Review DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Alpine White (Renewed) (Standard Unit)

I really liked how they carefully packaged the drone and all it came with Music. I added feet to mine, so it is a little higher off the ground. It is a very stable quadcopter. You can push it and it will move back to its spot. It is very easy to control easy to […]

Review F4 Drone 4K 5G HD Mechanical Gimbal Camera GPS System Supports TF Card Drones Stabilier Dist

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Drone Landing Pad review

I got from amazon. This is the rc geek landing pad. It comes in a pretty nice bag. Here you know you can strap this to a bag or something like that got the landing pad itself. Just rest that right we got some there. Oh, and we got some snakes stakeholders. We got four […]

Review Drone for Kids, DROCON Foldable Mini Drone Beginner RC Quadcopter, Equipped with Altitud…

It’S super fast and very responsive. While it may be tiny, it is still very visible while flying it. Haven’T mastered the flips yet, but still practicing the remote as an ideal size for both youth and adult hands and the fact that the drone folds up and fits in the remote as a great […]

Review HeiyRC 8pcs Replacement Propeller for DJI Mavic Pro Drone,8330 Quick-Release Folding Bla…

I purchased these as backups. For my drone. I broke a blade the other day for the first time in one five years of ownership. I wanted a few backups just in case the price seemed right, but after reading the comments, i will always do a preflight to check for lose rivets or possibly […]

Review GEYUEYA Home Mini Drone RC Nano Quadcopter Best Drone for Kids and Beginners RC Helicopt…

The batteries would just last for eight minutes for the drone to fly, but still good for beginners and easy to fly. My seven year old loves his drone. We have to buy another because the wind took it when he was outside with it. My grandson enjoy it great little drone for beginners easy […]

☘️ US $208.98 AT2820 Outrunner Motor For RC aircraft model muliticopter drone Review

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Drone gear review

I am going to do a review of all of my gear that i have for my drone because you guys saw me use that in the last video. So i thought the next video i’m going to do a review for what what i use for flying my drone. Obviously you can’t see me […]

Review Drone Pit Stop DJI Mavic 2 Pro Case/Mavic 2 Zoom Case – Splash-Proof Durable

They make the best case in my opinion, and hold up to water and travel very well. My oldest case is over two years old, looking like new and holding up like a champ. I highly recommend this case and all their cases and you won’t be disappointed, give a thumbs up. If you found […]

Review Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone Easy to Fly Drone for Kids and Beginners, RC Helicopter…

The size is much smaller than expected, hoping this lasts longer than others. I love it. A very easy drone to fly around takes the punishment when it hits the ground too. I had one small issue: the analog sticks are slippery, so i put skateboard grip tape to fix that the controls are great […]

DJI mavic mini unboxing and review ¦¦ my new drone

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Dji Mavic Mini World's best Drone but not in India | Review in Tamil | Wecritic |

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