Helicopter Machine Gun vs. Drone

Drones have now made their way to the international market, and civilians can acquire them effortlessly. This has turned out to be a problem for military and police personnel across the world. Terrorist organizations like isis and criminal circles from american and european countries have been using them against their governments to carry out violent […]


I have reviewed and flown thousands of drones and taught millions of people across the globe far and wide how to fly. Drones and work on them and maintain them today, we’re not just going to talk about the top five drones we’re not going to talk about just the store bought, dji anaphy, the […]

Commercial Drone Pilot Reviews DJI FPV Drone | DansTube.TV

tv and today, we’ve got the full review on the dji fpv drone, but from the perspective of a commercial drone pilot, someone who doesn’t fly fpv at all has never flown fpv properly and flies a lot of commercial and filmmaking Drones, you know a lot of the mavic series, even though they’ve cut […]

SMRC ICAT7 PRO Full Review And Test Flight

It is a summer like day in idaho, today, it’s about 82 degrees right now and supposed to get up to a high of 88 degrees today and we’re just in mid may. So it sounds like to me like it’s, going to be a warm summer, but anyway i have a drone for you. […]

The ARIZONA Crawler by EAZYRC has great features at a low cost – Review

This is a highly detailed 118 scale, rc crawler and it’s, not like a lot of crawlers you get where they have a lexan body. You know like very soft plastic. This is like molded plastic everything’s. Detailed, even the mirrors there’s, a reflection in the mirror. It has working headlights, working tail lights, working […]


No me restou, nada, no sei, l, encher, o saco do pessoal da 3D Prime que me mandou um monte de filamentos. Para que eu pudesse t aqui ento reativando aqui no canal as construes do projeto de Drone de corrida e impressos na impressora 3D Eu ainda tenho aqui os primeiros modelos que eu […]


No para quem t me: perguntando donas que afife aqui que t rolando tem um site, www.donasaude.com.br; l, voc, vai, estar, acessando, essa, moto, aqui, t disponvel, para, vocs: a estarem participando, dela t, bom, Metade, j, t, reservado, ento, reserva, seu nmero, a rpido Aproveita porque, essa vai Num Tapa essa moto no 2021, […]

सबसे सस्ता mini drone unboxing | HX750 drone unboxing testing & review | best rc drone

hp bytetrade, Please respon karena, Tangki stdole32 serie, a Hai kebajikannya Drone Kalimutu Charles mewberty Vixion sungainya, para puting, pensil, bakery tradisional lude is meant by train cleaning by Islam, terlihat teori, kali, brightening, lihat, kulkas, joystick, left or right to gain about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsKPoI8mEIg

What Drone should I use for an Advanced Flight Review?

What drone should i use for my flight review? There’S a few different criteria. Your drone has to meet to be used for a flight review, plus a recommendation let’s dive in one it has to be capable of flight in advanced environments. What does this mean? It needs to be listed on the tc […]

FUNSNAP Diva Ultralight, Compact & Foldable Pocket Drone Quadcopter Review, 1 hour of flight time

So we decided to finally upgrade to a really nice one and he picked it out. It’S called the diva drone it’s made by fun snap let’s, just unbox this and see exactly why it’s such an amazing drone. I know he was telling me that it has um vlog mode, auto tracking. You can […]

REVIEW UFO Toys for Kids Mini Drone of Induction by Hand Anti-collision Drone RC Helicopter Hand-op

Music is Music Applause, Music, so Music, Music, oh Music, my Music Applause, Music, Music, Music. I want to live Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, so, Music, Music. I want to live Music Applause, Music, Music, Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AoaRxlIhnM

Better ND Filters for the DJI Air 2S // Freewell All Day 8-Pack 😎

These are from freewell. This is the all day, eight pack and uh. As you know, the air2s has the new one inch cmos sensors. So the camera is different. So the filters for the air 2 don’t work on the air 2s. So these filters are actually very nice high quality. You got an […]