GPC dji FPV drone case unboxing

I got this package in the mail. That’S got gpc stickers all over it, but uh it’s, obviously not the mavic air 2, which i already have, but it says dgi, fpa, fpv drone, so let’s uh go ahead and do a quick unboxing. I probably got my order in uh. Probably one of the […]

Racing a DJI FPV Drone – Ya Gotta be in Manual Mode to win! – Newbie vs Pro

I also brought another real fpv drone and i have my brother in law, nelson back here, who has his dji fpv drone. Now he is a camera drone guy he’s been flying. Drones for like two years, he’s flown every dji drone, except for the inspire 2 and the phantom, but he’s flowing them […]

HV Mini Drone Unboxing and Flight Test

So today i have here with me: hv john minnie jones, so i’m gon na test it out right now, i’m gon na do an unboxing of this doing right here. So you guys gon na see what’s inside okay guys. So this is a join mini, join right here, so individual we have um […]

73 Year Old First Time FPV – DJI Motion Controller Review

It has a button that’s labeled lock. That button starts the propellers and lets it launch and land, not sure why it’s labeled block there’s a button, labeled m – i guess m – means mode and it switches between sport mode, which is fast in normal mode, which is still fast, but has obstacle […]

LDARC CINE X2 Micro Cinewhoop Review 🛸

All right, so you were checking out the cine x2 from ldarc. This is another two inch micro cine whip, pretty similar specs to the c85. I reviewed a couple days ago: uh different motors different, prop guards set up here. So this is kind of similar to the micron 2 from home fpv, with […]

Holy Stone HS720E 4K Drone Unboxing + Review

Hs 720e drone on amazon picked this thing up for 300, around 300 bucks with the coupon there’s, a 50 coupon it’s uh 4k has a 46 minutes of flight time with two batteries. Five gigahertz and it’s brushless has a brushless motor and um. I don’t know it’s my first time getting a drone, […]


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How to Fly Ruko F11 Pro 4K GPS Drone & review

The fixing screws take down the propeller and distinguish propeller a and b during replacement, replace the battery twice the buckle take out the battery upward take out the replacement battery and insert it into the battery salt. Multiple charging modes charging with usb cable charging, convenient and fast preparation before flight. One turn on […]

Drone review #drone #review

It has an hd camera. It also has a gps positioning, uh, camera 90 degree adjustment very first impression about this case. It has a really good feel, not really heavy. So here is the main drone, not heavy, but it’s. Really. It has a good feel, though, fits on our pump, so it unfolds […]

Why Would Anyone Buy This Drone (DJi FPv Review)

Basically, dji have released a brand new drone and i think it’s arrived at the office now i ordered this drone on amazon a couple days back and it’s arrived it’s at the office right now i swear like half of this. Is stuff, but i haven’t even ordered corsair it’s, probably sick, though ah […]

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid REVIEW | Set 75306

This is just so cool it really just it’s. So good, hey guys me david and welcome back to another lego, star wars review. Today we have the imperial probe droid fresh off the press with set number being 75306 it’s, an 18 plus adult collector set, and it will have 683 pieces. The set […]

UNBOXING & flight REVIEW of ZLL SG107 Drone, Budget drone, mura lang 😃

This is m Music, deliver Music, sealed national dementia guys. So then you, Music um here it is sandisk ultra sdxc fast for better pictures and full hd video nikon Music Music. Although my campaign and a little bit has been open enough, so we go nothing in hello, Music, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, […]