A little bit controversial, perhaps because i’m not going to be talking about things that make this a great bike but i’m. Actually, talking about the things that i found out about the bike – and i actually hate about it – so stick around stay tuned, here’s, a few things that i don’t like about the trump trident Music. Okay, so right off the bat as our american cousins would say, uh don’t get me wrong. The shrimp trident actually is a very, very good fight, but no bike is perfect. Is it and uh not everything about the trident is absolutely brilliant. So when i say here’s, some things i hate about, like maybe height is hate, is a little bit of a strong word, but just bear with me and i’ll show you some of the things about the bike that aren’t quite right, so somebody who prides himself in Always riding a clean bike, one of the things i definitely don’t like about the trucks trident is this the the back end on here how it throws dirt all over itself. I mean check this out. This is uh just after one ride in the rain. It’S absolutely filthy on the back here and uh. I don’t much like this back thing here either this looks sort of gs, ish and it doesn’t even work very well, as you can see so yeah that’s a that’s, definitely a negative point for trident. So one thing where i think the trident definitely comes up short is on its provision for pillion riders.

Now i know the bike isn’t necessarily aimed at people that are going to take a pillion, but if you’re going to fit pillion pegs on a bike and sort of pretend at least that you can take a passenger at least do a good job of it. Now what i mean about it’s, a lack of provision for pillion? Well, let me stop up here and i’ll. Show you uh the facilities that pillion has on the trident let’s, see what you think. Okay, let me show you the previo, the pillion provision, so basically you’ve got pillion pegs, which rather handily actually are on these bolt on bits. So you can take these off if you’re never going to take a pillion which is handy, but looking at the back of it number one. The seat is quite small for a pillion. Can you imagine being sat on there uh? I personally wouldn’t fancy that and then the other thing is this: is the standard bike no grab handles? Where is the pillion supposed to hold on now? You can get accessory grab handles, but again if a bike is designed to take appealing, this clearly is because it’s got the foot pegs you’ve got to have as standard. Surely some grab handles on there so that’s, something that i just think is a bit naf about the trident as standard it just does it’s just not really set up for a pillion as far as i’m concerned. So, how about going on a splendid motorcycle tour on the trident, through the beautiful english countryside, or indeed, anywhere else for that matter? Well, of course, you can tour on any motorcycle, so you can do it, but is it ideally suited well? This, i think, is where the trident falls down a little bit and it’s not great from a touring point of view, it’s, certainly comfortable enough.

You can ride this bike all day long. The seating position is lovely and comfortable. The seat isn’t that uncomfortable i’ve got plenty of room on the bike. There’S a medium sized fellow there’s, a lake there i’ve never noticed that before splendid. The way it lets itself down is it’s really got no luggage carrying capability to talk about. So in the accessory catalog. There is a tank bag, which is rather large thing that sits on here, but you’re not going to fit enough for a couple of weeks away. In that, but there doesn’t appear to be any accessory luggage, rack or baggage, or anything like that and because of the way the back end of this is it’s. You know it’s quite distinctive, the back end on this short and stubby there’s, not really anywhere to lash a bag much either i mean you could lash a bag on. I suppose if you got creative but you’re not going to be taking a pillion and baggage away that’s for sure. So if you fancy going on tour on your motorcycle, then perhaps look elsewhere. Okay, so another thing that i hate about the bike – and this is something that is probably controversial and it is entirely subjective. So it might just be me, but that is the looks of the bike there’s, something about it. That just doesn’t sit quite right with me and i think the word stubby is what’s what uh? What stands out for me or what comes to mind? I mean in isolation, there’s, nothing about the bike that’s unpleasant, but in in the flesh it’s.

Just this front bit the rake or something it just looks too stubby. I know i know the gopro’s got a wide angle lens, so it might distort it a bit, but in real life. This whole front bit just seems too upshot and it’s kind of accentuated by the fact that it’s got the the blunt back end as well, which actually i quite like the design of the back end in a way. But the front just looks too stubby to me. So, as a whole, the bike for me personally doesn’t just doesn’t, look right. Okay, so there we go. Those are the things that i don’t like about the bike. As i said at the start of the video, maybe hate is a little bit of a strong word, because generally, this is a great motorcycle. If you haven’t watched the other videos i have on the trident on my channel, do go and have a look at those and get a bit more of a balanced view, but i did think it was worth pointing out some of the things about the bike that I personally don’t like some of these things. Yes, of course, that’s objective, and you may disagree with me and i’ll, be very interested to see in the comments whether you do agree or disagree with me or indeed, if there’s anything else about the bike that i’ve missed. That you personally don’t like i’d, like to see those as well. It just helps to give us a rounded picture of these new motorcycles as they come on the market.

So i hope that’s been of some interest to you if you’ve not done so already don’t forget to hit that subscribe. Button would be great to have you along on the next video alright.