I want to introduce you to the sinis gpx125. How nice does this look? This is for all you, a1 licenses cbts, yet to pass your full test. 12 brake horsepower, so its under the threshold, six speed box, full led lights, all the way around gorgeous lcd display, i think the only telltale of it being a one. Two five is when you start it up, because without without it that looks stunning lets start up. Another listen the only thing with this: you have to take it off the stand. To start it, otherwise it wont start. Are you ready? These lies are fantastic. The second. You put your stand down whether its in neutral or not, stalls right, then lets go and take it out on the road and see what shes made of welcome to the channel my names richard veda. Thank you very much for being here right here. We have it. The sinist gpx125: i really think that is a belting. Looking bike comes in this color ultima gray and a black color. I cant remember the official name got all these led lights. Thatll look really really cool at night, nice, red calipers and its very much like its got like an r1 kind of feel to the front or even the new suzuki gs, xs 1000 gt, its got a similar kind of feel to the front were going to go Out for a big ride in a sec, you get to know it, but that is a lovely lovely.

Looking bike weighs nothing very comfortable riding position. Doesnt really give much for the pillion, not that youd really want to be taking a pillion, because theres not that much power dog turd its got linked brakes using the pedal and actually ive ridden it a little bit since ive had it for about a week. You dont really need to use the front brake at all, because theyre linked youve got lovely, braking balance using your pedal, so theres no dive or anything like that. Lovely lcd display ill show you that in a second it wont start with the stand down. Nor will it turn the lights on until the engines running and really yeah. The only way you tell thats one, two five is: when you start it up, go for a ride. Shall we and ill talk you through some of the bits that ive noticed thus far ignition on Music? Its lovely come on a little bit off roading to get off here. I hope i didnt stand in that dog turd. There we go, the styling is lovely. No doubt about that lets go lovely day for it too. The mirrors are quite far away from you and ill also say that theyre not much use because the engine is very vibey, as most 125s are so the mirrors are blurred most of the time. Obviously, some people might like the fact that its quite vibrant, under there very vibrant under there. Actually i like these engines as well, you can just keep them in top gear and theyll, just uh trundle away nicely without having to ring its neck.

All the time im in top gear now and its just happy ive dropped a 20 mile an hour and im pretty much pinned in sixth im. Obviously doing this just for a test, you wouldnt do that normally well. Yeah thats done that perfect lot, its pulling itself back out, didnt even need to change down. This bike is on the road for 3299 quid and you can have this straight after your cvt. Definitely a bike to be proud of. This is someones pride and joy. Ive not had a chance to ride it at night. Sadly, i wanted to give it a test with the headlights, because the look great just use the front brake there out of have it im going to try not to use the front brake and just show you theres, no form of any tech or anything on it. These are not even which im quite surprised about not even a usb socket and if there is ive not found it couldnt even find a way to take the seat off to see if its under there. So i dont even think you can take the seat off Music, yeah, theres, no, eight rider, aids or modes or anything like that, its literally as basic as it comes. Okay, the only bit of tech is the linked brakes. Thats it and thats a safety thing isnt. It more than anything well take a left up here: itll, probably top out about 60 mile an hour and its struggling at about 50 55, but get a good win behind you, youll, probably get 60 out of it.

Traffic lights coming up just going to jump on the back brake. Only the brakes are really really really good. Six speed box dash looks great right now, for instance, were doing what eight and a half thousand revs and my balls are tingling like theyre gon na come out. Actually let me just hold it there a minute. Ah, it feels quite good, actually yeah, just rear brake. Only not even touching the front at all now im going to do a emergency break, just breath, break only rear pedal. Only should i say a lot back end off a bit there, its definitely a photogenic bike. Ive got no weve got water temperature on the dash light time. Gear indicator, rev counter, obviously actually rides lovely and you can just ride it on your cbt suspensions, not bad at all, not bad at all, but yeah then brakes are amazing. Youre not going to be overtaking many people in a hurry. Oh again, once youre up to speed, not bad, not bad at all. Some really lovely 125s coming out at the moment perfect to get your biking career started im sure the fuel would last forever as well, which is all too important at the moment, what a cracking day for it as well, what a cracking day for it Music! I will make a nice picture: well there you have it folks. That is a great little bite that is the sinis gpx125 lets carry on this little ride and wrap it up, stand thatll catch out all the time.

Trust me theres nothing wrong with us at all. Brakes are actually quite aggressive, okay, so the front the front brakes on its own and the pedal is uh front and rear fuel still not even shifted off at full mark. Yet ive done a fair few miles, i think right. Well, they have it hope. Youve enjoyed this little zip out on the brand new sinis gpx125. If this is something youre in the market for to kick start your riding career, i dont think youd go far wrong with it. To be honest, the cheapest chips to run as well, and probably one of the nicest looking 125s on the road sports bikes, especially fantastic anyway folks, im richard thanks.