Thank you for subscribing and happy holidays to everybody. Hopefully you have most of your christmas shopping done already. I am to the point where i am not. Maybe halfway done. Um, i got my kids a little tiny uh two seater power wheels, so theyre gon na be super stoked. Ive got ta, use my drone skills and go out and find a battery thats gon na work with it and then wire that battery up, probably myself, but i think we can do it. We could probably make a pretty kick butt uh power wheels for the kids, theyd probably be doing donuts by the time dads finished with this one, but today i have a black box and check this out, not just a black box, but look on the front diatone. This is a brand new prototype for 2022 that its just coming out. This is the diatone taken c 3.1. This is the brand new larger motor edition. Leds only comes in 6s version, so no more 4s version on the take hand. For next year this year were going to be next year were going to be rocking only 6s, so we have much larger motors. The original ones were 1606, and now these are tonka 2303.5 motors rated for 6s, so theyre a little bit larger and theyre going to give me a little bit more, i believe, throttle response and probably better control when i need just a little bit of throttle bump There coming across or the grass or making low passes, and things like that, or if i want to just boost over the top of a tree things like that, if you want to do cinema to freestyle, the take cam was always the best bet for that.

For someone whos looking for something that they can carry a gopro on and is almost indestructible, this new version of it has injection molded interior ducts, so the last one i believe one of the first ones actually had 3d printed ones, but this one has you know This is, i dont, even know how many versions they have now. This might be like the fourth version, but here we are with the 3.1 as they call it and they have some stuff rerouted here for usb c port in the very back. It has a cable from the flight controller up and it looks like it might be one of the mamba series as always and im wondering if its an f7 well check out all the specs on the bench we have some 75 millimeter gem fan props on here Were going to run today and were going to crank this baby up on 6s im going to run a 6s 1400 milliamp in here today, no gopro! As always, i want to show you this camera on board its a 1200 tvl phoenix 2 camera, which is really really really really nice outside, especially on cloudy oregon days. Lets go ahead and do some flying guys after that. Well, come back to the bench and well talk about the take hand, seed 3.1 on the bench. Here we go maybe mom and dad were right when they told me this wouldnt be nothing. Maybe i should take that advice.

Go get a lifer, maybe get a job or something pack it up and head back home tell everybody i was bluffing, maybe ill just get out my head and focus on what i know is coming yeah cause. I cant fall asleep at night without seeing my dreams delusional im somewhere in between these voices in my head get loud, and they keep telling me that im a fool for trusting in these ways: Music, Music, yeah. All my exes is drinking themselves crazy. Tonight, baby. I should call and say, told you ill be right wondering how long it was before you realized the biggest mistake of your life and now youre, paying the price or confusion either way i feel, like i aint, never losing your opinion now. You know just what im choosing i got ta do this cause. I cant fall asleep at night without seeing my dreams delusionality im somewhere in between these voices in my head get loud and they keep telling me feels like Music, maybe Music Music, maybe maybe baby Music. Oh Music, Music, Music. All right, my friends welcome back from the flight test. Now this is my kind of christmas tree right here. I dont know about you, but i love the leds. On the take hand, see 3.1 very nicely done. These are full size leds in here its not the light wire like on the nasgo evoke. That is a little different here. These are nice. They are controllable inside betaflight.

I believe they are wired up to the flight controller, with, i believe, around the 12 volt option. You can disconnect them if you want to kind of hide from the cairns, but i was flying it in the backyard today, for you guys and i didnt have any neighbors yelling over the fence. Even though i crashed multiple times and i have to say, i have to make a comment on that super important comment. Its been super wet outside and i did have a bunch of tumbles in the grass, the wet grass and in oregon ive crashed before and ive ive had brown outs because i got a little speck of water on the flight controller and this flight controller is kind Of buried in there, but its not susceptible its, not going to be totally guarded from the water. A little water droplet could jump jump right up on there on that, and it depends on how you crash, but i believe they do have some some type of coating on this flight controller, because i didnt really wipe it off, except for a little bit in here. In the interior of the ducts, and then i flew again so haphazardly, i flew again and she didnt fry, which is great news, but i love the that these are injection molded. These are not 3d printed ducts on here. The recess leds look killer. They have some print on the inside of the duck. That says take hand as you can see, but its backwards, its t, a y c, a n, its kind of funny inside also we have 75 millimeter gym fan props.

I also got a pair of six blade. Props, which i did not use, because i thought it might be too too much – uh sensitivity to the flight controller for the pid tune. I did stop, fly it on the stock tune and it flew great on the stock tune. With these new motors and again these are the diatone tonka motors. These are tonka siri motors 220 3.5. The older ones were 1606, so we have a little larger motor this time for better high end power in those instances where you need it, and that can be where a center whoop can feel kind of sluggish if theyre underpowered. So traditionally the 1606 motor is way less efficient than these type of motors. This is more of a pancake style motor and i call them pancake because theyre not super tall like the 1606 or the race motors race motors, tend to be fatter and taller, whereas cinema type motors tend to be shorter but wider. So we have a nice power and a nice efficient, motor and thats. What that does a lot of the larger types of cinema rigs out there. They use what we call the pancake motor. It is a much wider fatter but shorter motor, so very smooth and nice and efficient, and they came down cool with the stockpit tune on here, and this is a prototype, so you guys are getting to see it straight from diatone. We have a tpu mount back here for our immortal t.

If you want, we have the mamba antenna. This is sort of the mid range antenna. It does clear the top of a battery, but i dont believe its going to clear the gopro. The gopro might be just a little bit taller on the front, but we also have plenty of room up top. We have eight bolts on this top plate. This is a two millimeter 3k carbon fiber top plate. So a very nice and sturdy top plate easy to get to. We also have an extension from the flight controller, so they didnt use a right turn adapter this time. Sometimes they had it poking out the bottom, and you had to plug it in here, but this one actually has a wire that goes to the back and on the very top back here, usb c port right in the back and ive also seen it routed to The back back here down bottom, but this is kind of nice and convenient to be able to get to that right. There i did have to take the top plate off to get to my rxsr receiver in here. Ive got my two antennas coming out the back right there. I just bounded up in the fr scott taranis d16 mode, and i was pretty much off and running. I set this up in betaflight, probably in about 10 minutes time, we have standard sized prop nuts. On top of those motors which i love, we also have a phoenix 2 camera and ive talked about the phoenix 2 before this is from run cam its almost like the hd camera of analog cameras.

It is a really nice camera. If you spend this much money on a quad or a cinewoop, you want a nice camera to go along with your quad, and i have to say, like this is the top shelf of cameras as far as making the next step to hd. This is what you want. The phoenix 2 is just really impressive. On the wheelbase, we have 157.5 millimeter from motor to motor as well. We have carbon plate here for these two ducts carbon plate over on this side that center plate aircraft aluminum up front. We also have a bottom plate thats. Also two millimeter 3k carbon fiber weve got taken kind of engraved in the bottom as well, and on the back we have diatom diaton, take cam pretty nice, and these are two piece on each side. So if you have to replace those, youd have to have a really hard crash to break these, because these are surrounded by an extra layer of foam out here and the injection molded guard. Here they have three struts on the bottom as well. Three bolts on the bottom of the motor, which i think is pretty nice: they have a hole for the shaft bolt on the very bottom here and it all looks perfectly lined up. So these are really. Nice builds if youve never really bought anything from diatom before one of the things that dietons known for is high quality components and really nice bind and fly detail so theyre a little bit higher up on the echelon.

As far as like say, you know, early ifly models were not quite up to dietons par, so dietones been making super nice binding flies for a long time. We also have an f411 flight controller on here with 35 amp escs, so you can run 4s battery on here. If you wanted to im not sure about running a lion battery on here, just because of the the higher kv 2450, i did hook up a lion to it. It would take off, but it would start beeping. So it was pushing the power system. The amp draw on the battery is pushing the power system to make the system beep so um a lion would not be an option on this one, but it does have a lot of nice stuff to offer. I think, if youre looking for something thats a good size and scale – and i would say that would do mild freestyle and cinema – these are nice plus they just look really cool when theyre plugged in the leds are just awesome, and this would be. You know something larger than like what we flew yesterday. This little guy was the kt 2.0 from hglrc, and this is a little 4s mini ripper. This one is much quieter. This one is much louder, so quiet, quad, loud quad, depends on how many cairns you have near you if youre, not in the middle of the country. No one around who cares, fly the take hand c3, but if youre trying to get away with flying in parking decks like me and avoid security guards, this one is super cool, so leds larger format, tough as nails for the beginners and smaller.

If you live in more urban areas – and then this was also reviewed this week, the smart 16 one of my favorite micros recently, this one is just so much fun. I feel like. I wish. I had like six friends that own these, so we could have little smart 16 races. You could race this one indoors and do gates or you could freestyle it outdoors on 2s, and you guys should upgrade this by the way to an xt 30.. That would be legit. I also in that review down bottom in the description you can check out the battery that im using is a 2s a milliamp battery from gmb theres. Also, some other brands out there that make that size battery but thats what you want to get these these gap. Rc 1s ones are nice, but um just go for the full size, 2s battery for little smart 16, but that is uh what weve had so far. This week and its been a really nice week – and we still have that iflight nasgol evoke f6x coming up truex right here, so many quads on the channel recently and so much good stuff. It really does feel like christmas time, and i hope you guys are having a merry christmas and um yeah have some eggnog for me. I dont know if youre an eggnog dude but drop some whiskey in there and well uh cheers on the next podcast were gon na. Do a podcast wednesday night this week at 7 p.

m: pacific standard time, because yeah christmas eve is on friday. So i will be busy with my family, but i appreciate you guys hanging out with me and subscribing on the channel as always being fans of drone camps. We will see you on the next one.