. Around. With this dish, i mean spice is a solid nine out of ten and its done in such a good way, because its really spicy but thats, not all there – is to this dish.

It actually tastes really really good and the sauciness of the chicken goes great with the white rice, hmm for a dish, i just hit it up in the microwave. Absolutely superb all right! This is really interesting. This is a sausage roll ive been hearing a lot of good things about it, its not really sure what it is from the outside, looking in it kind of looks like a hot pocket. But oh look at this. This thing is like a giant something look at this massive meatball on the inside and the outside is flaky. Obviously this is microwave, so its not going to be all that flaky and this pulled pork and little bits of apple. I think on the inside as well. So its called the sausage roll and so yeah its a giant sausage rolled into a pastry. I really like this. My dogs can be really dry. I mean the sausage is not the juiciest thing, but its tender and its spiced phenomenally. You can see the little bits of pulled pork, so this is sausage with pulled pork inside and also you can taste the sweetness of the apples as well. I can just imagine this thing actually having a really crusty flaky outer shell being just so freaking scrumptious even right now. The sausage flavor is so good, really can taste the potential of this dish. Also, i kind of wish i had some kind of dipping sauce that would have made this even better.

This last dish is really cool. This is a peking duck in a box hoisin sauce, scallions cucumbers – oh this is pretty authentic because its actually got the thin crepes inside this packaging scallions and cucumbers. A little hoisin sauce. The skin is obviously not that crispy. I think this thing the skin will somehow put through an air fryer and bring back the crispiness somehow Music. Obviously the skin is really soft and thats like and thats. Of course, one of the most distinct characteristics of a peeking duck. The super crispy mellow your mouth skim that aside the flavor from the crepe to the tender duck meat thats just delicious. I mean theres really no way to do like a like a good peeking duck to go, and i totally knew that when i was getting this, i wasnt asking for perfection. I was just asking for not bad, and this is definitely not bad. My favorite thing that i got 100 that basil rice – that i think is right on my alley and im pretty happy about this as well. Good morning, breakfast is gon na, be the iberico ham sandwich ive been waiting for breakfast, so i can eat this. Wow. Look at this thing of beauty: stuffed full of iberico ham on a crispy baguette, well, its not gon na, be that crispy anymore, because its been sitting in my fridge all night, but that is a ton of ham in this baguette also.

I think this baguette probably turned a little stale, but oh man thats a lot of ham, tons of ham, olive oil, its probably not the best sandwich to have left sitting in the fridge all night, because the bread is a little stale now but theres. Just no denying how delicious this ham is. Oh, this thing is thinly sliced, its nutty, its earthy, its so amazingly, satisfying and savory, and its just perfect in a sandwich with just a little bit of olive oil thats, all you need, and the olive oil usually is so delicious as well everywhere i go. I love going to the local grocery stores or department stores or food markets, and i really did enjoy this food experience. That hair is here in london, so im gon na finish eating this then go back to bed its still quite early and then start of a new food day, as always guys.