When im bringing this to you and today, the bike im on is the honda nc 750x, a bike thats been requested a lot on my channel its a motorcycle that you would describe probably unfairly as a do it all bike its not particularly exciting, but it is A super practical and super frugal, if youre in the market, for a motorcycle, that does everything and does it all pretty. Well, then this is definitely one to uh. Consider anyway, stick around stay tuned ill. Tell you what i think of it: okay! So before we get into the nitty gritty about what the uh nc750x is, lots are on. Let me just show you around the bike. Show you uh some of the little features what the bike looks like, but i think its a handsome looking bike uh here we go its got this uh unusual front end. I you could say with this little lip light at the front here, but i think it looks really good. This is in the blue color, which looks really nice a couple of things to point out. First, the engine look really canted, for this is a parallel twin, but look at the angle of those cylinders on there. Thats done entirely to keep the weight, nice and low on this bike um. So thats thats a great thing, even though the headline figures are, you know its quite a heavy bike. It actually feels lighter ill go through the specs later when we do the walk around on the spec.

The exhaust pipe is quite neat. Looking its a euro five one so its big and chunky, but i think theyve done quite a good job of it. One of the unusual features about the bike and something i really like is this: if you open this bit here where the fuel tank normally is, youve got this massive bit of storage, which is apparently big enough to fit a full face helmet in uh, you wont Get one with a peak in like my array here, but a normal full face helmet you can get in there. No problems at all the um fuel itself lives under here. The fuel tank is under here and you fill it up from the back. In fact, if i move my helmet me gloves there, we go thats where the thats, where the fuel goes in pretty cool. Can i do this one handed? Yes, i can so yeah. So some novel features about the bike and overall, i think its pretty handsome. Looking beast anyway without further ado lets jump back on oh and this one by the way, is the dual clutch transmission version. Look as well. Its got a little badge on there, so cant forget anyway, well jump back on lets, ride her and see how she goes. Alrighty lets get this show on the road. Then stand is nice and easy to get a big old arm on the side, so you can lift it up. This is what the dash looks like when you turn her on lcd dash on here, uh quite old school.

You know a little bit dated looking. Maybe well talk more about that later, and this is the dct one. So youve got the neutral and drive buttons here which you use to engage. It lets start up. First, there we go to get going. Of course, no clutch lever on here just hit, drive and away. We go then basically becomes like a a big scooter. Almost all right lets see what the nc 750 x has got to offer. Then in terms of comfort, well its a very comfortable place to be. I have to say im sitting pretty much upright, i suppose my legs, maybe you can see on the 360 camera a little bit of an acute angle, but nothing too serious im sitting pretty much bolt up right. Ive got plenty of room to move around the seat. Look, i can move forward and back you can sort of get a comfy spot for your legs. If you want to lets just see what its like to stand up as well, you can stand up on her as well. Absolutely fine pegs are in a nice spot. Nice and balanced, so if you were going to uh, i know its not me its not in any way meant to be an off road bike. You could do the old dusty trail, no problem at all very comfy place to be handlebars, nice and wide and uh. The seat feels nice and padded. This is one of those bikes that gets falls into that category of sort of.

Do it all all rounder, which is often seen as a bad thing. I dont know why, because its a very good thing, if youre, only gon na have one motorcycle lets face it most most of us do just have one bike and you want something that does everything. This is definitely one of those bikes. You could go touring on this. You could write to work every day. You can have fun at the weekends as well. Now, im a big fan of uh dual clutch transmission ive got uh, i own a honda gold wing myself and that has a dual cut: koch transmission on that and its a brilliant system. Honda been doing it for a while now about uh. I could first remember it on the big vfr 1200 about about 2012. I think that bike was around so at least 10 years theyve been doing it and theyve got it nailed now its really a smooth system. I just cant detect this bike changing gear at all. You never have to worry about what gear youre in it just finds the right one and off you go so if you can get a bike with dual clutch transmission, i would personally always go for it these days, because i say it does work well and again. If youre going to use this as a daily commuter, then go through traffic and what have you sitting in traffic cues having dual clutch transmission would be great because youre not going to have to keep pumping that clutch.

You know, make life a lot easier, so yeah on the comfort stakes, shes a winner got this windscreen and big fairing on here as well, so youre, nice and protected from the weather lets just nip down this little stretch of twisty that i, like its my favorite Little handling test its a little bit damp on the road, so i dont want to go mad. Its got a nice balance about this bike that center of gravity, nice and low thanks to the low fuel tank and that engine thats so counted forward. It feels a lot lighter than the headline weight figure would suggest. I think that figure is something like 224 kilograms, something like that ill go through the specs. As i say in a moment, in fact, helmet lets uh lets go through the specs now lets. Do the walk around all right so lets talk spec then, on the nc750x ive written down all the details, so i dont get them wrong. Lets start off with that engine on here. So here she is its the uh parallel twin on here, 745cc. Its actually the same engine as in the xadv and the big, forza scooter uh puts out uh 43.1 kilowatts uh and if youre like me, i did a bit of googling. I dont know what that means. Its 58 brake horsepower, so it doesnt sound like a lot, but i have to say at no time has this bike felt like its under power to me in terms of torque uh, the bike puts out 69 newton meters or 51 foot pounds of torque at 4750.

Rpm um the brakes on here on the front weve got this nissin caliper its on a wavy disc, as you can see its a two part caliper and those discs are 320 mil on the rear. Weve got a single pot on a 240 mil disc again, a wavy uh disc, which looks good. You can see the abs ring on there as well and theres that single pot nissin caliper the seat height on here relatively low and friendly 800 millimeters im uh five foot, eight with a 32 inch leg, and i can get my feet on the deck nicely. I dont feel that this bike is at all ponderous to me. So if youre not super huge youre gon na fit on this okay um, maybe uh. If youre less than five foot five, you might struggle, but otherwise absolutely fine uh the tank capacity on here. Normally i point at this part of the bike when i say tank capacity, because the tank on here is under here. The bike holds 14.1 liters of fuel, and i have seen reports of up to 80 miles per gallon on here. So its a very, very frugal bike: not only is it frugal to run but its frugal to buy as well, in that this bike comes in at 7549 for the standard bike, the manual transmission, if you want this one, which is the dct, then its going to Cost you uh 8 379, but i think it is definitely worth that extra money uh what else to say: electronics, wise um, its got led lights all around its got that lcd instrument panel, which, as i say, looks a little bit dated now.

I think for riding mode, selectable traction control, abs, of course, um and uh thats about it. Oh engine braking control, oh and also the rear hazard lights on here under braking. If you do heavy braking these flash uh, you know on and off as they do on fancy new, modern bikes, so thats pretty thats, pretty cool all right. I think thats pretty much it in terms of uh other information. It comes in this blue color, uh, black or red, but i think this blue looks splendid uh. You can get an adventure pack for it, which comes with cowl guards and spotlights, or you can get a travel pack that gives you uh, luggage um and there we go so yeah thats. The spec lets jump back on and ride us some more before. I do forgot to tell you: the weight is 224 kilograms, curb weight, so thats wet. So it sounds quite like quite a high number, but in fact it feels much lighter that, thanks to that low center of gravity, all right lets uh jump back on there. All right welcome back on board the nc750x beautiful day for riding im, recording this in the middle of january, its only about five degrees and one of the things that ive noticed. I dont like about the bike actually and theres, not much. I dont like about this: is it doesnt seem to have an outside air temperature? Gauge weve got pretty much everything else on this uh display, including gear position indicator, not that you really need to know that on the dct one, because it just sorts itself out a lot of trip, counters rev counter its got your engine braking the settings for that Traction control, settings and so on are all there mightily frugal this bike as well.

At the moment, ive been riding this for the last couple of days and ive not been exactly babying it at the moment the bike is reporting im getting 60.6 miles per gallon. As i mentioned before, i have seen much higher figures than that. I think, if you just rode it extensively on tour or something you get way way more than that, but definitely a frugal bike to buy and to run handling on it is nice. The suspension is nice and soft actually non adjustable, but absolutely does the trick. I weigh about 70 kilograms, so its about 11 between 11 and 11, half stone, depending on whether its a good day or not. And for me this suspension is set up just perfectly. I wouldnt want to want to change it its not too hard, not too soft. Just in that goldilocks zone, just right, yeah handling is nice around these corners mirrors on here are excellent, no vibration, at all great view behind, quite like the shape of these as well. Normally, i would tell you, on these uh first ride reviews what the gearboxes clutch was like well, of course, in this case no clutch, so i cant tell you what thats like and the gears just doing their own thing, so its not magic, its brilliant, oh by The way if youre interested in the uh jacket that im wearing you may not have seen this one before its a relatively new one to me, ive had it for a few months ill, do my little fashion segment at the end of the video as well.

So stay tuned to the very end of the video and ill talk to you a bit about the new kit that im wearing our traffic out today. Its actually a sunday say where was that having a nice ride or going for a walk? And why not? I mentioned it was a cold day. One of the other things this bike doesnt have is heated grips which is a bit of a shame. I would definitely get some of those fitted get yourself some aftermarket ones from the likes of oxford or someone theyre, not that expensive and then its good for all year round. Riding im using my heated gloves today, because its such a chilly day, the lcd display on here i mentioned it, looks a little bit dated doesnt. Have everything you need, including a proper fuel gauge, im, glad to say another little feature on the bike. That ive noticed more and more hondas are doing these days. The indicators are kind of permanently on as daytime running lights and then, when you actually indicate that, obviously that light flashes. But then, when you cancel indicators, youve got both indicators on again. I dont know how i feel about that. I suppose anything that makes you more consecutive, conspicuous, conspicuous thats the word i could never get my tongue around that one anything that makes you more conspicuous has got to be a good thing on a bike. I guess electronics wise got traction control, abs, four riding modes, which is basically user, definable, one, a rain mode, a standard mode and a sports mode and thats about it for the electronics Music.

But what more do you need? Frankly, just wander up here see what she sounds like. Okay lets not go too mad as we come into a 30 slow down again, the engines got a lovely note about it. Actually, that exhaust that i showed you does sound good on here. Its got that 270 degree firing order that so many manufacturers are doing these days. It just gives you a nice bit of character, but its a nice smooth engine, theres, no terrible, thumpiness and vibration. You can ride on here all day, long comfortable as you like. I think thats going to be one of my overarching memories of this bike, its just comfortable its comfortable, practical and frugal thats, a huge thanks to a honda uk by the way for lending with this bike. Ive got it for the next week, so im going to ride it quite a bit over the next week. The forecast is quite good im going to ride it in all sorts of uh on on all sorts of roads and in all sorts of conditions, so ill bring you uh. In a few days time. My in depth review once ive learned a bit more about the bike. All the lessons ive learned about the bike, not just the good things, but the bad things too. So if youre interested in the nc750x stick around stay tuned to the channel, for that and therell be more to come so thats just about it for my first ride review on this bike, not a lot to not like at the moment, as i say just add, Some heated grips and youre good to go, as i say, cheap to buy cheap, to run eminently practical with his storage and the excellent fuel economy.

If you want a bike that doesnt feel budget, but is a budget bike, this is definitely well worth a look. Well, thats it for this time, dont forget a fashion segment at the end of the video after the credits, and i look forward to speak to you next time. Oh and dont forget to hit that subscribe button as well. If you havent done already that time. That way, i can see on the next video well thats it for now look forward to picture again soon. Until then, this has been the mr fly cheerio all right, thanks for sticking around to the bitter end of the video and for my now infamous fashion segment. I said ill talk to you about the new bits of kit that you see me wearing on this video. Well, theyre, not entirely. First off is this jacket you may have seen this before on other videos. Ive had this for about three months now. This is from segura its called their nacho jacket and its in navy its a lovely bit of kit. I found it really warm its only like six degrees today, all bit sunny but ive been quite toasty in this jacket. As i said, ive been wearing it from november december, its now the back end of january im wearing this ive found it really really nice and warm stylish too comfortable. Its got the ce approved armor in the elbows and the shoulders as well. So its good for, of course, for wearing on your bike, um and uh what i was going to say about it, its um 259.

99 pounds as its a recommended retail price ill, put a link below this video to bikerheads.co.uk. And that way you can find where your local stocks is or if you want to go online ill, also put a link to this jacket on sports bike shop, which is where i go to do my shopping online. I find there service and pricing is excellent. So do check those out so thats. The jacket recommend that to you next up with the jeans which youve seen before these are from a company called pmj theyre, i think theyre italian. These are called their d jeans d e. U x, as in to the number two uh in french, i use these now day to day as my sort of go to jeans. I just find them really comfortable theyre single layer but theyre triple a approved thats, the highest level of safety rating. You can get. They come with knee and hip protectors and uh yeah. I think theyre just uh again stylish comfortable and just do the job lovely, so ill recommend them to you. These are 229.99.