We do and weve reviewed the rs7 before, but it was winter we had snow tires on. It were now in california and weve had some time with it some extra time compared it to an old one. It was very fun. Yeah yeah, it was great uh. This is the rs6. No, it is an rs6, so it, but it has the twin turbo v8. From the rs6 yeah, but its not a wagon, so its its basically an rss and it costs more money. So you get less storage and it costs more right, but it looks cooler and its six. Seven comes after six, so thats one more number, but its center of gravity is probably lower. Technically i would sports car yeah thats, probably so yeah. This is about 118 u.s starting and 130 125 canadians somewhere in that realm um hes here in beautiful glacier white. Well, as thomas would say, glacier um, glacier yeah, i think weve got the black optics package as well. So weve got these 22 inch rims. They are huge arent. They, i think i think audi have kind of nailed the white with the black accents. This is a really great looking vehicle yeah. I think it looks better in a wagon yeah. I would go for the one, but but this is still a really really cool. Looking. I love this little blue bit in the headlight. It has something to do with the lasers and stuff, but i think it just looks so neat sciencing so hard right now, yeah lasers, how do they work um? This looks like a 407 transponder im, pretty sure that ive said if youre from toronto.

You know what im talking about im ive said that before in review, i think there are transponders elsewhere anyway, uh lovely, looking car go for a drive quite expensive uh. One more thing, though sorry, while were standing here yeah. This now has a full rival on the road that wasnt there when we first reviewed it, it does for the same price. The audi e tron gt is now available. Is it the same prices same price, ooh, thats interesting? I havent driven it yet so so the question is: is a twin turboed v8, with 591 horsepower enough to beat out a rapid ev, i dont know we would find out who drives rocket. Positioners im really good at this ive ive won every rock paper scissors. You follow us on instagram, we did a story with this and thomas beat me and he got the nice room in our airbnb. I have to get in the zone because i get inside your head and then i figure out what youre gon na. Do you ready were gon na? We should rock paper scissors every extra throttle house from now on. Okay, all right all right, so maybe not so its one. Two three go: yeah, okay, ready, okay, one! Two! Three go! Oh sorry: what was this its? Not rock paper scissors karate chop, no, its robert, its an envelope; okay right right here, one two: three go so thats one down that was easy. Why are you so good at this youre gon na do best two or three or no ill get? Okay? Oh nice.

Rumble its got great sound. Okay now were in the canyon, so full dynamic drives continue, um buttons, dynamic mode and sport transmission manual mode, ive decided thats. What i want to do so this is not a canyon car. This is a highway crusher, but yes, 100.. What guy in that fit, is hustling whoa moving whoa see hes having more fun than we are yeah thats. What you need for canyons, like this honda fit so yeah. No one has ever said that that would be so. Hilarious fits are great if you like bottom a bit, so full disclaimer weve just jumped out of the mercedes eqs. Yes, we did and immediately the front end of this is so much more intuitive see. I give audi crap for steering all the time um but honestly, like i can place this car thats a nice sounding downshift good noise too. I really like that. I like these cars. I think that its so easy to put them next to a mercedes or a bmw and then be like cool its slower yep, its its its you know not as composed in the corners it doesnt lose the tail. But this one does a little bit like you like. I will if i remember, to find the footage. I will overlay a shot of me doing a like 140 kilometer, an hour slide in an rs6 right, but its not clear thats, not a playful slide, thats uh! No thats a track driving yeah.

Did you turn my heated seat? You son of a i promise i didnt, i dont believe you, my bum is foreign warm right now, um moving on the the audi infotainment here and these screens have kind of aged really well, i think so far yeah they look good well, it all comes down To those black levels right, like it just looks like a part of the too much piano black and white, but i still get i get on with the hap, the the initial click i dont know theres a lot to get on with here yeah. No, i really like that and this youre right its not a canyon car, no question but its its having no issues doing what im doing right now and you know the ride is stiff, but its not well youre in the stiffest mode, and this is on air Suspension so its its adapted to dynamic pop my ears because were going down a lot of altitude here, i think the biggest problem with these cars i have is the price. The rs cars have a way of being quite expensive. You know 130 000, canadian, its a lot of money for something. Okay, you can boast that its an amazing highway cruiser. So is an a7, so yeah its a struggle but yeah but theyve. Given us yeah people take these and they put a crazy tune on them, which weve experienced weve experienced. We actually the one we reviewed.

We got it detuned back to stock so that it would be an authentic review yeah, but he had a crazy tune on it. Before we did that so yeah you can make these cars nuts you can make them thanks to the all wheel, drive they just go, they become rockets yeah. Is that a drone up in the sky? Are you increasing the production of extra throttle house? I would never im disgusted. I would never all right the other question, then the e tron, so we somehow we havent, got behind the wheel of the e tron gt rs rs, very good rs gt, charlie rs ive heard that its better than the ticon on which its based, that is, that Is interesting, so i think its as as good looking i dont know if its better looking, but i i disagree with everything. I think that the uh khan is better looking than the e tron, oh okay, yeah. So so how much do you think you would miss the engine in this well to be fair right now, since this is mostly a downhill canyon kind of run im doing here, i havent used the engine that much so i wouldnt miss it at all, but like When youre really on it, i do like the sound of this car a lot that said some of these modern, like crazy, high tech, german v8s, are so synthetic in the way that they sound that i dont feel like im being robbed of that.

Much when i have a really good, effective, ev powertrain well when on the next slightly uphill give it a little downshift take us and then this is a downhill, okay, Music. It makes it yeah. It makes the noise. There is a ton. Oh theres, an eqs, theres, negan, thats, weird theres, a ton of power in this and its like its one of those things where people get obsessed. You know 591 now seems pithy because someone out there is saying well a model s. Plaid is doing 1020., so yeah. This doesnt win for that. But when are you using that power yeah, i know – and this has massive audi brakes on it, so it can stop. Can we try that? No, i already feel sick yeah. No, the brake pedal actually feels great nice and solid. Just canyon roads can make you feel very sick, especially if youre a passenger yeah not having a good time. This is a this is a very well sorted car, its not hyper, engaging like a like a bmw, its not like super edgy, its not incredibly precise, like a porsche, but it did. It balances the comfort that it can do on the highway so well with what it can do in here. It gets the job done. This would be a perfect getaway car yeah. While you get away in three and a half seconds or 60 miles an hour, yeah its great no, its a very good car, okay, so to conclude, looks good yep, spacious, yep, very fast yep good steering works in the canyons works on the motorway highway.

Curb appeal: yep, superior audi superior to bmw, mercedes and every other bar in the world, all right. What no, what no, i dont think it is the most um the build quads in here is incredible. Oh, they did what i forgot.