Oh bathroom is nice. Two sinks tub shower got a bidet as always a phone. In case you want to poop and call someone again, you have a tv on your on your mirror. Oh there we go closet, slippers robe, but this is the best part view of the bellagio fountain way over. There were actually gon na go see bts in concert. First time ever so figure before going to l.a stop in vegas for a few days, the buffets are all open. Im gon na check out the bellagio buffet, hopefully tomorrow and then may reservations at the bacca. Now i hear they made some improvements were gon na check that out tonight, though, since the saturday, its so crowded outside lets, check out the interim dining options here, the bellagio is definitely more of an old school hotel. Again, never stayed here before so in room 90. Theres the bellagio express, which is available 24 hours where bellagio classics, so the express about 30 minutes will deliver to your door classic about 50 minutes. Both offer 24 hours a day, but the classic has a 100 dollar minimum spinning charge so youre gon na water. A lot or actually this is a las vegas. Consider thats, probably just like two items and the menu items are pretty uh typical stuff. Like caesar salad, chicken tenders, quesadilla chicken club sandwich cheeseburger some steak option eat a cauliflower steak. I really dont think im gon na be able to order a hundred dollars worth of stuff here.

Forget lets just go out for dinner. Music ive wanted to try the japanese barbecue for a long long time. So basically, they recommend getting an assorted meat and it comes in a bolt. I only have sushi that comes in a bowl. I think even a bowl will be cool too. I like it when restaurants offer dips, especially when its at a barbecue place classy. They just go a little more crazy. Oh my people just came wow wow. Look at this. It is literally a bowl of beef. I like that. Thank you. Theres rip finger flank steak, thick, cut up tongue, skirt sure, rib, all wag you i mean this is a bolt that i will want to get on. I want a ticket for this bowl any day of the week. Uh first of all, the mushrooms are done. Lets start cooking lets. Do the flank steak first, a couple pieces of the flank steak: mushrooms, delicious each meat grill it for about a minute, do not want to overcook this. Take the meat and theres two types of sauce. This is a regular barbecue sauce, and this is a garlic sauce lets, try the regular barbecue sauce, hmm, so juicy wonderfully beefy. Oh man, this thing is just glistening like just came back from the gym garlic, sauce mmm. Here we go. Oh, let me do something: wow eat it with a mushroom, its incredibly delightful. All right. This is the wagyu premium finger rib.

This is something i have in korean barbecue all the time this is called kolotz. Oh, that is a premium bite of meat. I wish theres a knife here, so i can kind of like savor this more cut this in half, but you know what actually these things are so tender just bite off a little bit at a time. I never want this bolt to end all right. This is something i had in south korea, thick cut of beef tongue, and they warned me about this theyre. Like are you sure you want to eat this because its something that some people may not be used to trust me? You want beef tongue. You want a thick cut of beef top look at the marbling on this thing, that is a scrumptious tiny bit bouncy almost a little crunchy at the same time, so tender and juicy. Oh, this is the best one look at the marbling on this baby. This needs to be cooked with precision and care. Oh, this thing is sizzling, so nicely theres, so much fat in these two pieces of meat. Oh flowy butter, oh thats, good, again, im, usually into buffets when im in las vegas – and i wish this place would have a buffet version of like an unlimited bolt that just keep docking at your mouth and i know theres a ton of other all you can Eat barbecues out there in las vegas, but i got ta say if you want something: thats quality come check.

This place out also unlimited matcha, tea, Music, christmas, Music, Music. First, breakfast theres, a new noodle place, called noodle heads and its supposed to be authentic, asian noodles and tapas very good things about this place. This is a relatively new place: okay, what we got destroyed, needles being burning, noodle, whoa that looks good ground. Beef pepper, shredded chicken, then you got the soup noodles. On the other side, beef brisket, citron beef brisket think im gon na go for that thats, a classic one. Um just said. I look korean. I think that 8.4 is really shining through, maybe its a shirt. This dish, this is a dry noodle. Its called jam you being burning noodle eating is a city in citron. I like how its like, not too much, because i ordered a lot of noodles today. Look at this chili peppers, ground, peanuts, ground meat. I smelled the peppercorn, of course, chili oil on the bottom before that got some saliva chicken. Oh chickens, tender sauce is a little creamier than im used to a bit sweet. Still pretty good. Homeo chao show oh a big blob of garlic on top Music. This ones, pretty good good amount of heat tons of garlic, super thin wrapper with a nice big chunk of meat inside, and they brought something that wasnt on the menu seaweed knots. This is the ingredient that you typically see a lot of hot pot and i was kind of afraid this is going to be kind of kind of soggy and not and chewy really really crunchy.

The texture makes so much difference in that dish in chinese. We call those meow inside like cold dishes. This thing is going to mash the noodles perfectly now this is borderline adjective. First of all, the noodles are extremely chewy, then, as you chew and buy like the fourth or fifth shoe that mommy flavor kicks in, and the only words that pop into my head is the word shank, which i said before its aromatic or fragrance like it. Just becomes more and more frequent as you chew and then, after all that, when you think youre done thats when the chilies really attack you wow, this is spicy. You got to be able to handle your chili. You got to be okay with habanero level spicy when youre ready to eat this wow if youre a chili head. This is so extremely satisfying. Nice dish i got is the nyo lime beef link, noodle soup, with ribs on top okay, so these are the ribs. On top – and they have twig so a little cartilage right here, so you can just bite through all that. What is this yeah? This is the flank. Oh, these are so. These are stewed, so well beautiful, luminous, noodles and, of course, very traditional beef broth. Thats going to be soy, sauce based and, of course, this being from sichuan im expecting a lot of spice and a lot of numminess yeah. This is magnificent. Very very nice beef flavor, its rich, its smooth, got ta.

Add chinese vinegar, 100 have to do it well. Make something good so much better any time we get like a dark based broth in chinese cooking, adding chinese vinegar, always the right move. A little more like i said before chinese vinegar is not very acidic, so you can add a lot of it without really making the food edible. Try a piece of this rib Music, no thats tender, not just tender. Oh this is delicious. Oh, this rib is awesome. Think this is a good, bald beef, noodle soup. I mean a very good ball of beef, noodle soap noodles with cherry great texture, broth again bringing that heat that delicious beef flavor and make sure add the order of ribs theyll. Ask you: what do you want to add this one out? The answer should always be this. Is such a satisfying meal eat that some of the seaweed bow ties? I would recommend, get the soup one get the dry one share. I mean i think they should put this on a menu theres not on menu yet, but this is really good to go over the noodles nice little cooling bite in between the heat it just works so well with the spicy noodles im already sweating. My nose is running a little bit, usually thats a bad thing here in las vegas because usually pretty hot outside, but right now, a cool 70 degrees and in vegas thats spice noodle soup weather Music tonight staying at the crawford.

So i was at this casino when it first opened first day going around the food courts um so theres a lot of good food in this hotel and you check in and they bring you a refreshment look at this. This is called the classic blue. It is our herbal tea, thats brewed, with the butterfly pea flower, which gives it a nice vibrant color. Its also caffeine free is made from orange, lychee and jasmine. So you do about a little drop in each cup here and when we mix the two together, the tea does react with citrus youll start to change it to more of a dark purple or lavender color. So this is really cool. First of all, look at look. How small the room keys are its like two regular hotel room key had a baby? Have you seen room keys this small before, although this is easy to lose, though? Oh look at this wow theres, some high ceilings here lets go for a tour. Please note items selected will be charged to your account once theyre removed from the tray for longer than 30 seconds. Okay, so dont touch anything here. So this is your fridge, bedroom, whoa again super tall ceilings. Everything is very, very modern privacy drapes. This is the strip view room, so so you get the view of the strip here and theres a golf course over there. Tv is giant big speakers whoa. Oh, this is a beautiful bathroom.

You got a bathtub here, so you can look out the window while soaking yourself whats this bath caviar whats a bad caviar. Oh look at this its like little like little pellets. I dont know what this does. I think maybe explodes in the water pooper. Oh, what is this? What is this? I got a remote control in your pooper, oh thats, the button, oh its, a digital toilet seat. Look at this cover lets see wow its like the toilet. Just said hello to me: is this a closet? What is this big giant mirror, and this is all closet space wow? This is what i really care about is slippers, so how it works for food at the resort world is apparently so the crawford has a dining menu, but the other two hotels, the other two hotels, i think, is the hilton and the conrad what they do and You can do that as well. Here is that they partner with grubhub. Apparently you go on grubhub and any restaurant theyll have items available for in room dining. You can order those items and theyll send it right to your room so im going to let my noodles digest a little bit and then lets try that i just saw something really really cool. I saw these like manicure kits. I didnt know what these were and then a file which is whatever they give you like, a nail clipper and a tweezer thats. All am i just i dont know i just got really excited.

Seeing this i mean, i probably wont, really use the tweezer but free nail clipper, oh its really theres a second bathroom here too its about no manicure kit. Oh also saw gem on the way up, gon na go check that out in the pool. Oh, this is such a nice gem, its got everything whoa. What about the peloton bikes full waist set full cardio equipment? Oh, this is gon na, be amazing. Workout later oh, i love this this one, my favorite piece of equipment – oh punching bags too Music, all right. Just went for a swim lets eat so scan the qr code and um this pops up. This is uh on the flight at resort world powered by grubhub theres over a dozen places here that you can get food from so theres sushi starbucks. If you want it, breakfast comfort, food blood, bros barbecue. I heard about this wow. There is so much selections. Gochujang saint louis ribs pulled pork, jalapeno sausage smoked beef, brisket, fried rice. Oh, this is great, so i can order from multiple places and just place it all. In one basket, mulberry street pizzeria, i think thats a new york place never heard of it. Theres a restaurant called bong tong ki with poached honeys. Chicken rice get some of that theres nori bar sushi place. A couple rolls ooh toro maki roll. I thought last time i came, there was lachanze somewhere. I dont think i see it anymore.

Ah, here we go lachan and truffle rice and a seasick panini got ta. Try that i feel like i got a lot already so three different restaurants. So far, oh, i feel like i want something else. Oh yeah honey needs chicken rounds, everything out there we go. No. I just got ta wait for the food to arrive and, like i said this, hotel does have in room dining avocado toast build your own breakfast beef, burger sandwich, wagyu rib eye for 180 sear salmon, brosino yeah. I i think the grubhub on the fly thing that beats out this menu any day of the week. Hello. Oh, thank you so much. Thank you! So much doorbell number, two hi! Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. So much. Thank you appreciate it. Thank you. So much have a good night delivery number two and i wish you could see outside right now its its a view of the strip uh. But you can really just see my backside pretty view otherwise, Music heres, what i got: oh gochujang, ribs high nineties, chicken rice sea sig panini. Oh, this looks good. Oh, this is the lachan over fried rice, brisket fried rice, and oh here we go. This is the tuna rolls got my own sparkling water. I really recommend everybody. When you go to vegas, stop by the local 711 grab a bunch of water, its the price of a water in the hotel room could have got yourself a brisket, fried rice.

The only thing im kind of mad about is, i mixed up all the sauces that he gave me im gon na have to just kind of guess what each thing is. Oh, it smells like a cajun barbecue, sauce ginger. This is definitely for the hananis chicken barbecue sauce start with the fried rice smells good little egg, a little peas in here i see the brisket and first glance kind of looks like the desert out there, a little dry yeah, the brisket is dry. All right guys make sense, because its about 7 pm now im assuming this brisket will be something to cook. In the morning i mean they do give you a nice amount of meat in this little fried rice. Remember the brisket. The flavor is good. The smoke is nice texture, not so much letting this fried rice, just okay, because this rash for some reason, kind of soggy kind of gooey. I mean its a little spicy. You can taste different herbs in here i mean just like the brisket flavor is good. Texture is where it has problems. I want to try the lachan. I dont want this thing to wait any longer. I got high hopes, for this looks delicious crispy piece of skin. Look at this. Oh, oh yeah, the pig looks tender and juicy wow. I mean this thing is still glistening dry rice looks good if this thing tastes even half as good as it smells. This is gon na, be an amazing dish.

I mean it smells so good. Its truffle fried rice tons like pounding your senses, amount of truffley, flavor, good ratio of fatty to lean meat. You got bits of skin bits of fat. I am very, very excited about this. First of all, let me just take a bite of this thats freaking, delicious dutch skin anyway, its so good wow, and this thing is covered and peppered and seasoned perfectly. In the crunch, i mean you heard that that was an earth shattering crunch. Let me try out a piece of the meat with the rice Music. I love. This dish only complain. The last one is a little too soggy, this ones a little too dry other than that the pig is amazing, i mean so soft and tender and flavorful. So juicy and delicious did i not be able to park with this dish. I mean to be able to order something like this in your room. Have it delivered to you, i mean this level of filipino food with a awesome truffley twist. This is so good. I would highly highly recommend dish: seasick panini, okay, i see some ear pieces. This is not crispy. That is a little concerning some cheese veg on the bottom Music. I mean the sushi doesnt have any crispy pieces. Having some crispy pizzas in here will be the only thing that could make this amazing sandwich even better. This is so good. I saw it at first im like thats a c6 sandwich.

It doesnt look like it could be that good. Oh, this is delicious toasty, bun, buttery juicy absolutely delicious pieces of pork and theres tons of skin and fat pieces of meat from the head. It just absolutely melts in your mouth. This is incredible. Incredible sandwich i wish id remember, which dipping sauce this stuff came with. Im just going to dip it in here. Let me as crispy as buttery theres, so many good textures in here wow. If you ever go to the fruit street downstairs. This is a cant miss item holy moly is delicious. Both dishes from the filipino place absolutely knocked. It out apart wow, so impressed ooh, gochujang ribs wow. This looks delicious sesame scallions cover ribs. You see the smoke ring delicious looking crust on the outside the good things about this extremely smoky. You can taste the gochujang. The sauce works so well on ribs the negative again just like his cousin that the brisket fried rice. This thing has been baking out in the las vegas sun way too long, because it is dry that wasnt very good two dishes that has so much potential. For me, anyway, texture is everything, so i was to grade them using the asian greeting scale. I would not give them an a and you know what asian, without a its sin, next dish: okay, honey, nice, chicken rice, add the ginger sauce on top one of my favorite dishes of all time is hananis chicken rice.

This is not particularly honest chicken rice i mean the flavor is okay. Texture is partially dry, partially soggy the chicken the big pieces, especially i mean for me, a good honey needs chicken rice, but sugars got to be super super tender. This is not very tough to chew. I mean, i bet you this thing. If he steps in the boxing ring with mike tyson tyson might have trouble, because this thing is tough. I wonder if a lot of these dishes, i order, would have tasted better like when it first came out, maybe, but as of now the brisket, the ribs, the chicken rice, the juice and the tenderness theyre, just not there. Finally, tuna machi roll and tuna nigiri Music, not a sushi expert, but i dont know thats delicious, not a sushi cake. Lately, i feel like every time i come back to vegas. I want to go to all you can eat sushi places. You know, even though im ordering food inside a hotel room. If i see sushi, i want it and this thing just freaking melts in your mouth. I think the best thing tonight, probably representative chad, the seasick panini and us i really like what they did here. Im always thinking like why just focus on the in room dining menu. I mean you got to have that because you got to have something like that 24 hours a day. This is las. Vegas people come in at all hours.

They want to eat theyre hungry, but theres, so many restaurants, every single one of these hotels. Why not allow in room dining to include all the options from all these hotels like this one did, and this is amazing, theres still restaurants. I havent tried yet because theyre closed right now, so im gon na try that for breakfast theres an egg sandwich place. I really really want to try im gon na do that for breakfast but yeah i love it. I mean you dont, have the fancy tray layout and all that who needs that, though, really the food that matters all right. Gon na finish up its only six oclock, so maybe go somewhere for dessert Music got a table outside sizzling brownie go ahead. I got it! Sizzling brownie its a hat, yeah its hot, be careful hot, careful, be careful spit it out you just let it burn your mouth. Is that worth it? Is it good Laughter, oh thats, hot you! Let that sit in your mouth. Do you still have any skin left in your mouth? No, the roof of my mouth is gone. Is this not the best brownie, its so good right, yeah its such a simple concept too? I dont, i dont, know why other dessert players dont. Do that? Put your brownie on a sizzling plate with some ice cream. It makes it so much better. A regular brownie with ice cream is so boring, put on a sizzling plate, drizzle some chocolate into it home, run Music, so Music.

So this hotel, when you stay here, they give you a 50 credit to uh one of two restaurants. The first one is the kitchen. The second one is called suns owl buns out its basically like an egg sandwich place, and i tried this the first day. I was here at this casino, and this stuff is amazing. I remember saying that that this food was amazing, so you stuff all my credit on this first got the poutine fries egg looks beautiful, looks just like a sunset short ribs on top looks succulent and juicy covered in the egg yolk and i think spicy mail to Dip the fries in Music – oh god, try this. When you come here, like i said, the short rib is so tender and juicy covered in the egg. Yolk gives it some extra creaminess. Oh didnt, even see the cheese curd down here. Im gon na be poutine without cheese. Curd try a little bit of this dipping sauce Music, oh yeah, a little spicy mail. Added to this thing. Are you one of those people that wake up not a morning person go good josh. You know that feeling you get when youre streaming at a beautiful sunset. Just imagine like like eating, that is that good Music, oh sandwiches, look so good! First of all, let me try the short, ribs so sure rib, egg and cheese theres, a burger patty in here too, oh its, not a burger pet.

Its a hash brown patty. First of all, the quality egg is amazing. Hash browns brings a little crunch that great mushy potato texture. The sauce is on point butter, buns are delicious and just dip it in some of that spicy mayo, so good, so good, so good. This is the classic egg bacon and cheese Music. First of all, bacon. Regular bacon, but perfectly cooked the key to this sandwich i feel like, is really the butter buns and the quality of that egg. I mean everythings, just so gooey and fresh tasting, and the sandwich itself is just amazingly buttery and delicious. I would say if youre staying in my resort world 100 home good one of your sandwiches – and i dont know really what the kitchen offers, which is the other place. I could have spent this credit, but i got no regrets. This is amazing. Ever since the last time i did these um las vegas sweet, slash, food videos – i mean it used to be like. I really want to go out and explore the restaurants and eat over there, but now, unless its a buffet, i really just like to lounge. In my room got a nice view of the strip eat some food take a bath. Also, like i said in the beginning, this video is sponsored by hello, fresh guys, ive been talking about hellofresh first, i think this is my longest. Sponsoring im still so excited when i see that box right, my doorstep.

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