DJI FPV Drone Combo Review Part 1 IN-DEPTH + Motion Control & Fly More KIT (UnBox, Setup, Updating)

It finally came out. I’Ve been on spring break, so this actually came in before i left and i didn’t get a chance to bring it with me. Today. We are going to be starting the series, as you can see here, i’ve got the full combo kit. I’Ve got the motion. Controller and i’ve […]

Drone review

So you can probably see it, but this is the box um, so it’s the holly stone, hs series, um drone and it has an fpv and it’s an fpv drone equipped with a 120 degree angle, wide angle, um, 1080p, hd, wi, fi, camera and so yeah there’s. All the stuff on the box […]

Top 5 drone with camera 2021 Camera for drones review

We review the best quality product and whole market research. We have five years of experience in many kinds of category based products: review 95 parson. Subscribers of our channel satisfied watching reviews video. We always research about the product, quality, outlooking, longevity user, friendly, reasonable price and much more matter. We believe that you […]

Review 2021 – FIMI X8 SE 2020 Camera Drone Bag Set with 64GB/128GB TF card 8km new version x8se Dro

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Review of sky viper fury drone

My name is again: randy. Reeves i’m gon na fly this strong now outside indoors. I don’t know why oh yeah, but i got a new haircut let’s, see yeah but um yeah. I got ta fly this turn so yeah. So yeah, Music, um, Music, okay, Applause, Music, so Music, it Music; no, no, […]

Best beginner FPV kit on a budget? BetaFPV advanced kit2 review | MaiOnHigh

Let’S go getting into fpv might be a little bit confusing and i totally get that, but before you splurge into dji fpv setup or actually decide if you want to do it anyway, you may consider getting something like ready to fly kit that are available right now. For pretty cheap beta fpv has […]

Minecraft Drone!! Mod Review

Okay. This is taking some time. Um. Okay, um, sorry about that guys. Sorry about that guys! Yeah! Here we are so today, i’m going to be reviewing drones. Yeah, you got me right, actual drones working so, as you can see the drones um, they have health like any normal mob and they’re. Pretty […]

How To Not Crash Your DJI FPV Drone

Do you think i’ll crash this? If i fly it through the sign on top of the building crash, the drone, do you think i’ll crash it like, if i’m sure of one thing happening today it is you crashing a drone. Come on come on, come on, caleb come on caleb, Music, oh all, […]

DJI Mavic 2 Pro vs Autel Evo 2 Pro 6k Comparison Review

com. Now here i have the two flagship cameras from both manufacturers: the mavic 2 pro from dji and the evo 2. Pro 6k version from autel i’ve actually done a few videos in the past doing some comparisons as far as quality goes between this one and this one, and even the autel 8k […]

#insta360 Go 2 review📷🔥✈ #fpv #drone #camera

A little behind i’ve been really putting this thing through its paces, trying to see how it compares to the original uh also compared to a gopro and what you know: there’s lots of options out there, and i just want to see how this thing stacks up. I want to make sure i have […]

Lanard Toys Drone Alien, Warrior Alien, & Runner Alien Walmart Exclusive 7 inch Action Figure Review

This is d hunter, bringing another action figure review today, we’re going to look at the lantern toys, xenomorph figures: these are seven inch, alien figures and they’re warmer exclusive. These are the cheaper variety. These things are less than ten dollars each at first, i saw them thought they looked. Okay, i decided to […]

The BEST way to make ANY drone footage look better!

I got a real, quick video today and what i want to show you is. I was flying my drone over my lunch break today and i realized when i got the drone up. Okay, this is not the best day for shooting drone footage, it’s very cloudy, it’s dreary, it’s hazy. We don’t have […]