I couldnt handle. No one else could ever hold a candle. Get ready for a battle cause, you know, is Music Music Applause, Music all right good morning, guys we just got out to the hangar. I dropped off my truck at ford to get serviced or actually repaired for probably the fifth time this year that that things been in the shop ive been bleeding money into that truck. I think im honestly at almost six grand this year on repairs so anyway, im well past. Due for a new truck, i ordered one over three and a half months ago. It is finally in so ryan is being super kind and flying me down to auburn to go pick up. The new truck, which plan were gon na, go with the cub. I guess: okay, yes, Music, nice work, i am so pumped. I have not seen one in person Music, all right. I am currently stuck in five mile per hour traffic bumper to bumper on the way home, and it just happens to be that this traffic started just before the exit that would allow me to take the dirt or back way home kind of thinking. I do have a raptor now i probably shouldnt be sitting on the paved way home, so i think im gon na go ahead, make the diversion and take the back way the dirt way. Music, Music. All i can say is this thing is ridiculous that this is a factory truck that i can take out here and drive like this first time ever in it so red.

I just blasted a puddle anyway, im a little bit like a kid in a candy shop. Right now, Music, all right guys now ive had this truck for about three weeks now and i honestly kind of contemplated whether it was even worth making a video about, because i know its kind of a little off topic for this channel. But at the same time i know if youre into bush, flying and back country, camping and adventures like i go on youre – probably going to be interested in something like the ford raptor and not to mention every video that ive seen posted on youtube about these things Is pretty much just guys, driving on city streets, flipping between exhaust modes and talking about how cool it sounds? When really we all know what were interested in is the off road capabilities as well as how it fits as being a well rounded everyday truck. So, like i said, ive had this thing for a few weeks now, ive got almost 3 000 miles on it and im at the point now where i feel like. I have enough time in the truck to give you guys my honest impressions and thoughts on the truck now before i get into too much of the review on this. I do want to give you guys a little back story on how i ended up here back in early summer 2010, young and enthusiastic 21 year old version of me ended up on our first bigger tv show.

This was back when i had first built my first rc helicopter with a camera on the front, really had no idea what i was doing, but we ended up on a tv show called the torque series, which is the traxxas off road racing championship. Basically, it was a short course off road racing series that we were covering for one of discoverys networks. Now back then, in early 2010, the first generation of the svt raptor just announced, but it wasnt quite available yet but ford being a sponsor of the event sent out a few of their prototype or pre production raptors as recovery vehicles. So, basically, when one of the race trucks would break down a ford, raptor would run out and tow him off the track. I somehow weaseled my way into getting to ride in one of those rafters on a short course track with one of the professional drivers from the series, and it was at that moment over 11 years ago that i said this is my dream truck at some point. I want to own a raptor now, as things go in life and as practicality took precedence to all my wants, i never ended up getting the raptor. My last few trucks have just been the f 150 with the ecoboost switch. I love that engine, so i know at some point in the comments here im gon na get torn apart for not waiting for the raptor r or getting a ram t rex honestly im a huge fan of the ecoboost.

I love this engine and the fact that they just pumped a little more horsepower out of this one, is awesome. This trucks plenty fast. I wanted something that was my old f 150 just with more off road capability. So anyway, as my truck was giving me trouble throughout this last summer, i finally decided its time for me to upgrade trucks and with the gen 3 raptor just being announced. I went ahead and put an order in for one it took about four months but its finally, here Music now for people that arent totally familiar with the raptor, basically its an f 150 with longer travel suspension and a beefed up chassis. The engine puts out a little bit more horsepower and its tuned for the off road environment. It makes like 15 inches of wheel travel on the rear 14 in the front, its got a five link, rear suspension and its got fox. Three inch live valve shocks. All the way around, which basically means that the shocks are able to on the fly, adjust the rebound and dampening settings based on a bunch of other sensors that are in the truck. So the suspension is always adjusting and changing for your terrain and you can set that in the settings and im not here to tell you about just specs but heres my honest opinion and after driving it for this long. I think coming into the raptor from the f 150 limiteds, which is what i have been driving, which the limiteds are the highest end trim of the f 150.

They have the most features, the most luxury and the most tech built into them. So going a couple steps down, trim wise to the raptor. I honestly expected some compromise basically id be giving up x, y and z as far as comfort and feature wise to get the more off road capable vehicle. But i didnt find that to be the case. Honestly on the road or on highway driving, this thing is as comfortable and as smooth and maybe quieter than my f. 150 limited was sure the exhaust is a little louder, but on this truck youre actually able to adjust it theres a little louver in the exhaust. So you can go from quiet mode, all the way up to baja mode, which is closer to straight pipes, and i will say, for a v6, this thing actually sounds really mean, but probably the most impressive thing to me is that this truck can be like. I said a very comfortable everyday driver, just like my other f 150 was i mean im turning 37 inch tires driving that down the highway and its getting about the same gas mileage as my old truck im running about 14 or 15 right now kind of in Town driving out on the highway itll probably do 16 or 17., but the impressive part is when you go and get off the road turn that little dial and put it into baja mode. Now this thing turns into a completely different beast.

Its honestly, like you, turn a knob and you have a whole different truck now as far as how it handles off road. This is what everyones been waiting for, and i need to preface this by saying: im, not robbie, gordon im, no professional driver. I have, however, owned a few razors in my time and actually raced my first one, both in the desert as well as short course prior to that back in high school. I used to do a lot of rock crawling, so while im not a professional driver, i do have some experience off road, and all i can say is that this truck is almost 6 000 pounds and when youre on the road you can feel it, but something That they do when you switch it into baja mode, makes this truck feel so much lighter and so much more nimble than i ever expected. Now, im, not someone thats going to go out and try to set a high mark with launching this thing as big as i can and see what it takes to break it thats, just not in my dna. You guys know me well enough to know that i do use my stuff im, not someone thats gon na pavement pound my raptor, but what i can say is im blown away by what this thing handles as a stock truck off the assembly line, thats dot approved For road use, its just amazing, i dont really have any off road time in the older generations of the raptor that had the leaf springer suspension.

But what i can say is that im super impressed with the suspension on this thing. Theres no hopping in the rear end, its extremely compliant and especially in baja mode, when it has the four wheel drive turned on this things, just point and shoot now. I know i mentioned that. I have 37 inch tires on this thing, but i did not buy the 37 performance package theres. Basically, two versions of this truck: the standard truck is on 35s and then they have the 37 inch performance package, which comes with obviously 37 inch tires that had different wheels. It also had different suspension being a little bit larger shock diameter, but they also reduced the up travel by one inch to accommodate the bigger tires. And the other thing that came with the 37 package was the recaro seat package, which is basically different seats. But the only color those were available in was this navy blue. That honestly looked like it was out of a united airlines plane from the 1980s. I just honestly couldnt get on board with that weird navy color with the orange stitching just wasnt my jam, the other and probably more important thing is that ford stated that the chassis had been changed on the 37 package to fit a full size spare. So anyway, i did what ford said you cant do and i went ahead and put 37 inch tires on mine anyway, and i did put a full size 37 inch spare, but for anyone thats thinking about doing this, just note that what you have to do with That spare as youre raising it into position under the bed, you just have to shift it back towards the rear bumper as youre, raising it and then also i ran a ratchet, strap around it to hold it back because without that it tends to slide forward into The panhard bar, which is no good now again, i havent gone that hard on this thing, but i have gotten it airborne and so far ive had zero rubbing with the stock shocks from the 35 package.

So anyway, if you cant tell im extremely excited about this truck its a lot of fun, its got all the comforts of pretty much any other truck out there i mean it has all the features too. This thing will auto park at lane centers on the highway. Once blue cruise is available, theres supposed to be a hundred thousand miles of u.s highway that this truck will drive, hands free, meaning you dont even have to hold on to the steering wheel. Obviously its got the adaptive cruise control itll back up a trailer at 360 cameras. It does all the stuff that you would want out of a luxury vehicle and its just as comfortable on the road. But then, when you want, you just switch the mode and even if youre, just in sport mode on the road or going into baja mode off road, its a completely different truck and the fact that this thing is covered under warranty. To do all this stuff, including jumping it is pretty unreal so anyway, guys before i wrap this up. I do want to take a quick second to give a huge shout out and thank you to the sponsor of this video squarespace and for those that dont know. Squarespace is the ultimate platform to build a website and run your business. You start with one of their award winning templates and you tweak and craft it into your own personalized and professional looking website that works for both desktop as well as mobile and squarespace has features for literally every industry.

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