Review Holy Stone HS720 Drone 2021

Hs 720 drone it’s 26 minutes of flight time. It has brushless motors. It says that it has a 2k camera there’s optical flow sensors underneath and it goes i’m going to say about a thousand meters of flight distance and that’s the equivalent of that. So just going to do a quick unboxing of […]

DJI FPV Drone Crash ? – What & Where To Check For Damage

Now this video is going to give you guys some info hints and tips on what to check if you’ve crashed your dji drone now just to be clear. If you’ve crashed this thing and you’ve ripped an arm off it, this video isn’t going to help you. You already know what the problem is. […]

EVEN BETTER photos with your DJI MINI 2 Drone – 5 more tips to create awesome images!

If you haven’t seen my previous video on getting better photography with the mini 2, make sure to check that out, i’ll put the link it just up above, but let’s get started with the first tip. So before i even take my drone off the best tip i can give you is to shoot […]

The NRC Drone Site Selection Tool is Out of Date…AGAIN

I’Ve reported problems with the drone site selection tool updates in the past, but now it’s way out of date again let’s get into this. The nrc drone site selection tool is the only reference map that transport canada has. That is in any way helpful for drone pilots and yet it’s out of date […]

DJI mini 2 Drone review first flight without any instructions (Poor sound recorded off an ipad)

Well, today, uh please like and subscribe. If you get a chance today, we’re going to be testing this baby, which is my new drone, it’s called the dji mini 2, and it says on first flight, make sure you go in a big open space bigger than your back garden and make sure there’s […]


No MercadoLivre esse ms modelo aqui galera do Drone e sim o co r, 1500, 1800. 1400. 1420 r. 350 um drone que aqui no Brasil custa quase 1.500 reais s, para voc, ter, uma, noo com, boas, so essas promoes a do. Aliexpress sem rolar vou mostrar, a vocs aqui algumas informaes t aqui, […]

Best Underwater Drone with 1080P Full HD Camera 2021

We are chasing that mystery chasing adventure, chasing new discoveries and now we’re bringing the underwater world to the surface. For everyone, with the smallest most portable and affordable underwater drone ever introducing dory Music, we successfully brought gladius mini to market winning the red dot product design award now with dory we’re making waves […]

FULL REVIEW + DRONE ! Rumah Mininalist Islami Karangploso Batu Cocok Untuk Investasi Jangka Panjang!

com, Pada, kesempatan, kali ini, kami, berada di salah satu cluster rumah minimalis di daerah, Karangploso lagi ini, asofa, Residence, perumahan, minimalis, ya, kan desain, islami, dengan angsuran in house sampai, lima, tahun, Nah untuk desain desain, rumahnya, Seperti, apa, Yuk, kita, lihat, nah ini, untuk, kedepannya, Ya, kedepannya, seperti ini, ada, taman, bermain, sama, […]

Boat Ride For ₹18,000 – Fishing – Drone Shot Of Atlantis, Dubai – Irfan's View

IRFANS VIEW. Intro MUSIC PLAYS Hey guys In Dubai. We have come here for a boat, ride. We’ve come to Dubai. Marina. This place is beautiful. The buildings are huge in here Here we can see many boats. Obviously It is like a small port. We are going to do fishing now. It is a […]

bermain drone besar dan review

Ah ya: tengo respetado y escoger con su plata a veces; no para. Lo que quiera est ms avanzada a tope qu emocionante quita germn ingls y nuestros hermanos buscan vamos, a una carmen hamaca para la gente, Msica 1.


Sabis que se ha vuelto loca de jota fpv al mes nos saca, este drone, el mini 2 que haba salido hace bastante, poco, bueno, ya, hace unos meses y viene, a continuar la lnea del bj y maric hay dos que tenemos por aqu en la otra, mano Como est hirviendo que bsicamente si […]

BetaFpv PAVO30 3" Cinewhoop – REVIEW & FLIGHTS

It has 1506 motors 35 amp esc’s. You can get it in two different versions: the dji version, which is the caddix vista on board with the caddix nebula camera on here. This nebula pro nano and you can get it with an analog version, so the analog version comes in around 200, but what’s […]